Everything about Garden testing: clearing saws

Everything about Garden testing: clearing saws

There are many models of clearing saws on the market. We have limited the test to consumer models that cost up to approximately SEK 6,000. Most clearing saws are delivered with a harness, grass trimmer head and sly / grass blade. Some also come with a saw blade to clear thick bushes and smaller trees.

The test shows that everyone can handle significantly more than a smaller trimmer with only a grass trimmer head. However, there are differences in capacity, ergonomics and functions. Ergonomically, the models from Stihl get the highest score, thanks to good solutions for start-up and maintenance. Honda, Stiga and Partner stand out with four-stroke engines that have a slower ride and lower fuel consumption. But the weight of the engine makes the four-stroke engine a little more clumsy to handle compared to the two-stroke, which still dominates the market.

Accessories by assignment

The feeding of wire in the grass trimmer head sometimes becomes difficult, otherwise wire is effective on both large and small grass surfaces, and does not do as much damage to fences and trees as the blade. Thread is available in different coarse sizes, and the basic rule is: The coarser the wire, the longer the durability. However, check which maximum dimension your model can handle before you go up in thickness.

Slyklingan works for varied vegetation where sly and reeds require tough grip. A tip is to always review the area before you start working. Then you will learn where rocks, poles or water hoses are located.

That's how the test went

All clearing saws are petrol-powered consumer models. The selection is made on the basis that everyone should be able to clear grass, annual shoots and easier sly on the residential plot. Two testers cleared varied vegetation in a residential environment and hilly meadow land in Roslagen during May 2009. The tools were tested on the basis of the standard packages delivered at purchase, in addition to larger saw blades that were omitted in the evaluation. We have assessed the machines' functions, quality, price value, design and capacity. Weight is stated without tools and fuel.

The maximum grade is 25 points.


Ergonomics and work environment

When using a clearing saw, you should wear a safety helmet with a visor, alternatively goggles and hearing protection, as well as gloves and soft clothing.

In the instruction manuals there are tips on what to think about. All clearing saws in the test are delivered with a sling with different degrees of comfort.


"Best budget purchase"

Grade: 18/25

Comment: Best budget purchase.

Engine type: Two-stroke, 0.95 kW

Cylinder volume: 28.4 cm³

Weight: 5.6 kg

Fuel tank: 0.53 liters

Equipment: Harness, trimmer head and goggles.

Opinion: Stihl FS87 with so-called 4-mix motor is a light and user-friendly machine. It is easy to get started with and the instruction manual is ahead of most of the competitors when it comes to language and illustrations. The harness is easy to adjust, but the plastic disc of the hip protection is hard. Not very comfortable but easy to clean. The idle is smooth but the machine rattles a bit in the work steps. It handles the clearing task well and the throttle handle is smartly designed with a clear switch. Plus for a practical carrying case for accessories and goggles, but a sling is not included as standard.

Approximate price: 3500 kr.

More info: 0302-248 00, www.stihl.se



Grade: 13/25

Comment: Fine tuning was required.

Engine type: Two-stroke, 0.8 kW

Cylinder volume: 28 cm³

Weight: 4.8 kg

Fuel tank: 0.4 liters

Equipment: Harness, trimmer head, grass blade and saw blade.

Opinion: Jonsered CC 2128 is a new lightweight where the test copy required fine-tuning to avoid idling. Once we have found a good basic position, the machine counteracts with high vibration when driving. This requires a professional for a successful setting, but the manufacturer believes that this is not an overall problem in production. The trimmer head is the smallest of the test and is easy to adjust, but holds a little wire. The harness is simple, but functional. Despite the fact that the machine is light, we do not get a comfortable and balanced working position. Plus for many accessories, but Sthil FS 87 is a better option in this price range.

Approximate price: 3700 kr.

More info:036-14 65 00, www.jonsered.se


"Big & heavy"

Grade: 17/25

Comment: In the heaviest team.

Engine type: Four-stroke, 1.2 kW

Cylinder volume: 35 cm³

Weight: 7.8 kg

Fuel tank: 0.65 liters

Equipment: Harness, trimmer head and grass blade.

Opinion: Even after the first work shifts with the Stiga SB 435 HD, the weight and the large format become apparent. However, there are fixed holes on the rig for different placements of the harness bracket, which the model is alone in. The holes make the saw easy to adapt to different users and purposes. The four-stroke engine is tough and the machine gets a plus when working with trimmer wire, but the grass blade is not the most effective in the test. Overall, this is still an approved clearing saw, but we would rather spend the money on Honda UMK 435E1UEET if the choice is among the test four-stroke engines.

Approximate price: 5500 kr.

