Heavy-duty greenhouse Droplet: features and installation

Heavy-duty greenhouse Droplet: features and installation

Polycarbonate greenhouses are the best purchase for homeowners. One of these types is the droplet greenhouse, which is equipped with this modern covering material, so it will be appreciated by gardeners interested in high yields. Nevertheless, when buying a ready-made greenhouse, you must also remember about the quality of the assembly. And often a self-assembled structure is in no way inferior in appearance and durability to the work of craftsmen and specialists.

Greenhouse features

Today, many manufacturers offer various models of polycarbonate greenhouses. But the choice of a greenhouse still needs to be approached seriously and with special care. Even with minor violations of the design and shape features of the models, strong changes in thermal insulation properties are possible, unfortunately, not for the better.

The droplet is a high-quality greenhouse that meets all the requirements and is made from eco-friendly materials. This is a reinforced greenhouse that perfectly withstands various weather conditions. The shape of the greenhouse was developed directly by specialists, taking into account the peculiarities of the winter season.

This is a unique, strong and durable polycarbonate product, characterized by the following features:

  • The peculiar shape of the structure, which resembles a drop. It is because of the specific structure that the greenhouse got its name - Drop. Thanks to this constructive solution, the snow mass does not accumulate on the roof of the building, which significantly reduces the risk of breakdowns. In addition, the shape of the reinforced greenhouse increases the level of stability and strength of the structure, so that the structure can withstand even strong gusts of wind.
  • Reinforced frame, for which the manufacturer uses steel profiles, and therefore the structure can withstand heavy loads. In addition, power is provided by a special fastening of all arcs - specially reinforced cross members.
  • A unique coating of all main parts with an anti-corrosion solution, which guarantees a reduction in the formation of rust, which significantly extends the life of the greenhouse.
  • Covering material - polycarbonate, characterized by high strength. Even with strong mechanical stress on the greenhouse, this coating does not form splinters. It should also be noted that the material is protected from the effects of ultraviolet rays - this significantly increases the service life. After all, everyone knows that under the influence of the sun, polycarbonate begins to turn yellow after a few months, so it does not transmit light well. In this case, such a nuisance will not happen.
  • The unique structure of the frame - a rectangular section of 20 x 20 or 20 x 40 mm with a wall thickness of 2 mm - allows the structure to withstand heavy loads. The distance between the arcs is 65 cm, which makes the structure very stable.

In addition, the droplet greenhouse has an important feature - changing the length of the structure, which can be adjusted by hand.

Each gardener can choose the appropriate size of the greenhouse - from 4 to 12 m.The structure remains unchanged in height - 2 m 40 cm, and in width - 3 m.

Pros and cons

Any greenhouse, no matter what material it is made of, has its own advantages and disadvantages. The manufacturers of the Kapelka design took into account many wishes of gardeners, and therefore managed to develop a greenhouse with a suitable microclimate for growing plants. Many gardeners who tested this model confirmed that the number of pluses significantly exceeds the possible minuses, and some people could not even name at least one manufacturer's defect.

The advantages include:

  • polymer-coated frame, which is characterized by durability and strength;
  • a unique shape of the greenhouse that does not need constant snow removal in the winter season;
  • the ability to adjust the length, two-meter inserts allow you to lengthen the building to the required size, depending on your needs;
  • delimitation of the internal space using special partitions;
  • supplying the end parts with vents and doors, which makes it possible to improve and facilitate the care of plants, and also makes it possible to control the temperature regime;
  • super strength;
  • ease of assembly with your own hands;
  • availability of the necessary equipment, which includes a base, fundamental pegs, allowing installation directly on the ground.

Some gardeners who used this model of a reinforced greenhouse voiced one single drawback, which is not critical, according to them. This is the small height of the walls of the structure. Nevertheless, due to the special shape without sharp corners, the plants still stretch upward, which minimizes this disadvantage.


