Fake flowers

Fake flowers

Fake flowers

Regarding the creation of fake flowers, it must be said that in recent years there have been considerable progress. Do not think that the realization of fake flowers is simple, in fact you have to think that most of the flowers are built petal after petal using fabrics that when touched recall a flower in the distance. In addition, there are some manufacturing methods that favor some materials, which manage to make fake flowers resemble real ones, reaching a quality out of the ordinary. In ancient times, most of the fake flowers were made with silk, but today this type of fabric is no longer used. Indeed, fabrics are used that come from complex chemical mixtures such as polyurethane, latex, PVC vinyl, the most advanced polymers and synthetic or natural fabrics.

Coating technique

In order for the fake flowers to be at first sight exactly the same as the real ones, there are very friendly coating techniques, the first of which is the injection and layering technique. They give a touch of true naturalistic reality to the fake flower. Furthermore, it must be said that this technique has been completed in the United States and has been followed by perfection in the industries of China. Many people always argue that fresh flowers are something else, and that fake ones cannot be matched by the latter. But we can assure you that most of the fake flowers are seen as a decorative element, both in the apartments, in the gardens, and also in a totally real way.

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Environment and exposure

Regarding the environment of artificial flowers, it must be said that it is without a shadow of a doubt the value for these types of flowers. In fact, since they are fake, they can be placed anywhere in the apartment or garden, because they will never suffer from strong gusts of wind or from the little light received. So you will have deduced that they adapt to any type of environment. Consequently, you can adapt any type of flower, to any place in your apartment.


Maintenance, like the environment and exposure, is also an asset for fake flowers, because they only need very little care, so that you can best preserve your artificial flowers. You should also know that most artificial flowers have stems, also fake ones that can be bent or shaped, so that elegant and suggestive shapes can be created, and at the same time unusual. Furthermore, for their maintenance you must ensure that they are dusted, and in this operation you will have to use a sloping cloth, or a hairdryer. The cleaning that must be done must be without a shadow of a doubt quick. It must be done with some regularity, so that no excess dust accumulates on the fake flowers in question. In short, as soon as you see that there is dust on the fake flowers, then remove it immediately. If you later decide to change the flowers, then before putting them in a box, then think about dusting them, so if you want to use them again you can have them soon available.


If you have artificial flowers at your disposal, know that they are suitable for both small compositional fantasies and large floral compositions. They can also be stored in any type of vase and therefore be stored both in apartments and in offices and companies. If over time the composition you have made no longer adapts to the environment around it, then you can take all the flowers and recombine them in such a way as to create a new composition suitable for the preparation of that new environment. . You can also add new elements such as sand, pebbles, exotic seeds and dried fruits, twisted branches. Finally, it is important to say that creating flower arrangements is not particularly difficult, and all the people who are passionate about it can actually create a particular composition. This happens because the techniques are very simple to learn. However, it is always important to follow some basic rules, this so that we can become real professionals over time. These rules include the knowledge of floral decoration, as well as that which approaches the many materials that are used on this occasion. Finally, once again with you, we would like to analyze the rule that we believe to be the most important of all, since without it you cannot go far. We refer simply to practice, in fact, to become good composers of artificial flowers, you have to train endlessly and as soon as you have the opportunity, you must immediately try to create another and another without being afraid of making mistakes, because we repeat that it is all a work of practice.

Embellish your home with fake flowers

Do you have a passion for green decorations but don't have time for their maintenance? With fake flowers the problem is solved! Here's how to use them to decorate your home with style.

THE fake flowers are becoming more and more used in recent years beautify home. Thanks to their increasingly precise production, they are almost indistinguishable from the real ones. It is therefore one perfect solution for who love floral decorations but does not have a green thumb or he doesn't have, in any case, enough time to deal with it.

Despite their resemblance to their royal twins, the fake flowers I'm not, however, to be used like the real ones because the difference would be noticed at least a little and would make everything not very elegant. Let's see together what are all the other details and all the other peculiarities of these ornaments here how to best use them to beautify your home without making mistakes.