More info: 0140-677 00, www.stiga.se


"Awkward but stable"

Grade: 19/25

Comment: Stable four-stroke engine.

Engine type: Four-stroke, 1.0 kW

Cylinder volume: 35 cm³

Weight: 7.5 kg

Fuel tank: 0.6 liters

Equipment: Safety goggles, trimmer head, harness and sling.

Opinion: Easy-start four-stroke engine with good equipment and smooth operation. The associated blade is effective on both grass and sly, while the wire on the trimmer head is quite sluggish. The handlebars are pivotable along the rig, which is a plus for storage and transport. The machine feels awkward, but the large harness makes the longer work shifts feel okay for the back and shoulders. A good choice if you are looking for a four-stroke engine between the budget and professional segment.

Approximate price: 5600 kr.

More info:040-600 23 00, www.hondapower.se


"Cheap four-stroke"

Grade: 12/25

Comment: Divisible rig.

Engine type: Four-stroke, 0.9 kW

Cylinder volume: 35 cm³

Weight: 7.2 kg

Fuel tank: 0.6 liters

Equipment: Harness, trimmer head and grass blade.

Opinion: The test's cheapest four-stroke engine does not go away but does not feel like a given choice even if the price is low. With the trimmer head mounted, it does the job well, but the grass blade is inefficient compared to the other clearers in the test. Assembly is cumbersome due to many loose parts, but storage and transport are facilitated by the divisible rig. The ergonomics are not top notch and the driving feel is somewhat unbalanced. A better harness and a smoother format would make it easier. Like another placement of the oil pan and better mounting tools. There are better options in the price range.

Approximate price: 2900 kr.

More info:036-14 67 00, www.partner.se


"Best in test!"

Grade: 20/25

Comment: Best in test.

Engine type: Two-stroke, 1.4 kW

Cylinder volume: 36.3 cm³

Weight: 5.9 kg

Fuel tank: 0.53 liters

Equipment: Harness, trimmer head, sling blade, saw blade and goggles.

Opinion: Stihl FS130 with 4-mix engine is very reminiscent of little brother FS87. Here, however, the details are better, as is the capacity. An excellent colleague for the large garden or yard where with this model you can quickly clear large thickets. The handle is user-friendly with good switches. The engine part is smartly built where you can access the controls well, with the exception of the choke. The two-hand handlebar can be folded along the rig during transport and storage, which saves space. The baby carrier is simple and functional. Good instruction manual and affordable price make this a worthy test winner.

Approximate price: 4500 kr.

More info:0302-248 00, www.stihl.se


"Easy & compliant"

Grade: 15/25

Comment: Compliant co-worker.

Engine type: Two-stroke, 1.6 kW

Cylinder volume: 34.6 cm³

Weight: 6.2 kg

Fuel tank: 0.6 liters

Equipment: Harness, trimmer head, sling blade and saw blade.

Opinion: Jonsered CC 2236 is an alert machine with equipment for both trimming the edge of the lawn and cutting unwanted bushes. It is easy to carry and does not load the shoulders and back in the same way as the heaviest models. The harness is simple with smart straps for fine adjustment. The padding over the torso is approved, but the harness does not feel so lavish. Handles and controls are plastic and we lack a spare bag for smart storage. The model works well as a lawn mower with a good vibration and sound level, but lacks the little extra to reach all the way.

Approximate price: 6200 kr.

More info:036-14 65 00, www.jonsered.se


"Good ergonomics"

Grade: 18/25

Comment: Plenty of equipment.

Engine type: Two-stroke, 1.17 kW

Cylinder volume: 32.2 cm³

Weight: 6.5 kg

Fuel tank: 0.7 liters

Equipment: Harness, trimmer head, grass blade, saw blade, goggles.

Opinion: Real machine with a high quality feel on the rig and engine. Works calmly and nicely and the blade clears both ditches and large nettles with ease. Good ergonomics and approved vibration level. Minus for half-thin trimmer head and messy instruction book. Plus for nice hip protection with proper padding. However, the harness is difficult to adjust. Minus that it does not include any sensible storage of blades and protective covers. An affordable and easy-to-start clearing saw with a lot of equipment.

Approximate price: 4600 kr.

More info:08-598 999 00, www.hitachi-powertools.se


"High power"

Grade: 19/25

Comment: High power.

Engine type: Two-stroke, 1.6 kW

Cylinder volume: 34.6 cm³

Weight: 6.2 kg

Fuel tank: 0.6 liters

Equipment: Harness, trimmer head, grass blade and goggles.