Installation of the structure is quite simple. Included with any product is a drawing with instructions for assembling the structure. Adhering to all the rules and relying on the drawings, you can quickly assemble a greenhouse with your own hands, without the help of specialists.

The first thing to start with is to establish the foundation. It is required to make a markup along which the upper part of the soil is removed. After the actions taken, the soil is compacted. The main stage is the laying of the geotextile layer and the implementation of the sand and gravel cushion.

If there is a need for a light wooden base, then 10 x 10 cm bars are installed in the form of a frame. If you want to make a more reliable foundation, then you can use the old and proven method - pouring concrete using formwork. After you have dealt with the base for the greenhouse, you need to proceed to the direct assembly.

Do-it-yourself installation of the frame requires a certain sequence, as stated in the attached instructions. For convenience, the manufacturer has created a drawing with an algorithm of actions. With the help of self-tapping screws, all arcs and parts of the ends, which are equipped with doors, are attached to each other. It is at this stage that it is recommended to perform sequential actions without any rush. After all, this module must be attached as evenly as possible to the foundation.

After installing the ends, you can proceed with the installation of modules with vents. Initially, they are attached to the foundation, after which they are fastened between the walls in the upper part of the structure. Thus, fixation takes place not only between the modules, but also at the foundation.

When installing a greenhouse with your own hands, do not forget that you can only bend polycarbonate across the stiffeners. Otherwise, you can render the material unusable.


A greenhouse called Droplet does not require special care. Polycarbonate is a modern and durable material. Therefore, the shading process can be carried out not by stretching the fabric over the greenhouse, but by spraying the greenhouse with ordinary chalk.

In the autumn season, it is necessary to remove plant residues from the greenhouse and till the soil. It is recommended to disinfect the structure and preserve it for the winter period, if you do not plan to use the greenhouse at this time of the year.

Video "Assembly, installation, installation of the Kapelka greenhouse"

Get the most complete video instruction on assembling the frame of the Kapelka greenhouse, installing polycarbonate and installing the entire structure.

Although now there is a wide variety of designs made of lightweight and durable polycarbonate, its choice must be approached responsibly. Due to violations in the design features, the thermal insulation characteristics change. The greenhouse must meet quality indicators and be created using approved materials.

Greenhouse "Kapelka" meets all safety and reliability requirements. It is presented in the form of a reinforced greenhouse, which is not afraid of any weather conditions. You can grow greens and vegetables in it all year round.

Features and characteristics of the greenhouse "Drop"

Greenhouse "Drop" is a reinforced closed-type structure made of polycarbonate, the shape of which, in the form of a large drop, was specially developed by specialists, taking into account the peculiarities of the winter period. Such a constructive solution does not allow the snow mass to linger on the surface and protects the greenhouse from strong gusts of wind.


  • In addition to its unconventional shape and high reliability, the greenhouse has the following advantages:
  • structural strength achieved through the use of a reinforced frame consisting of metal arcs that can withstand strong winds, withstand high surface loads in the form of snow
  • long service life and practicality in use
  • the ability to lengthen the building to the desired length by installing additional steel arches
  • the possibility of zoning the internal space by means of special partitions
  • simplicity and efficiency in assembly
  • the ability to competently control temperature indicators inside the structure, thanks to the presence of doors with vents
  • versatility in application, as it is perfect for growing vegetable and fruit plants
  • excellent sealing, no cracks and gaps, due to the fact that the dimensions of the frame are optimized for the dimensions of the polycarbonate sheet.


  • If we talk about the disadvantages of "Droplets", then experienced vegetable growers note:
  • low construction height, which makes growing tall crops an extremely difficult task
  • insufficient tightness on the ridge.

