All about Garden No. 6 2014

All about Garden No. 6 2014

Spring winds are balmy - we live off all the flowers and prepare for the balcony life.

From the content:

15 pages balcony special! One balcony - three styles.

This is how the lawn works. Guide for the whole year.

Watch it grow! Test your old seeds.

Choose violets this year. Let a cool violet spice up in a pot or flower bed.

Cabbage is fun! Lena Israelsson chooses new varieties that give a boost to cabbage cultivation.

One step at a time. Inspired by winding, straight, paved or mossy garden paths. Which one do you choose?

Superleaf: nettle

Blue, blue summer. Plant a flowerbed with color of sky and sea.

MANUAL: "Zero waste" - use everything! Tips on reuse.


Coastal art. A strictly shaped frame gives character to Karin Bengtsson's artist garden.


With spring comes the greenery. Birgitta Pettersson has a liberating attitude - plants should be living culture, not fine culture.

Video: Sophies Garden No6 March 2011