Opinion: Husqvarna 335 RX performs well in all test steps where we clear large areas with both blade and string. Replacing tools is easy, even if we lack smarter storage of loose parts. The harness is the most solid in the test with a padded hip belt that distributes the weight excellently. The parts are the same as on Jonsered's machines, but we consider this model to be a better buy. Overall good quality impression on engine part and rig. A more easy-to-work starting position would have raised the final grade.

Approximate price: 6200 kr.

More info:036-146500, www.husqvarna.se


"Good sound level"

Grade: 16/25

Comment: Approved middle class.

Engine type: Two-stroke, 0.9 kW

Cylinder volume: 24.5 cm³

Weight: 5.1 kg

Fuel tank: 0.5 liters

Equipment: Harness, trimmer head, grass blade and earmuffs.

Opinion: Husqvarna 323 R-II is flexible and light. A clearing saw for maintenance of the garden and meadow land. As with Jonsered's models, however, we do not get a really comfortable working position. Vibration and sound level is good with both trimmer head and grass blade. The harness is not so good and the shoulder straps will probably wear out quickly. A smart detail on all models from Husqvarna and Jonsered is the stop control, which returns to the start position after switching off the machine.

Approximate price: 4200 kr.

More info:036-14 65 00, www.husqvarna.se

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Husqvarnacenter first opened its doors in 1983. Our premises are located in the middle of Huskvarna, and just a few kilometers from Jönköping. We sell Husqvarnas products for both forest and garden. We became members of Elon 2017 and sells white goods and small electrical products Husqvarna offers a full product range for work in forests and gardens, including lawnmowers, chainsaws, robotic lawnmowers. Read more here on page

Buy Husqvarna here - We are from the Fac

  • High quality forest & garden machines at Gårdsman. We at Gårdsman are a servicing specialist shop and we offer a wide range of products in forestry, gardening, agriculture and trailers. With us, you can always count on good prices and the fastest possible delivery
  • Here we have gathered experience about forestry and forestry. Advice, You are on the website Forest, park and garden Go to the website for Husqvarna Construction Sweden The new Husqvarna 550 XP® Mark II and 545 Mark II are chainsaws that are sharper on just about everything
  • Our H-team ambassadors are incredibly skilled and all have a professional background in forest, park or garden. And they share our love for nature. They have extensive experience of our products and many of them also compete in the World Cup in chainsaws or tree climbing. Find out more about the members from your particular country

Husqvarna provides construction professionals with support, service and a wide range of machines, diamond tools and all accessories that you need to cut, saw, drill, demolish, grind and polish concrete Make a big job easy and convenient! MACHINES Forest & Garden helps you find a suitable riding lawnmower for you and your needs. We have a wide range of riding lawn mowers from Husqvarna and Honda, which are suitable for everything from small gardens to professional use. Find the one closest to you

Open house and new inauguration Husqvarna Munkedal! Our facility in Munkedal is now a reseller and service point for Husqvarna products for forest, home and garden. We want to celebrate this with you through an open house and the inauguration of the store! We have lots of great offers during the days and offer grilled sausages. Welcome! TIME & PLACE. Welcome to Skog & Trädgård. We are an authorized dealer of Husqvarna's products as well as Klippo, Fogelsta trailers and more. Welcome Tips on lawn and garden from Husqvarna. How to maintain the lawn? What equipment, products and tools are needed Welcome to us at Beviks Skog och Trädgård. We focus on being a complete specialist shop for your need for equipment for gardening or forestry work, whether it is for green space contractors, cemetery management or private individuals

Lidköpings Skog & Trädgård We are a store in Lidköping that specializes in Husqvarna's range Nässjö forest and garden is a newly started store since 2020 but with long experience of mainly Husqvarna's garden products. The store is run by Dick and Johan. Dick has 40 years of experience as a Husqvarna mechanic and Johan has a past as a car sheet metal worker and as an official in the repair shop. The construction store in Gothenburg sells Husqvarna® forest & garden products supplemented with some of the market's strongest brands in their respective areas. Our store and service center gives you all the possibilities from financing to convenient ownership. Welcome to a better store We perform service and repairs in our service workshop. For current promotions regarding Husqvarna's products - CLICK HERE. ENKÖPINGS SKOG & TRÄDGÅRD Kvartsgatan 2B 749 40 ENKÖPING. OPENING HOURS MAY - FRIDAY: 8:00 - 17:00 LUNCH CLOSED: 12:00 - 13:00. CONTACT 0171 - 310 1

