What should we build a house: an overview of 3 options for children's playhouses

What should we build a house: an overview of 3 options for children's playhouses

Remember your childhood. Remember when you played your adult life, in which you definitely had your own home? Let in fact it was just a small space under the table, curtained from the whole world by an old bedspread. It seems that all this happened so recently. And how many years have passed since then! Now you already have your own children, who also dream of their own tiny little corner. Make them happy: build a wooden playhouse for them with your own hands. Try to make this work collaborative. After all, common affairs and interests bring together and help in communication.

Option # 1 - a house for small children

The house we are going to build with you must be extremely simple. It is important. You can make it beautiful inside and out, if you show imagination, work not only with your hands, but also with your head. In short, your child and you have a front for joint work. For a toddler, this will truly be a wonderful rehearsal of adult life.

Children love to play into adulthood. For this purpose, they just need to have their own space, which they could equip to their liking in order to put their toys there.

Determine the need for materials

If the child's age is from 2 to 6 years old, then he does not need a large house. We have to build a building with a modest size, having a square of 1.7x1.7 meters at the base and about 2.5 meters in height.

The need for materials is as follows:

  • Chipboard 2x1.7 m - 4 sheets;
  • For the walls and roof, 13 beams are needed with a length of 2.5 meters and a section of 2.5 x 2.5 cm. Of the 13, only 8 bars need to sharpen one end;
  • For the floor supports, take 8 beams with a length of 35 cm and a section of 2.5x 2.5 cm;
  • To fasten the floor horizontally, you will need 4 boards 2 meters long, with a section of 15x5 cm;
  • We will lay the floor with boards (13 pieces) 2 meters long and 15x5 cm in size;
  • We will cover the roof with plywood and any roofing material;
  • Consumables require self-tapping screws, metal corners, paint and brushes.

All this must be prepared before starting work so that it is at hand. Let the child learn to work in an organized and harmonious way from childhood.

Construction materials for a small orphanage must be prepared before starting construction. There is no need to make a drawing for it: it is a very simple and light construction.

Choosing and marking a place, making a flooring

Yes, a child wants to have his own corner for games, but completely losing sight of it at this age is simply dangerous. You never know what can happen to a baby? Therefore, it is necessary to build a play house in the country in such a place that this structure can be clearly seen from the kitchen window, for example. So mom, while preparing dinner, will be able to look after the youngest member of the family.

Such a small house is enough to make a child happy. We propose to build approximately such a structure for a toddler aged 2 to 6 years.

We have to do the markup. We take pegs and twine, mark out an area, the size of which is 2x2 meters. The selected area should be well compacted, and its surface should be flat. In the corners of the resulting site, we dig holes 20 cm deep. We place the beams in them so that they are 15 cm above the ground.

Exactly the same indentations must be made in the middle of each of the four sides of the site. We also place bars in them and strengthen them. The structure is small and it is not necessary to use a solution in this case. We have eight supports: one at the four corners of the court and one on each of the four sides.

Once again we measure the height of the supports using a measurement. The quality of the entire building depends on how flat the base of the floor of the house is. We don't need distortions. We nail four boards to the supports so that an open box comes out on top. On it the boards will be laid tightly to one another. We attach the boards with screws and get the finished flooring for the floor.

You should pay particular attention to the initial stage of work, because distortions at first can negate all the efforts of the builder.

We erect the walls of the structure

For the construction of the walls, we need all four sheets of chipboard (chipboard) and 8 beams with pointed ends. It is necessary to attach to each chipboard sheet with screws on the timber on both sides. In this case, the blunt ends of the beams should be flush with the upper edge of the chipboard, and the pointed ends will protrude by half a meter. Each chipboard sheet with two beams on the sides forms one wall of the house. Let the end wall be deaf, and in the one opposite it, you can cut out a door. Side walls can be made with windows. Two or one windows will be in your house, you decide.

