How Often Do Aloes Bloom?

Aloe bloom times depend on the species, but they often bloom sporadically throughout the year. The vast majority of aloes flower in winter, while some…

The Meridian Condos for Sale in Suffern NY

Here you will find all the condos for sale at The Meridian Condos at Suffern, Rockland County New York.

The Meridian Condos is a luxury condo community located in the heart of Suffern, in the Town of Ramapo, New York. New York City is around 35 miles away, and there are great public transportation options available to commuting from Suffern.

The Meridian Condos is convenient to the New York Thruway, bus and train stations, and the wonderful parks. New Jersey is just across the border. Its central village location is walking distance to shops and restaurants, the Lafayette Theater, and the NJ Transit Suffern train station.

The Meridian was built around 2007. It is an elevator building, consisted of luxury 2 bedroom 2 bath units that are between 1100-1500 square feet, with loft style penthouse units on the top floor. Some of the condos have terraces with views of the nearby Ramapo Mountains. The units have in unit washer/dryer, and additional storage. Pets are allowed with some restrictions.

In 2015, the condos at The Meridian are selling for around $280,000 - $350,000. The property taxes are around $5000-$6500 per year, with monthly condo fees around $350-$450 per month.

You can enjoy resort style living at The Meridian. The condo amenities include an exercise room, and outdoor pool and a hot tub, and community rooms. All residents have access to the indoor heated garage parking.

Students living in the The Meridian Condos go to schools at the Suffern School District.

Butterfly Bush

Butterfly bush is a deciduous bush with a rapid growth rate. It grows 5 to 10 feet tall and 6 to 8 feet wide and has a large, rounded form with arching branches. The small, fragrant, 4- to 10-inch panicles, or flowers, on butterfly bushes grow in a wide range of colors including purple, white, pink and yellow and attract butterflies and bumblebees to the garden. The butterfly bush blooms from summer to fall, creating a long-lasting landscape shrub. The oval-shaped, 4- to 10-inch-long leaves range from gray to green and blue and emerge in late spring. Butterfly bushes are drought-tolerant and withstand periods of limited moisture without sacrificing their vibrant blooms. They are also easy to transplant. Butterfly bushes grow best in full sun and moist, well-drained soil but tolerate a wide range of types. Plant the butterfly bush in USDA zones 5 to 9.

  • Butterfly bush is a deciduous bush with a rapid growth rate.
  • The small, fragrant, 4- to 10-inch panicles, or flowers, on butterfly bushes grow in a wide range of colors including purple, white, pink and yellow and attract butterflies and bumblebees to the garden.

These Are the Flowers You Should Plant to Celebrate the First Day of Spring

After a long, dark winter with plenty of grays and browns, you're ready for some spring color! Whether you live in the snowy North or the sunny South or anywhere in between, spring means a renewal of your garden. Flowering plants are just what your winter-weary soul needs this time of year. If you're planting a perennial, which returns for many years, or shrub, make sure it's suited to your USDA Hardiness Zone (find yours here) so it can survive winters in your area. Spring-blooming bulbs must be planted in fall before the ground freezes (that's as late as early December in some parts of the country). Some annuals can take a frost, but for those that aren't as tough, you'll want to plant them after the last expected frost date in your area your local university coop extension service can advise you about that estimated date in your part of the country.

Here are our favorite spring-blooming flowers to brighten up your garden and celebrate the first day of spring.

These pretty pink-and-white trumpeting flowers lend themselves perfectly to the cheerful spring season, which is also convenient since that's when it's best to plant them! They bloom most when exposed to plenty of sun, though they can also tolerate partial shade (especially in super-hot climates) and will rebloom in summer and fall. They'd look beautiful in a front garden surrounding an entryway or porch.

These hardy bulbs often will pop up when snow is still on the ground in wintry climates. Crocuses must be planted in the fall for a spring show—and don't be surprised if you find them where you didn't plant them—like under a shrub! They're tasty to rodents so they often dig them up and bury them elsewhere.

These classic springtime bulbs, which must be planted in the fall for spring blooms, are one of the first signs that spring finally has arrived! Their cheery yellow flowers are super-reliable. Rodents and deer will leave them alone.

These beautiful, fragrant flowers should be planted in the fall for spring blooms. Rodents won't bother them (there's a toxic substance in the bulbs, foliage, and flowers). Another plus? Their flowers last for weeks!

Primroses appear in very early spring in a rainbow of colors including white, canary yellow, deep purple, and pink. They're easy, low-care perennials, which often bloom when snow is on the ground. There are many varieties, so make sure you buy one that's a perennial that will survive winters in your region.

The bright yellow blooms of forsythia are a sign that spring is here. Older types can become quite leggy, so if you need to trim this shrub, do it right after flowering or you'll cut off next year's buds. Also, look for newer varieties that are more compact for smaller gardens.

Tulip bulbs must be planted in the fall for spring color. They're technically a perennial, but they often fade after the first year, so they're treated as annuals and planted every year. They're also delectable to critters, so plant them in pots where rodents can't dig or layered underneath less tasty bulbs such as daffodils.

These adorable annuals come in bright, cheerful shades and last until summer's heat fades them. They'll tolerate frost—and even a mild freeze, so don't be shy about planting them early in the spring.

These tiny bulbs, which you plant in fall for spring blooms, naturalize themselves quite easily, so you start with a few and end up with a whole swath of grape hyacinths in a few years! Rodents don't bother them, and their cheery purple, pink or blue blooms last for weeks.

This dainty annual looks delicate, but it's tough as nails. It doesn't mind frost at all. As long as you keep it watered, it will bloom and bloom from spring until the first hard freeze in the fall. Now that's a great investment!

If you're looking for something a little more tropical and unique in appearance, fritillaria are for you! These fall-planted bulbs bloom have unusual bell-shaped blooms that appear around the same time as tulips and daffodils. Rodents usually leave them alone. They're typically treated as annuals because they don't reliably return.

Rhododendrons have glossy leaves and bloom in late spring in shades of white, salmon, peach, pink, and purple. There are both evergreen and deciduous (which drop their leaves) varieties, so read the plant tag or description to be sure about what you're buying.

Bloomin' Gardens

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Bloomin' Gardens

Description: Time to get those green fingers working and your garden under control - plants are growing faster than you can pick 'em! . So get them in rows of five or more to clear some space. The more you clear in a single row, the more points you get.

Instructions: Click to grab a plant, then click a new patch to replant it - but there must be a clear path through the garden. The game is over when your garden is completely overgrown.

Note: This game requires Adobe Flash Player. If game does not load, try installing the newest Flash Player. This game takes a few seconds to load.

Game Spotlight

Put the jigsaw puzzle pieces together to form a picture.

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Bloomin' Gardens at PrimaryGames

Time to get those green fingers working and your garden under control - plants are growing faster than you can pick 'em! . So get them in rows of five or more to clear some space. The more you clear in a single row, the more points you get.

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