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VÄRNAMO SKOG & TRÄDGÅRD AB - Your forest and Garden Store News / News HUSQVARNA. With over 325 years of innovation in its luggage, Husqvarna can deliver forest, park and garden products for professional users. We bring together high performance. At Eksjö Lantbruksservice, ELS, you will find a wide range with everything from Royal Canin dog food to Husqvarna machines for all areas of use. We are a complete supplier to consumers, farmers and foresters Habo Mark Och Trädgård AB. Earthworks, Paving, Tiling, Excavation work, Drainage, Gardening, Lawn mowing, Habo, Jönköping, Huskvarn. Shop for Forest & Garden in Gothenburg. Found since 1996 in Sisjön. Installs and sells Husqvarna Automower. Stihl chainsaws and much more

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Skog & Trädgård Umeå We have a wide range of garden machines, accessories and tools aimed at professional users, private individuals, administrations and associations. We are a dealer and service workshop for, among other things, the following quality brands: Husqvarna, Klippo, 4P Trailers, Aspen and Oregon With us, you will always find the latest in Forest & Garden. We have spare parts, accessories and personal equipment for your vehicle / machine. Visit us today at Jofrab.se

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  • Our range in Forest & Garden We sell lawnmowers, robotic lawnmowers, riding lawnmowers, snow throwers, chainsaws, hedge trimmers, trimmers, clearing saws and leaf blowers. In our product range you will find some of the biggest brands on the market such as Husqvarna, Klippo, Stihl, Stiga etc
  • Go to the website for forest, park and garden This is the website for construction equipment For over 325 years of innovation and passion, Husqvarna has provided construction professionals with support, service and a wide range of machines, diamond tools and all the accessories you need to cut.
  • Garden machines in Aneby, outside Jönköping. At Cederqvists in Aneby, you can buy products in forest and garden such as chainsaws, clearing saws, lawn mowers, snow throwers, accessories, tools and protective clothing as well as bicycles and leisure products .. Leading brands & long experience
  • Husqvarna Construction Products is part of the Husqvarna Group. We are a world-leading company in the construction industry. Our extensive product range for the construction industry includes machines, diamond tools and all the accessories you may need for cutting, sawing and drilling, as well as for polishing floors and demolition.
  • We offer Husqvarna's entire range of reliable machines for forest and garden. With us you will also find ATVs / quad bikes from Suzuki to facilitate hunting or forestry work. In our range you will find machines & products from well-established brands such as Husqvarna, Suzuki, Hikoko, Carlmans, REX Nordic, STIHL, Aspen and Gyttorp

HUSQVARNA 435 New, light and efficient all-round saw for you who are looking for a saw that is exceptionally easy to start and easy to maneuver. Filter. Categories. Casual clothes (18) Dog & Cat (48) Mickey's Forest & Garden Köpmannavägen 4 712 34 Hällefors. Phone: 0591-100 29 [email protected] Wide selection. With us, you will find the entire range of Husqvarna's high-quality products and their accessories, for both forest and garden. In our 1000 square meter store, we have a wide range of products at home, from small trimmers to large sitting lawnmowers with diesel engines for both consumers and professional use

Forest services and garden services in Jönköping at Hultings. Welcome to Hultings Skog & Trädgård. We are Hultings Invest this season in getting a really beautiful and prosperous garden with some good advice and tips from a real gardener. Löttorps Skog & Trädgård AB is active in wholesale of agricultural machinery and equipment and had a total of 1 employee in 2019. The number of employees has decreased by 1 person since 2018 when 2 people worked at the company Husqvarna Outdoorkit Xplorer. Husqvarna Outdoorkit Xplorer. The robots are streaming in 2020-11-04 09:47 Read more. our newly built premises, which we inaugurated in April 2017, we house one of Sweden's largest and most well-stocked stores in forest gardens and ATVs. About Söderström's Terms of Purchase News Vacancies Newsletter. Nerike Skog & Trädgård - Fordonsgatan 4, 692 71 Kumla - 019-58 15 50 - [email protected] Opening hours: Monday - Friday: 08.00-17.0 Contact information for Mälardalens Skog & Fritid AB SÖDERTÄLJE, address, telephone number, see information about the company

Home / Forest & garden Forest & garden In our large range of forest and garden machines, we have machines from brands such as Husqvarna, Bosch, Gardena, Fiskars and Makita m.fl. Among other things, we have lawn mowers, riding lawn mowers and Automowers from Husqvarna We employ 7 people, each of 4 in the workshop and 3 in the shop. In our store you will find Husqvarna Skog & Trädgårdsprodukter but also Stihl, and alkylate petrol. We also have a large stock of machine swords and chains. Värnamo Skog & Trädgård AB Welcome to Skog & Marktjänst in Jönköping We are your complete supplier of tree services such as tree care, tree felling, stump milling and forest contracting Skog & Trädgård. Forest & garden machines. Below you will find our range of forest and garden machines, click on the links to read more about the products. We offer several different machines to cover your needs. You can find classic lawnmowers from Husqvarna and STIHL with us. The largest private employer in Jönköping is Husqvarna. They are investing heavily in the city and need to fill a large number of qualified positions in almost all work areas. Husqvarna is behind a large number of major brands and they are world leaders when it comes to products for forest, park and garden management.

