Coronavirus Hunt - Satire Cartoons

Coronavirus Hunt - Satire Cartoons

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'Spitting on Renzi', controversy for Mannelli cartoon: "It's satire"

The cartoonist of Fatto Quotidiano: "We are used to this somewhat stupid correctness"

"I do not start following the life of the things I do. Everyone has the right to respond as they want. Of course at this moment, we know, anything provokes delusional alignments, especially on social networks. Satire is satire and if it does not arouse anything It would not make sense. Unfortunately, however, it happens in 90% of cases. We are now used to this somewhat stupid correctness. " The cartoonist of Il Fatto Quotidiano, Riccardo Mannelli, comments with Adnkronos on the social reactions to his cartoon today on Matteo Renzi (under the caricature photo of the leader of IV the words 'In case of disaster spit here').

"If satire doesn't fuck out of the pot. It's not satire. There are many different artistic forms, but the characteristic of satire has always been this. it is satire - says Mannelli - It is not necessarily to be vulgar, but it is specifically vulgarity that satire finds a way of expressing itself. Satire is independent of certain correctness, it was born for this. It has nothing to do with humor or with other things concerning laughter. Satire is an artistic form that is also moralizing ".

"It is so evident that the satire is aimed at the character, the role and the public choices and not the person. Those who pretend to be indignant - observes Mannelli - it is because it is fashionable to do this when you attack someone you think you belong to. The satirical role is precisely this, demythologizing. It does not attack the person in itself, but the person as he embodies a role and makes choices related to that role. Satire is getting out of a certain dialectical logic and conformism, far from taboos " .

Hunting, closed season: Ispra says no to the extension until 10 February

The hunt in Calabria ended on January 31 last and there will be no extensions. This was announced by the Agriculture and Agri-Food Resources Department of the Calabria Region following the negative opinion of Ispra (Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research) about the postponement, until February 10, of hunting activities for some species.

"On January 28, 2021 - reads the note - Ispra sent its opinion in reference to the request made by the department, on January 5, 2021, regarding the possibility, in consideration of the Covid emergency, to extend the hunting activity for the species (wood pigeon, magpie, hooded crow, jay) until the general closing date of the hunt set for 10 February 2021. According to the aforementioned opinion, the postponement to 10 February cannot be considered admissible, as otherwise the maximum hunting period of the species in question would be extended, beyond the terms allowed by art. 18, paragraph 2, of law no. 157/92, as amended by law no. 96/2010 ".

"Therefore, in consideration of the aforementioned negative opinion expressed by Ispra - continues the note -, it was deemed necessary to cancel the resolution of the Regional Council no. 9 of 28 January 2021, concerning "Hunting Calendar 2020/2021 - Changes and additions, with which it was intended to extend the hunting period for the species of wood pigeon, magpie, hooded crow, jay, from 1 to 10 February 2021 ".

"In consideration of this, taking into account the unfavorable opinion of Ispra on the postponement of the closure of the hunt to 10 February 2021" for the species mentioned, "the hunting activity for the year 2020/2021 - finally explains the department - has concluded on January 31, 2021. In order to avoid hunters and supervisory bodies being induced into erroneous assessments ».

The escort for the cartoonist

Since some of his colleagues and friends died in the attacks on the Charlie Hebdo newsroom, Plantu has been placed under guard.

"We hit rock bottom," he comments. "It's strange to go out with the police officers escort. Always like that. In Molenbeek (a district of the Belgian capital, Brussels, where Plantu held an exhibition after the 2015 attacks), there were sixteen. And once, in Geneva, there were police on the roof too. So yes, there is something wrong. When I tell you we hit rock bottom, we really did. And I am humiliated because a handful of idiots, who think they represent a religion but which does not represent anything, can do this ".

Plantu argues that the current debate on whether to reduce the impact of French cartoons, in the name of tolerance and security, saddens him: "I think the time has come to defend the values ​​of the country: I don't want to apologize, I want to fight" , adds the cartoonist. "We cannot prohibit anything: we must talk about all the topics, calmly, explaining that we have no intention of humiliating anyone".

"I am convinced that in the end culture will win, democracy will win, debate will win".

Hayao Miyazaki: "Charlie Hebdo's cartoons are a mistake. French satire should take care of France" (VIDEO)

The intervention comes as a surprise, more than a month after the attack on the Parisian editorial office of Charlie Hebdo where twelve people were massacred. Miyazaki, the undisputed master of world animation with masterpieces such as "Howl's Moving Castle" and "The Enchanted City", explains that he does not appreciate the approach to satire of French designers, who should in his opinion choose topics close to their own culture: "The most important thing is that caricatures should be about politicians from their own country choosing to hit political leaders from other countries can become suspicious."

A decidedly counter-current position: after the Paris attack, the whole world of culture sided with the editors of Charlie Hebdo stating that the right to satire is inviolable. Miyazaki thinks differently and suggests caution in expressing concepts that may offend different cultures.

Covid-19, if a cartoon makes a smile go viral

Quick to make, they are also quick to share. This is why cartoons in difficult times promote solidarity and sow lightness

There is the image of the earth eclipsed by a sinister shadow, that of a huge planet in the shape of a coronavirus (Patrick Chappatte for Der Spiegel). And the pandemic version of Michelangelo Creation of Adam, with the first man and God who breathe the breath of the cosmos behind the mask ("Cartooning for Peace" in the Greek newspaper Efimerida Ton Syntakton). And again the image from behind of an old woman with a stick and a supermarket basket who wanders among theories of empty shelves above the words "Be Kind", be kind, which stands out surreal (Graeme Bandeira for Yorkshire Post).

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