Cancer zodiac sign flowers

Cancer zodiac sign flowers

Calendar of mascot plants of the zodiac sign Cancer

June 22 to July 22 The sun passes through the constellation Cancer. Born under zodiac sign Cancer or those who have a strong Moon in their horoscope are more likely than others to suffer from emotional stress. But they are easier than others to subconsciously tune in to the environment, including flowers. Therefore, they can receive benefits from flowers-talismans more successfully than others.

Aloe tree

A plant from the Liliaceae family. It forms a branched bush, sometimes reaching a height of up to one and a half meters. The leaves of aloe tree are bluish-gray with sharp thorns along the edges. Favorable air temperature for a plant is 10 ... 25 ° С. Experts recommend breeding and transplanting aloe in March, April and May.

In a house where there is aloe, the very atmosphere protects the inhabitants from the appearance of new diseases. It is useful to have it in those living quarters where there are bedridden patients or people with a weakened biofield.

In emotional and psychological terms, aloe tree helps lonely people to withstand the blows of fate, it is easier to endure loneliness with it, it is easier to resist difficulties.

Bushy peperomias

Peperomias are plants from the Pepper family. Low-growing plants have inflorescences similar to mouse tails. They develop slowly but take root easily with leafy cuttings. In winter, moderate air humidity is sufficient for them. The optimum air temperature is 18 ... 22 ° С.

In those homes where the tenants often have a spirit of contradiction, it is useful to have peperomia. It helps to maintain the domestic atmosphere at home clean, not clouded by contradictions. In the emotional and mental aspect, peperomias are useful for those who do not tolerate being contradicted. They help to peacefully respond to harsh manifestations of others. Astropsychologists note that variegated peperomias help a person successfully get out of the black bands of life.

For health, peperomias are useful in that they promote the fastest healing of sutures, healing wounds and softening irritation in the digestive system, gallbladder, and mammary glands.

Fuchsia hybrid

Fuchsia is an ornamental flowering shrub from the Onagrikov family with branched, drooping shoots. Flowers - pink, red, purple. It blooms for 7-8 months a year. There are many hybrid forms. The optimum air temperature for hybrid fuchsia is 12 ... 18 ° C. Loves diffused light. Watering is plentiful in summer and moderate in winter.

Fuchsia stimulates the creation of a cheerful and cheerful mood in the house, helps to focus on your business. It clears the atmosphere of the energy of words and feelings of conservative people and thereby relieves or reduces tension in relationships.

Emotionally and psychologically, fuchsia in the house is useful for those who often find themselves in the same unpleasant situations. With fuchsia, you can quickly get out of the everyday impasse. Fuchsia is valuable for health because it prevents the transition of diseases to chronic ones, especially diseases of the digestive system, gall bladder, and mammary glands.

Flowers mascots of the zodiac signs:
Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Larisa Pavlova, astropsychologist

SCORPIO man and CANCER woman

The union of a scorpion man and a cancer woman can be called ideal. Disagreements, like all people, they have, but they are so insignificant that they cannot harm the relationship of this couple. Cancers and scorpions get along well in all areas of life. If they are united by a common work, they act in unison, which is why things, naturally, go uphill. In their personal life, their relationship develops very successfully, such unions, as a rule, are indestructible.

PERFECT PAIR - A cancer girl and a scorpio guy are pleasant to each other, from the first meeting, both have the feeling that they have known each other for a long time. Their thoughts and desires converge, views on the same events almost completely coincide. In fact, cancer and scorpio are distrustful people, therefore they very much doubt those people who agree with them in everything, but it is in each other that they will immediately discern kindred spirits.

The more time passes, the stronger this bond becomes. Lovers are looking for constancy in love, therefore they value their relationship very much. They spend a lot of time in each other's company; noisy campaigns do not attract both of them. The scorpio guy is more sociable than his chosen one, but his circle of acquaintances cannot be called large. He prefers to spend time with those he trusts, so all his friends are time-tested. The Cancer girl respects such communication very much, so soon the friends of this couple will become common.

Such alliances almost never break up, and if this happens, it is due to deliberate deception on the part of someone. However, this is very rare. Most often, Cancer and Scorpio decide to legitimize their relationship.

PERFECT PAIR - The marriage of a scorpion man and a cancer woman promises to be strong and friendly. The spouses have no serious disagreements, and they prefer not to swear over trifles. Cancer and scorpio do not belong to pedantic people, so mutual nit-picking is excluded.

The Scorpio man appreciates comfort, therefore he respects the housekeeping in his wife. Both do not like senseless spending, so all their acquisitions are practical, the money is distributed so that there is enough for everything you need. Both spouses work in the family. It would be great for a husband to cope with the duties of a breadwinner himself, but his wife does not like to sit around and does not miss the opportunity to earn money.

The spouses have a common social circle, they prefer to spend their free time with close friends or relatives, both treat unfamiliar people with distrust, they are not invited to the house.

Sexual compatibility is very good. The spouses have a rather high need for sex, the desires coincide, but the woman will not fully develop cancer immediately. Scorpio is a little cold in bed, at first it will embarrass her, but then everything will work out.

PERFECT PAIR - Friendship of a scorpion and cancer has a chance of existence only if they have known each other for a long time and do not attract each other as a guy and a girl. If there is interest on the one hand, and the second of this couple has already arranged a personal life, friends will not become lovers. A scorpio guy and a cancer girl do not cheat on those they love, so if they want to be together, they will first break off their previous relationship.

If communication is based solely on friendly feelings, this connection will last for a long time, perhaps even a lifetime. Although neither cancer nor scorpio believes in friendship between a man and a woman, their union will prove to both that exceptions do happen.

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Gemini and Cancer Compatibility

These people are completely different from each other, one might say, they are different in everything. Gemini are extroverts, energetic, sociable, open-minded. Cancer is a more closed zodiac sign, focused on family and home, noisy campaigns do not appeal to him, there is no need for frequent communication.

Despite the dissimilarity, Cancers and twins get along well, this is the very case when people can complement each other.

Woman June 26 - Cancer Zodiac Sign

Women of this zodiac sign and birthday on June 26 from the outside seem calm, soft and balanced, but still this is not entirely true, often their mood largely depends on the people around them, as well as on the situation where they are at the moment.

For these lovely and graceful ladies, confidence in themselves, their strengths and talents is important, and they also need the support of loved ones and the approval of their friends.

They are wonderful mothers and faithful wives, they have many faithful friends, and the concept of "female friendship" is not some empty phrase for them.

She can quickly find her soul mate, but if she suddenly made a mistake in choosing and her partner left her without offering her hand and heart, after that she can begin to complex and close in herself, become for some time inaccessible to the opposite sex.

This woman very quickly becomes attached to her life partner, gradually she begins to feel the strongest craving for him, and also succumbs to emotional dependence on him, not imagining life without him.

She loves to look beautiful and is always in a fashionable trend, neat and well-groomed, takes care of herself, her appearance, this lady is a great fashionista and a flirt, but flirting and flirting with the opposite sex is not for this woman.

If she is free from marriage bonds, do not think that by this she becomes available, not to mention if this woman is married - she will go to betrayal of her legal spouse only if she does not imagine her future life with him.