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Then you will find everything in our department for forest machines and tools. Forest | Everything you need for forestry work - Gårdsman You're previewing webfonts from Get Fonts Learn about using self-hosted webfonts Allt för Skogen & Trädgården. We have chosen to work with the best products from the best suppliers. With us, you can find machines, tools, implements and accessories that make your work in the forest and garden easier and more fun. If we do not have a machine at home, we will quickly and easily take home what Husqvarna and Huskvarna have developed and shaped each other for 330 years. We have, for example, development departments for our professional machines in forest and garden and Automovers here. In addition, manufacturing of hedge trimmers, for example, He also highlights the long history together with Jönköping Energi Servande fackhandel Skog & Trädgård Atv Cykel - Fredrik Nordfors runs Gnosjö Trädgård & Handel AB for 11 years with four employees. New! we are still part of the Qc center garden expert today, a serving specialist retail chain for professionals & consumers. We are what we are called. Link www.qctradgardsexperten.se Also secure store quality assured store for secure forest. New! spring 2014. Everything for forest & garden. Open Monday-Friday 6.30-17.00 be a good choice. The clearing saws we sell are even tougher and designed to handle even heavier jobs out in the woods and on the ground. We sell chainsaws from both Stihl and Husqvarna both with reliable products that we are more than happy to praise for their quality

Torpa Skog & Trädgård is an authorized specialty store with a service workshop. You as a customer can always trust that we maintain a high level of technical knowledge about the products we sell. You as a customer are of course in focus for us and we work carefully to deliver a good and personal service in all our services. In park and green space, we sell Toro machines sold from Floby, Gamleby, Jönköping and Norrköping. ROBOT CUTTER With over 325 years of innovation in the luggage, Husqvarna can deliver forest, park and garden products for professional users Husqvarna SEK 254 1800, SOLD! Newly serviced and new chain. Perfect for the wood hill. Röjsåg Stihl MS 250. 2500: -, SOLD. Newly serviced and new blade. Nerike Skog & Trädgård - Fordonsgatan 4, 692 71 Kumla - 019-58 15 50 - [email protected] Forest and garden machines for all types of work tasks. in Aneby and has extensive experience of all garden and forest machines, whether only a little grass is to be cut in the garden or if large areas of stands are to be cleared in the forest. Jönköping län Tel: 0380-406 17 Mobile: 070-514 89 55 [email protected] Opening hours

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  1. At Varbergs Skog & Trädgård you will find a wide selection of different garden machines. We have lawn mowers, chainsaws, robotic lawn mowers and much more. Feel free to review some of our products below
  2. Repairs in construction, forest and garden. Service. Does your machine need service? Come to us and we will review your machine and service what is needed
  3. Enköpings Skog & Trädgård Authorized STIHL Specialist dealer STIHL products Campaign. MS A new year and many exciting news, including battery machines and high-pressure washing, to name a few. When the ground freezes and winter sets in, it is too much time to go out into the woods
  4. Husqvarna. We help you get the most out of your work in the forest or in the garden. That is why we choose to cooperate with Husqvarna. At Malmö Skog & Trädgårdscenter you will find lawn mowers, trimmers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, clearing saws and much more.
  5. Machines Forest & Garden in Kalmar has the best equipment for forest and garden management. MACHINES Forest & Garden. Our knowledgeable experts will help you with everything from consulting to maintenance of equipment and machines. Come to our well-stocked shop or visit our workshop
  6. Eksjö Lantbruks Service, ELS repairs most things in garden machines. In our modern workshop facility, we service e.g. robotic lawnmowers, riding lawnmowers, lawnmowers, chainsaws, clearing saws, snow throwers and ATVs. Our employees stay up to date on the latest technology and have access to the tools needed in a modern workshop for fast, cost-effective.
  7. Essaskog AB is a tree care company with a focus on arborist services, advanced tree felling and forest management. We help you with tree felling, tree care, pruning, crown securing, stump milling and many more services concerning trees in your garden, park, forest or public environment

