The sounds and verses emitted by the emperor penguin

The sounds and verses emitted by the emperor penguin

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The sounds made by the emperor penguin

L'Aptenodytes forsteri or the emperor penguin, a unique bird of the familySpheniscidae is perhaps one of the most beloved animals on earth. Communication for them is a fundamental aspect for their life and is carried out through the emission of sounds. the little ones. It has also been found that they use different frequencies for different needs (as well as communication through certain postures). For example, the baby makes different sounds depending on whether he wants food or is looking for a parent.
Below are the sounds made by an adult penguin.

Lyrics and songs of birds

The singing of the canaries is highly appreciated and the singing specimens are highly sought after by breeders and amateurs throughout the world. The most famous goldfinches in the world are those from Campania and in particular those from Naples. Capercaillie Tetrao urogallus. The two species of singing birds par excellence are the canary vrrsi the goldfinch. Unlike canaries, goldfinches are not easily trained and their singing abilities are not genetic birds.

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