You can find many polycarbonate greenhouses. The producers of the Kapelka greenhouse have tried to take into account all the characteristics in order to make the product favorable for growing plants. The benefits include:

  1. Durable frame with durable polymer coating.
  2. There is no need to remove snow from the structure. The teardrop shape will not allow it to linger.
  3. Buyers can customize the length of the item based on their needs. The presence of steel 2 meter inserts lengthens the greenhouse to the required size, and thanks to the partitions, it will be possible to delimit the space inside.
  4. The dimensions of the frame are suitable for the parameters of sheet polycarbonate, due to which waste is minimized and there will be no cracks, gaps.
  5. The end parts of the greenhouse have doors with vents. This is for plant maintenance and temperature control.
  6. Reinforced greenhouse "Kapelka" has super strength, is completed with durable parts, a base 20x30x1.5 mm and fundamental stakes, which are needed to install the product on the ground.

Greenhouse Drop

The greenhouse "Droplet" has a peculiar shape, its top is pointed upwards, like a drop. This solution increases the resistance of the structure to strong gusts of wind and snowdrifts. A greenhouse is made from a metal profile, which forms a frame, and polycarbonate. The greenhouse has doors and vents for ventilation. Before buying, read the reviews about the Kapelka greenhouse, they will help you understand its features and ease of use.

Good day. I recently bought a greenhouse. When buying, there was only a choice between two droplet designs from HRT and Triumph. Both greenhouses were positioned as fortified, capable of resisting snow. This was the most important indicator. I have already seen enough of the greenhouses that have developed like accordions. And growing vegetables outdoors in our climate is not an option.

After careful analysis, I settled on the droplet design. As winter has shown, I did not lose. Snow on the roof does not linger at all, even during periodic thaws. In the spring I started sowing radishes 3 weeks earlier. The earth has warmed up enough. And this is considering that I threw enough snow into the greenhouse to moisten the soil, which melted in 4 days.

The only drawback that I can point out. This is a low-quality timber, which was included in the kit as a foundation. I used mine. I impregnated the tree with senezh, then with bituminous varnish, and then sewed it into a roofing material cover. I think it will stand for 5-7 years.

Greenhouse Tsarskaya Strelka has a number of significant design flaws that constantly appear during operation. Firstly, it is a hobbyhorse. The most vulnerable point of the design. It is almost impossible to make it airtight. It blows constantly, reducing thermal insulation and leaking. In this case, water periodically enters the polycarbonate honeycomb. In some places, it has already managed to bloom, which reduced the transparency of the covering material.

Secondly, the anti-corrosion coating of the metal parts of the frame. It is not zinc, but simple paint. Rust appeared on the doors after 3 months. There are no seals for the frame. In the greenhouse, fog regularly forms and ruins the crop. From small things - upon receipt, check the completeness. I did not have latches for doors and vents.

Good day. I would like to leave a review of the Kapelka greenhouse. I bought it this year.
I spend a lot of time in the country and I get excellent harvests. But the ecology is now such that tomatoes and cucumbers wither very quickly, sometimes from the rains, sometimes from the sun. My wife and I decided to buy a greenhouse. Since the snow in our region is very strong, a reinforced structure was chosen on the recommendation of a neighbor. Chosen and ordered via the Internet with delivery to the assembly site. The greenhouse arrived on time, everything is neatly packed. No scuffs, cracks or other defects.

He armed himself with a set of keys and a screwdriver, took the instructions and ... realized that he could not do without help. Two guys with a technical background were assembling the frame all day. And another half a day for polycarbonate sheathing.
The greenhouse is very convenient to use, warm and airtight. If you put some kind of heating, you can increase the summer season for a month and a half. For year-round use, you need either a very thick polycarbonate or double-glazed windows.

Greenhouse foundation 3 * 2 * 4

Our company offers use environmentally friendly material as a foundation - a wooden beam with a size of 100x100.

- Serves as a support for the frame, provides the rigidity of the base.
- Prevents erosion of soil inside the greenhouse by rain streams.
- Protects the frame from corrosion, increases the overall height and volume of the greenhouse.
- Provides resistance to wind and snow loads due to reliable fastening of the frame, serves as an anchor for the greenhouse.
- Quick and easy installation.

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