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A small and flexible robotic lawnmower! Husqvarna Automower® 315X - a premium model in the X-series. It mows complicated lawns of up to 1,600 m2, Nerike Skog & Trädgård - Fordonsgatan 4, 692 71 Kumla - 019-58 15 50 - [email protected] Årstad Skog & Trädgård outside Falkenberg - always good prices on lawnmowers, Automower® and chainsaws from Husqvarna, Stihl and Klippo, among others. 0346-520 77 Axima sells and services Husqvarna's products for home and garden. You will find everything from lawn trimmers and walk-behind mowers for the small garden such as ride-on lawn mowers such as tractor, rider and robotic lawn mowers. Come and look at the brand new four-wheel drive Husqvarna Automower 435X AWD In addition, we can install, service and winter store your robot. At QC Trädgårdsexperten, you are in safe hands. We show you how it works and we program it so it cuts whenever you want. At Handins Skog & Trädgård in Tvååker, we are resellers for robots from Stiga, Honda, Viking and Stihl as well as Husqvarna Sales, repair and service of forest and garden products. We are a company in forest & garden that has broad competence and long work experience. We sell, service and repair machines from Husqvarna and accessories for these brands, but we are also good at spare parts for other brands, so we can also service and repair other brands

Jörgens Skog & Trädgård was started in 1994 by Jörgen Olofsson, who has worked in the industry since 1978. Service is our hallmark, Jörgens in Vinslöv guarantees good and fast service! Opening hours The X-TORQ® engine results in lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions. Equipped with fuel pump and stop control that automatically sets to ON mode, for trouble-free starting. Husqvarna 435 is also delivered with Husqvarna's 13 swords and X-CUT .325 SP33G saw chain

Welcome to Forest and Garden - We have everything about forest and garden machines! We answer your questions! We give you tips! Visit us and read more About Söderströms. We are now at Stallsiken in Skövde next door to Jula and Elgiganten. In our newly built premises, which we inaugurated in April 2017, we house one of Sweden's largest and most well-stocked stores within forest gardens and ATV Husqvarna. We are a reseller of Husqvarna forest and garden with experience in the industry since 1981. Visit Husqvarna TGB. We are a dealer of quad bikes and ATV accessories of the brand TGB since 2011. Visit TGB Service. We perform authorized service of Husqvarna, TGB and Troxus

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Everything in forest, garden and leisure. For many years, we have consolidated our position as one of Sweden's largest resellers in the Husqvarna Forest & Garden segment. In addition to a complete range of Husqvarna spare parts, forest and garden machines, we have a wide range of products for home and leisure Husqvarna Skog & Trädgård - companies, addresses, telephone numbers. We are the only dealer you need. In our store near Strömstad, you will find everything in forestry machines and garden machines, for both private individuals and companies Husqvarna 545FR is delivered complete with trimmer head, grass blade and saw blade. This flexibility makes it a perfect solution for anyone who needs the benefits of both products in a single powerful package. The X-Torq® engine provides raw power and excellent fuel economy Our job is to help you do what you need to do - faster, easier and safer than ever. Regardless of the challenge, we have the products you need to keep forest, land or garden in shape. We offer you professional advice on your Husqvarna machines and the service that suits your needs. You will find us my [More holes drilled per working hour. This is what makes a Husqvarna core drilling system your most profitable investment. When we develop and improve our drilling motors, stands and diamond drills, we look at the entire system and at each part to find ways to get drilling operators to work even more efficiently and with less effort.

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  • you cut emissions and their impact on the environment and on you. Alkylate petrol has a purity that is 99% higher than regular petrol, and a performance that is adapted for forest and garden machines
  • In our store you will find everything for forest and garden from Husqvarna, regardless of whether you are a homeowner or a professional user, we have what you are looking for. Welcome to our store in Dingle
  • ne blott. Protective equipment. Safety comes first. We have a wide range of protective equipment to make you feel safe when working in the forest and garden
  • Andrésen Skog & Trädgård offers you quality machines for forest and garden of several brands. We turn to both private individuals, companies and municipalities. In our shop & service workshop, we service everything in the industry - from chainsaws and lawn mowers to quad bikes. We also have a large selection of used machines

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  • Vi är Husqvarna CLG återförsäljare som betyder att vi säljer ett sortiment av större gräsklippare som vänder sig till den professionella användaren inom Skog & trädgård. Företag som testar Husqvarna ser goda anledningar till att köpa Husqvarna. Vi erbjuder ett brett utbud av användarvänliga produkter som är utformade för att.
  • Samtliga röjsågar, gräsröjare och buskröjare är lätta, starka och välbalanserade samt utrustade med många praktiska funktioner. Nerike Skog & Trädgård - Fordonsgatan 4, 692 71 Kumla - 019-58 15 50 - [email protected]
  • vÄlkommen till stefans skog & fritid i lindesberg Vi säljer, byter och finansierar cyklar, mopeder, motorsågar, vedmaskiner. gräsklippare och trädgårdsmaskiner samt 4-hjulingar (ATV). Vi har en modern och välutrustad verkstad, som reparerar och utför service på allt som vi säljer
  • Läs mer om Skog & Trädgård på Jofrab.se. Hos oss hittar du fordon, tillbehör, reservdelar och personlig utrustning inom moped, cykel samt skog & trädgård
  • Hitta information om Husqvarna Söderströms. Adress: Jonstorpsgatan 11, Postnummer: 541 66. Telefon: 0500-41 41 .
  • skat med 2 personer sedan 2018 då det jobbade 7 personer på företaget
  • Södermalms Trädgårdsmaskiner har funnits i över 35 år och är en av Stockholms största återförsäljare av trädgårdsmaskiner och reservdelar . Vi säljer de vanligaste maskinerna på marknaden för din trädgård och utför även service på dessa