Choose the shape of the openings for windows and doors yourself. But it's better to look into children's books and make a choice, guided by pictures. Kids love fairy tales, let the child's house look as fabulous as possible. There should be a lot of sun in the house, but you shouldn't forget about shade on a hot day either. Already finished walls with a sledgehammer are installed so that the surface of the chipboard is close to the flooring. Remember to check the vertical orientation of the walls. The walls must be fastened together with corners and screws. There should be no cracks in the building!

We build a reliable roof

The roof of the house can be made high or flat. It all depends on how you imagine this structure. We will do this: take 4 beams, the edges of which are not sharpened, and cut their ends at 45 degrees. We fasten two beams together with screws so that the internal angle between them is 90 degrees. Both corner structures are part of the roof base. From the inside, each of the corners should be fastened with metal corners on the screws.

It doesn't matter if there is no plywood on the farm. For the lathing, you can use thin slats, remnants of laminate and other similar materials.

One of the corner structures must be attached to the front wall of the house. To close the free space between the roof of the house and the wall, you need to outline a triangle. It is cut out with a hacksaw. We do the same with the opposite wall of the building. The roof supports can now be fastened together with a transverse beam. The finished frame remains to be attached to the walls using metal corners.

Plywood is needed to cover the roof. If it is not there, you can use everything that is left from the construction and repair of the house. For example, slats, laminate flooring, etc. Remnants of ondulin, colored slate, profiled sheet or tiles can also be used as roofing material. It is even better if there are multi-colored pieces of the same type of roofing material. It will turn out to be a real gingerbread house. Finishing work and painting remained. You can build such a children's playhouse with your own hands in one day. And this does not require special skills of the builder.

The construction of a children's home should be taken seriously. If you manage to accurately complete all stages of the work, then you will be able to handle large objects.

Option # 2 - a house for older children

Older children need not only a place to play, they also need all kinds of devices and structures with which to play. This video will show you how to build a more complex children's house for children over 6 years old.

Option # 3 - a two-story house made of willow and reeds

A house for children can be built from various materials at hand. In this case, the builders had the opportunity to use willow trees for these purposes, from the thickets of which they freed the local reservoir, as well as reeds, prepared in advance. The trunks of the cut trees can be used to build the first floor of the house. To do this, they are cut into blocks of 15 cm long.

The first floor of the willow house

For the frame, old 10x10cm beams were used, which made the first floor geometrically accurate. Since it forms the basis of the structure, this option can be considered optimal. We fix the frame of the future window and begin to lay the chocks on the cement mortar. The solution requires sand (1 part), clay (2 parts), cement (1 part). We add water so that the mass is not liquid, but elastic.

Laying must be done carefully. To do this, it is necessary that the solution has not a liquid, but an elastic consistency. All gaps between the chocks must be carefully filled.

We will use nails (20cm) so that the frame and blockwork from the block get a strong hitch. They must be driven in pairs into the frame of the structure, alternating with them every 2-3 rows. For the doorway, we put another beam. We make sure that all the gaps between the chocks on both sides of the wall are completely filled with mortar. The walls are ready.

To ensure that the frame and masonry are securely fastened to each other, you can use not only nails, but also long metal pins

Now we are going to build the floor. To do this, you need chunks 10 cm long. Inside the structure, we take out the soil 15 cm deep. Pour sand on the bottom of the formed pit by five centimeters. On it very tightly, carefully selecting, we lay the chocks. Using a wide board and a hammer, we ram them.

The construction of such a floor from wooden blocks is not an easy task, but the result is worth the effort. After all, your children will play in the house

We fill up the existing cracks with sand, after which the floor should be poured with water under pressure so that the sand fills the cracks and reliably fixes the blocks. Fill the slots with a solution of sand and cement. We leave the floor to dry, after which it is necessary to rinse it well so that the color of the wood returns.

The second floor of the willow house

If the wood for the first floor was cut down before the sap flow began, then willows are needed for the second floor, when the sap is already running through them. It is this kind of wood that can be freed from bark very easily. It is necessary to attach the logs to the frame with two hundredth nails. Between themselves, they should also be knocked down in the tightest places. Do not forget about the door and window openings. To make a four-pitched roof, you need four even logs, from which you can build rafters. They are nailed along the edges of the house, and at the intersection they are fixed with self-tapping screws.

