Homemade pesto alla genovese - Olive oil, garlic, basil ...

Homemade pesto alla genovese - Olive oil, garlic, basil ...

Pesto alla genovese, the gene sauce that accompanies pasta!

To be sure, basil is not a winter plant. But we can cultivate and that's why you love Our Website too!
When it is the season, you can also find fresh basil at the organic market, often for not (too) expensive. So why not make a preparation that will accompany your pasta recipes, but also your fish recipes, and of course on pizzas ... Pesto is a recipe that can also "improve" other recipes such as a vinaigrette, a minestrone , a soup. Pesto alla genovese can be used as a marinade before grilling meat or fish.You will understand that Pesto is a simple preparation, which will save you time and taste in the kitchen, at a time when the rhythm of life is in full swing. The fresh pesto, the real Genovese Pesto, is incomparable. Is it complicated to cook pesto? No ! Let's go ?

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Preparation time :

20 min.

Cooking time :

Ingredients for the Laughing Cow Zucchini Mash

• Basil: 2 bouquets (50gr of leaves)

• Garlic: 2 cloves
• Olive oil: 100 ml.
• Fresh pecorino: 30 gr.
• Fresh Parmesan reggiano: 80 gr
• Pine nuts: 20gr
• Coarse sea salt: a pinch

Utensils needed for the recipe:

• A small knife
• A pestle
• A pan
• A small pot or bowl

The step by step recipe for mashed zucchini

Preparation of ingredients:

• Peel the garlic cloves, cut them in half with a small knife and remove the germ (light green part in the center).
• Brown the pine nuts in a frying pan without fat. Scorch them and set them aside.
• Separate the leaves from the basil stems and set them aside.
• Grate the cheeses

Steps :

In the pestle:
• Add the garlic cloves and crush them.
• Gradually add the leaves and shred them as well.
• Add the leaves and cheese successively and continue to grind.
• Add the pine nuts and grind.
• Add olive oil gradually.
• You get a paste

How to use alla genovese pesto

• You can use it simply with pasta. in this case, serve a well-filled pastry plate and place a nice spoonful of Genovese pesto alla in the middle, then everyone just has to mix. For the presentation a small basil leaf will be the best effect…; ).

• In Marinade? yes in a marinade, cover the pork chops with your fresh pesto. marinate for 1 hour if possible. All that's left to do is sear the ribs in the pan or on the barbecue. In this case leave the grid high enough to prevent the pesto marinade from "charring"

• In the soup, for example a white bean soup, or in a minestrone, add just a little touch of pesto… It's superb!

How to store the pesto?

• Put the pesto in a small closing jar, such as a mustard jar. there should be olive oil on the surface. if so, your pesto can be stored for a few weeks without a problem! if not, don't panic, add a teaspoon of olive oil, and you're done.

• Otherwise, I have a friend who keeps it in the freezer, he made small portions that he defrosts at will ... I haven't tested! It's up to you to try.

• Serve the croutons in a separate bowl. Salt and pepper the goods to give "spice" if you like!

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Genovese pesto


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Pasta with basil pesto (recipe and video)

The Italian recipe and the video of pasta with basil pesto. Easy, quick and fragrant.

A huge Italian classic, one of my favorite Italian recipes that will never leave me. Fragrant, essential, easy, quick as we often find in this kitchen that I love so much. I'm talking about basil pesto pasta, you have the basic recipe and the video step by step. You also have on the blog the older recipe for pasta with pesto, green beans and potatoes (which I suggest you try).

A perfect recipe for an impromptu summer lunch ...

Homemade pesto alla genovese - Olive oil, garlic, basil ...

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I love a lot of things, I love to write, I love to read, and most of all, I love to cook and I love to share what I do.

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Do you want to know how to make homemade basil pesto?

To prepare the pesto, we have two options. First, the traditional way, crush the ingredients in a mortar and finish with the cheese and oil. The pesto is a word that comes from the verb "pestare", which means to crush in the Genovese language. The second, using mechanical means such as a hand blender or a food processor.

The recipe I present to you is the one I took from the book " the silver spoon ", Considered by many to be a bible of Italian cuisine, which I have had in my library for many years. Yes, I know, the pesto can be found ready to use in the supermarket, but the taste has nothing to do with it and if you look at the ingredients oh, there, there ... some take potato or milk! I encourage you to prepare your homemade pesto. Plus, it's ready in under 5 minutes!

Video: Basil Pesto Pesto alla Genovese ASMR Recipe