JK Skog & Mark är ett familjeägt företag i Vetlanda i Småland som sedan år 2000 hjälper privatpersoner och företag med allt från markarbeten till skogsskötsel. Vi kan få dina drömmar och idéer att bli verklighet Kontakta oss på: 031-340 28 24 eller [email protected] Besöksadress: Järnringen 1 433 30 PARTILLE. Vår butik ligger centralt med närhet till Göteborg såväl som Lerum, Alingsås och Härryda. VÄLKOMMEN

Husqvarna Construction Product

Husqvarna Automower är din smarta, Du märker den knappt när den åker runt i trädgården och gör sitt jobb snabbt, tyst och effektivt. Inget buller, inget krångel - bara en fantastisk gräsmatta. Värnamo Skog & Trädgård AB. Vitarörsvägen 2 331 53 Värnamo Med en gräsklippare från Husqvarna kan du räkna med att få utmärkta resultat med mindre ansträngning fastän terrängen uppvisar varierande komplexitet och branta sluttningar. Robotgräsklippare. Gräsklippare. Klippo-gräsklippare. Traktorer. Skog & Trädgård i Skellefteå AB Hem » Butiker » SH Marin AB - Husqvarna Skog & Trädgård. SH Marin AB - Husqvarna Skog & Trädgård. Kontaktinformation Telefonnummer: 0510-29898 . Adress: Sockerbruksgatan 13 53140, Lidköping . som motorsåg och röjsåg, ska jobba i första hand säkrare, men gärna även lättare,. Med en trimmer eller röjsåg i trädgården beskär man gräs och mindre buskage med enkelhet och precision. När gräsklipparen inte kommer åt så är en grästrimmer det absolut bästa verktyget för att finslipa de svåråtkomliga områdena

Professionell hjälp med reparationer & rådgivningSe till att ha rätt maskiner och rätt utrustning för dina ändamål. Hos MASKINER Skog & Trädgård i Kalmar får du den hjälp och vägledning du behöver för skötsel av skog och trädgård. Våra kunniga experter hjälper dig med allt från rådgivning till underhåll av utrustning och maskiner Connys Skog & Trädgård på Vadstenavägen i Motala säljer och servar gräsklippare, robotklippare, motorsågar och andra maskiner inom skog och trädgård

Blocket är Sveriges största marknadsplats med över 231 annonse Andrésen är proffs på skog och trädgård. Här hittar du ett komplett sortiment från Husqvarna. Allt från kläder, maskiner, reservdelar, tillbehör, service och drivmedel. Vi säkrar utrustning efter behov och ser till att du alltid kan vara förberedd och göra ett bra jobb både på jobbet och hemmavid HUSQVARNA LÖVBLÅS 125BVx SPECIALPRIS 1 790 kr Pris 1 990 kr Effektiv handhållen lövblås som kombinerar hög blåskapacitet med användarvänlighet. Perfekt för husägare. Välbalanserad och lätt att manövrera tack vare centrerat luftutsläpp. Lättstartad med Smart Start®. Leverera

Inom grönyta är Toro flaggskeppet som säljs i Floby och Jönköping. Axima kan erbjuda enkla handgräsklippare, Husqvarna automower, åkgräsklippare i alla storlekar för villaägaren eller uppemot 5 meters klippbredd för proffsen Service inom skog och trädgård. Vi har erfarenhet av många års service på framför allt Husqvarnas produkter. Såväl skogs- som trädgårdsmaskiner. Vi har reservdelar till alla våra produkter och kan i vår verkstad utföra de flesta reparationer. Vi har många olika tillbehör till våra produkter Skog och trädgård Support Produkter råd och idéer för trädgården samt vägledning när du köper och underhåller en produkt från Jonsered. 2019 Husqvarna AB (publ). Med ensamrätt


Är du i behov av nya verktyg eller maskiner? I så fall har du hittat rätt. Här på alltombostad listar vi ett brett sortiment av verktyg och maskiner av alla dess slag från olika företag. Produkterna är av god kvalitet samtidigt som de inte kostar alltför mycket. Härnedan listar vi även företag inom denna branschen samt dess produkter. Förutom detta kan du på denna sida även se produktnyheter, läsa inspirerande artiklar, gör-det-själv tips samt se relaterade sökningar.