Fake flowers - garden

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Fake plants and flowers that look real!

Since 1980, Fior di Loto Riccione has been researching all over the world of artificial and stabilized plants and flowers, of the highest quality, that seem real.

Selected from the most prestigious collections of American and French companies, always at the forefront in the search for new materials that are then shaped in collaboration with a team of botanical experts, to achieve excellence.

The fake flowers for sale also online in the Fior di Loto Riccione shop are "Real-effect and Touch": fake flowers so incredibly beautiful that they seem real not only to the eye but also to the touch.

At Fior di Riccione you buy online only collectible artificial flowers, of the highest quality, in silk or latex, which capture the spirit of nature and can be scented with the very essence of the flower.

The high quality of the fake flowers for sale on Fior di Loto Riccione makes them so real that they satisfy the eye as if they were fresh flowers, because they give the same emotion.

They are an irreplaceable piece of furniture, a touch of style able to excite and a light point for any environment.

Fake flowers: why choose them

The 5 best indoor tall plants to decorate your home

THE fake flowers or artificial are the ideal solution for those with the so-called "black thumb".

Obviously, it is always better to opt for real, fresh and fragrant ones, but taking care of them often turns out to be difficult.

For this reason, it is good to opt for the artificial variant, which will not be scented but will give your home the same green touch as real flowers.

here are the benefits of having artificial plants and flowers:

  • They don't need treatment
  • They do not wither
  • They last all year round
  • They are similar to the real ones because they are made in a meticulous way
  • They do not need light and can be placed anywhere, both in direct sunlight and in shady areas.

These flowers usually announce the arrival of summer. Primroses are also sold in small inexpensive vessels and with their colors, some more subdued others more gaudy, they bring a breath of joy to any open space. The location is important: primroses must stay away from drafts, direct sources of heat and the sun's rays. Unlike geraniums, they need to be placed in one quite cool area.

They are among the most loved, colorful and cheerful flowers. You can buy tulip pots that are already in bloom, or you can buy bulbs and try planting them. They can be planted in a flower bed or in a vase on the balcony, just choose a sunny location.

Fake flowers - garden

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7 fragrant flowers for terrace and garden

When the warm season arrives, but also at other times of the year, the flowering of gardens and balconies not only brings many bright colors but, often, new scents that awaken our senses.
Why not choose the flowers also based on the fragrance as well as the shape and color?
So here is a list of 7 fragrant flowers, known all over the world for their fragrance as well as for their beauty.

1. The rose: not all species are scented, so it will be good to make sure that the one you are buying is among those that give off divine scents. Its beauty is unquestionable, as far as cultivation is concerned, you can find everything here

2. The plumeria: also called frangipani, plumeria is a subtropical or tropical flower related to the oleander. Its scent is delicate during the day but intensifies considerably during the night.

3. Thrush: unmistakable flower in its shape and color, it prefers humid soils and is often found in the woods in spring. Despite its low growth, it helps to spread a good scent all over the place.

4. The fragrant osmanthus: Native to China, Japan and Cambodia, osmanthus flowers smell like apricot. It can also be called Kinmokusei, popularly grown in courtyards and sidewalks in Japan.

5. Jasmine: probably one of the most fragrant flowers in the world, so much so that it is also widely used in other sectors such as aromatherapy or cosmetics. Although it may not be loved by everyone, its unmistakable scent is often perceived from far away from where the plant really is.

6. Hyacinths: The variety of colors with which they fill houses and gardens, make these flowers a pleasant presence for the eyes. Their intense aroma also satisfies the nostrils. In spring they appear together with tulips and vanish before the arrival of heat.

7. Philadelphus: It blooms in the summer, the fake orange blossoms (you can also hear them with this name) give off a pleasant orange scent that is as refreshing as mint. Those who have it in their garden know how elegant its fragrance is.

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