Willow trunks during the sokogon period are very easily peeled from bark. It is from such peeled branches and trunks that the second floor will be built.

We take young reeds for the roof. It should grow in the spring and must be harvested in the winter. It is better to mow reeds when there is little snow, and the shore and the surface of the reservoir are covered with ice. The scythe slides on the ice, so the reeds will be cut evenly and look neat.

When laying a roof from reeds, fix it by tightening two slats with self-tapping screws. First, we place a crate on the rafters, on it we lay reeds of the same thickness as planned. Then, on top of the reeds, we lay the rail and tighten it with the crate with long self-tapping screws. We do the same with all sides of the roof. The top of the structure is crowned with a cap, which is pressed against the rafters with the help of a wire.

This is how a four-pitched roof covered with reeds looks like. If everything is done slowly, then the result of the work will delight everyone.

The frame can be coated with water-based paint. Hammocks are attached to a specially built large log. However, you can also use an old tree, the trunk of which is still quite reliable.

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Children's house for girls with their own hands

In the article, we will analyze how to quickly and tastefully make a wooden children's house for girls with our own hands, a house from a gymnastic hoop and a homemade tent.

It's so great when children come to the dacha with pleasure. Outdoor games and a great mood for your child for the whole day. Healthy appetite and blush on the cheeks. Small children are small toys: sandboxes, scoops, wheelchairs, pyramids ... But now your girl has grown up and she has other interests. We urgently need to re-equip the playground! The girls will love the toy house, in which they will place all their dolls, put things in order, and receive guests.

Play house in the apartment

Even in a room of a small area, it is quite possible to install a small frame, covered with fabric, in the form of a tent or a wigwam. If square meters allow, build a full-fledged wooden or plywood house in the nursery in the form of a fabulous hut, carriage, trailer, rocket or ship.


As known, wigwam - a special design, consisting of several long poles, connected at the top and covered with dense fabric. Such a structure can be easily disassembled and put away for storage, moved from room to room, taken out into the fresh air, into the yard, or packed in the trunk of a car and transported to a garden plot.

And making such a playhouse for a wigwam is not difficult at all.

  • wood slats 120 cm long and 2-4 cm thick carefully sanded and coated with varnish or linseed oil for outdoor installation can also be used strong tree branches, but only if (!) if even the smallest twigs are cut down from them
  • plumbing PVC pipes
  • lightweight aluminum pipes, for example, left over from old curtains

Wigwam manufacturing scheme

For tight-fitting a tent house, it is better to choose dense linen or cotton, which is good for air permeability. Under such an awning, children will feel comfortable and breathe easily even on hot days.

The simplest wigwam structure - three poles, firmly connected in the upper part at a distance of 10-20 cm from the apex. To make the mount strong, it is still better to connect them with bolts, drilling holes in the upper part of the frame.

The design can be slightly complicated by making a rigid base for it from wooden slats or pipes, which will be installed on the floor. From the side of the entrance to the wigwam, the crossbar does not need to be done - the children will constantly stumble about it.

Pattern for tepee tent

In principle, you can also build a full-fledged tent in the form of a quadrangle or a tent, but you will have to tinker with the frame mountings a little longer. We will talk about this below.

PVC pipe tent or tent

People's craftsmen have long been using plastic water pipes not only for their intended purpose. After all, they make quite durable and comfortable garden chairs, tables and even greenhouses.

Types of outdoor children's tents

A children's house made of PVC pipes will come out very convenient. And the likelihood of getting hurt even if the naughty children knock it over on themselves is minimal - after all, the frame will turn out to be light.

By the way, that's why it should be screwed to the floor. Otherwise, he will constantly move from place to place.

So, we will tell you in detail how to build a children's house from PVC pipes:

How to sew an awning for a children's tent-house

You can buy a new fabric or use unnecessary bedspreads or curtains for sewing an awning. A white sheet can be decorated with thematic applications or painted with paints with your child.

Fold thin fabric in half so it doesn't sag. It's great if there are bright colored patches in the house - they can be sewn into a single canvas.