Verktyg och maskiner är något som behövs i alla hem. Det kan vara svårt att veta vart man ska få tag på dem och ifall de är bra. Här hittar du allt du kan tänka dig inom verktyg och maskiner. Vi listar ett brett sortiment av skruvmaskiner, slagborrmaskiner, slipmaskiner, gräsklippare, borrhammare och mycket mer.

Vårt system gör att du får en tydlig överblick över mängder av olika produkter. Detta gör att du enkelt kan välja och vraka för att hitta den produkt som du är ute efter och som uppfyller just dina krav. När du har hittat något som du tycker verkar vara passande är det bara att klicka sig vidare för att få ytterligare produktinformation samt information om vart produkten finns att köpa någonstans.


Följande butiker samarbetar med Lövblås.com och har därmed produkter presenterade på denna sida.


De flesta lövblåsar som presenteras på Lövblås.com är produkter som säljs av GardenStore. Det är vår största samarbetspartner vilket beror på två faktorer. GardenStore har ett av Sveriges största utbud av lövblåsar och har även Bosch ALS 25 som är den eldrivna lövblås som fick Bäst i Test av Råd & Rön år 2017. De flesta produkter säljs även med prisgaranti.

Företaget marknadsför sig med att vara ”svensk trädgårdsbutik som säljer allt du behöver för din trädgård eller uteplats”


Verktygshandlarn har ett mycket stort utbud av handverktyg, maskiner, skydd och skruv. Det mesta för hantverkare oavsett om man är amatör eller proffs. Inom verktygskategorin är det främst smarta verktyg och handverktyg som ligger i fokus. Utbudet består även till viss del av trädgårdsredskap och trädgårdsmaskiner så som lövblåsar, röjsågar m.m.

Deras E-butik har fokus på ”konkurrenskraftiga priser, endast kvalitetsverktyg, snabba leveranser och god service”.

Söderströms Skog & Trådgård

Söderströms Skog & Trädgård har en mycket stor butik i Skara som säljer produkter inom skog- och trädgård. Utöver butiksförsäljning har de även en butik online. Deras utbud av lövblåsar består främst av modeller från Husqvarna och och Stihl. Två märken som fått fina utmärkelser i olika tester av lövblåsar. Företaget skriver bland annat att de är ”en av Sveriges största och mest välsorterade butiker inom skog, trädgård och ATV”. Söderströms är en av de få E-butiker som säljer den batteridrivna lövblås som fick Bäst i Test av Råd & Rön 2017.

Snöslunga - Handins Skog & Trädgård

Trött på att skotta och skyffla snö? Oavsett vad man tycker om det så är snöröjningen ett måste under vintern. Men, vem hade tackat nej till att göra det lite roligare och lite lättare? Med en snöslunga sparar du både din tid och energi. Vi hjälper dig att hitta rätt snöslunga för att kunna underlätta snöröjandet under våra snörika vintrar.

Vilken snöslunga ska jag välja?

Snöslungor delas framför allt upp i två kategorier

- Enstegsslungan som är avsedd för lite tunnare lager av snö och som används på mindre asfalterade ytor. Kastlängden är relativt kort, framför allt om snön är lite tung.

- Tvåstegsslungan som klarar större ytor och framför allt större mängder snö. Den berarbetar snön i två steg - först lunckras snön upp och sedan kastas den iväg. Eftersom maskinen väger mer än en enstegssnöslunga har den lättare för att borra ner sig i kompakt snö som har fått ligga någon dag. Om du vill ha möjlighet att köra på ytor där det kan finnas grus är tvåstegsslungan bäst lämpad.

Den vanligaste snöslungan är den bensindrivna tvåstegssnöslungan men för den mindre tomten kan det räcka med en eldriven snöslunga antingen med sladd eller med batteri.

Tänk på att rengöra snöslungan efter användning och förvara den gärna i garaget. Om snö fryser fast i turbinen kan utkastet fastna och remmen skadas.

När du väl har investerat i en snöslunga så kom ihåg att serva den inför varje vinter. Tändstift, motorolja och luftfilter behöver ses över och bytas. På det sättet förlänger du livslängden!

Välkommen in i våra butiker. Vi har garanterat en snöslunga för dig. Alla våra butiker är dessutom utrustade med en verkstad om du vill serva en snöslunga som du redan har där hemma.

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