Children's houses garden

Children's houses garden

What are

The playhouses for children are born as a game to be used in the garden. It is a structure that reproduces a house in miniature. The child inside this playhouse is comfortable because it is made with a low height. It is a useful game so that the child can familiarize himself with the external environment and above all use it together with his friends.


The children's house looks rather like a small house in the structure. It consists of a roof, a door and usually also a window. This becomes the small universe where children can play at inventing a familiar reality. Garden sheds for children are usually made of plastic or wood. Plastic children's garden sheds use a solid yet easy-to-carry plastic, which can be left outside because it does not suffer any damage. Usually the colors are quite bright to attract the child's attention. The plastic can be easily washed with water and detergent. It is a game that remains present in the garden for a long time and accompanies the child during the various stages of growth. The wooden house for the garden is made of wood, usually left in its natural color and treated with waterproofed substances that allow the water to slide over. It is certainly a less requested model of garden shed than the plastic sheds, which are located inside the playground. The wood after a few years still requires a minimum of maintenance, so compared to the plastic house it is necessary to have a different foresight.


The children's houses are easily assembled. The structure is composed by fitting the various elements together. In order to be able to use it even during the winter months, it is recommended to place it in a sheltered space. Furthermore, those who do not want to buy it at the store can decide to make it personally. Of course, the main material to buy is wood. Before starting the construction it is necessary to complete a drawing which will certainly serve to have the correct information about its size. Those familiar with DIY work will find it rather pleasant to make a playhouse for children. It is important that it has a minimum size so that the child within this space can move around safely. Furthermore, you must not leave nails outside because they could represent a danger. Wood can be colored and for the child it could be a great way to personalize their garden house. Of course, the wooden house requires different precautions than the plastic houses. Even when the child has grown up and will no longer use this house as a game, he will leave it inside his garden because it now represents a personal space for the child himself.

Garden children's houses: Where to buy

The children's houses to be placed in the garden can be purchased from shops that sell children's games, but also from outdoor furniture shops that have a particular play area for the little ones. The Internet is an excellent alternative to the traditional shop, there are many sites that offer the opportunity to buy the house for your children directly online. On the net it will certainly be necessary to be satisfied with a series of demonstration photos and a description for the choice of the same, which will be delivered directly to your home according to the times established on the site. Also within the site it will be possible to find the various payment methods and all the necessary information in the event that the house should show any defect. In this way, those who buy online have the same guarantees as a traditional purchase and also everything happens rather quickly without leaving home. The choice is wide, you have the possibility to compare different models with each other by choosing the one that seems to best correspond to your needs. The costs depend on the choice of material for the construction of the house and also on its size, which is important to keep in mind especially when it comes to rather small gardens.

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