  • the cloth
  • scissors
  • thick enough threads
  • braid for strings

So, let's get to work:

Fairy house made of cardboard

There are ready-made cardboard buildings on sale - you just have to decorate them at your discretion.But it will be better if you make and paint the house with the children from start to finish.

Children's house made of cardboard

Its design can be either the simplest one with a door and a window, or a complex design one. You can attach a tower, a porch to it, make a dwelling for children from several rooms with furniture, etc.

The costs of manufacturing such a structure are almost imperceptible. But the joy in children from this is unlikely to be less.

  • several large boxes made of thick cardboard (boxes from under the refrigerator, TV, etc. are suitable)
  • construction knife: it will be more convenient for them to cut parts
  • stapler and tape for fastening individual parts

It is better not to cut through the doors and windows to the end - let them be opening-closing. Although they can be hung on tape. Window and doorways are best done in the form of an arch or any thematic figure. The gable roof is also fastened with tape. The joints must be glued with them on both sides.

For furniture, use a double layer of cardboard - this will make it stronger. If the dwelling turned out to be spacious enough, you can make from cardboard not only tables, chairs and armchairs, but also a washing machine, a kitchen stove with painted burners, a TV, a refrigerator, a doll's bed, etc.

Attach a bright doghouse to the house for your favorite toy puppy. Build a cardboard fence next to the house and "plant" a few carrots, flowers or an apple tree cut out of cardboard from colored paper.

Young artist at work

Decorate the windows of such a makeshift house with chintz curtains and lay a rug. Outside, the dwelling can be pasted over with a cloth, the remnants of wallpaper or colored napkins, painted with paints, decorated with applique, bright balloons, flags and garlands.

Let your child participate in the finishing process by handing him a brush and paints.

Plywood construction

It will take no more than a couple of days to make such a house:

How to make a cardboard house for kindergarten with your own hands

In terms of its availability, only cardboard can be compared with plywood. Making a house from such material will be an excellent idea if you need to equip a play area in an apartment, a kindergarten. Thick cardboard sheets can be found in every home. If desired, cardboard can be easily purchased in the store.

The advantages of such children's housing are the variety of standard sizes of buildings for children of different ages.

The luxurious design, created with your own hands together with the kids, will make the manufacturing process as creative and interesting as possible. Despite the low wear resistance of the cardboard, it is not a pity to spoil the finished product.

Construction process

A do-it-yourself kindergarten house will delight the child during his leisure time. Children will be able to equip it to their taste by hanging curtains, painting the walls, equipping the floor with toys and pillows.

Cardboard housing is also suitable for placement in an apartment or house. It is ideal only for enclosed spaces, where moisture, sun rays, and temperature extremes do not penetrate. Otherwise, a reliable play structure will become fragile and quickly collapse.

There are a lot of drawings that allow you to create structures of different standard sizes (with windows, doors, shutters, towers, in the form of rockets, etc.). But the classic options are especially popular.

It is noteworthy that in miniature it can be a children's craft in the form of a house.

To make such a model, you will need thick cardboard (sheet or large box from under furniture, equipment).

How to make a cardboard house:

  1. The drawing is neatly transferred to the material.
  2. Then the parts are cut. It is important to do this slowly so that no cuts, creases, and crumbling are formed.
  3. All grooves must be preserved by the master, because they serve as a reliable fastening of the cardboard box.
  4. The structure is fixed with glue, thick tape, stapler.

Interior and exterior decoration is an important, final stage of construction. An adult can decorate, decorate a house outside with a child. It is good if the kid develops creatively and participates in the arrangement of play housing.

A variety of improvised means are used as decor:

  • paints
  • markers
  • applications
  • colored cardboard, paper
  • pieces of fabric
  • stickers and more.

Fabric decor is hung in the form of improvised curtains around window and doorways. Additionally, outside you can "install" a cardboard mailbox, flower pot, chimney.

The interior should also have a lot of cozy little things - pillows, toys. This will help turn the gameplay into learning how to clean up the house!

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