How to make a rocking horse in a summer cottage playground?

How to make a rocking horse in a summer cottage playground?

  1. Valentina Shpak

    5 years ago

    Hello! Swing for small children is one of their favorite pastimes. We suggest you make a rocking chair that is comfortable and quite easy to make, which will be a great gift for your baby.

    The easiest way to make a rocking horse is from moisture-resistant plywood 18 mm thick or edged boards 20-25 mm thick. To equip the swing, you will also need wooden beams, self-tapping screws, moisture-resistant glue.

    The main elements of the swing are two curly sidewalls with a flat rounding on the lower side. They are connected to each other with the help of wooden beams, which at the same time act as the basis for equipping the rider's seat.

    To make a pattern on a sheet of Whatman paper, you need to draw all the elements by making them to scale. Answering your question about the dimensions of the structure, we note that the dimensions of the rocking chair should be such that the baby is comfortable not only to sit, but also to swing. The most suitable size ratio is 110 cm long, 60 cm high and 35 cm wide.

    Thinking over the constructive solution of the future rocking chair, you should protect the child as much as possible while playing on the swing from accidental falling. To prevent overturning of the rocker during intensive swinging, it is necessary to round off the sidewalls in the form of an ellipse.

    The finished patterns are transferred to sheets of plywood and then the main parts of the swing are cut out using a jigsaw. The transverse slats, which serve to strengthen the structure and simultaneously act as a support for the legs, are made of two wooden beams 35 cm long.

    The sawn parts are assembled by connecting them with self-tapping screws and woodworking glue. To protect the delicate skin of children from possible splinters and minor injuries, the edges of the parts are cleaned with fine-grained sandpaper.

    After collecting the side elements and installing the transverse rivers, they begin to equip the horse's head. The handles themselves can be made from pieces of plastic pipes with a diameter of 2 cm or round wooden blocks, which are installed and fixed in the holes with glue.

    The rider's saddle, cut from a sheet of plywood, is covered with any fabric. The seat can be made more comfortable and softer if desired. To do this, a layer of padding polyester or foam rubber is laid between the plywood and the upholstery layer. The seat is fixed on the horse's body with self-tapping screws or nails, the caps of which are maximally deepened into the surface.

    The rocking chair is almost ready. It remains only to shoe the horse so that it does not spoil the lawn when rocking. To do this, a soft bendable plastic or thick foam strips are attached to the bottom of the sidewalls.

    The horse's body can also be decorated with cute flowers or delicious berries by painting it with colored enamel. I hope you found the answers to your questions. We tried to visually describe one of the examples of arranging a rocking horse with our own hands. The proposed design, if desired, can always be improved by supplementing it with convenient and colorful elements.

DIY playground: 75 great ideas

A do-it-yourself playground will become a favorite place for children in the garden, where they will feel like full-fledged owners, a place for games and real adventures. For parents, this is a chance to show their skills and earn popularity not only among their children, but also among their friends. With a little imagination and courage, you will get a favorite place for children to play, - make a reliable base for them, and the rest of the splendor will add a vivid children's imagination.

There are many great ideas for playgrounds that you can make yourself, but do not miss the opportunity to involve the children themselves in the arrangement of the playground.

Choosing the location of the children's playground in the country

These conditions are not so many, but they must be met, since this concerns the safety of your child:

The child requires constant supervision, so we choose the most visible place for the construction of a playground with our own hands. You should be able to see what the baby is doing from the windows of a private house and from your garden (if there is one).

Try to move the playground away from the outbuildings.

Choose a place with less loose soil, you won't have to dig deep during construction, but leave a more fertile place for planting your favorite vegetables.

Consider a "light-shadow" mode for the children's corner, preferably the place has both a shade and a sunny side. If this is not possible, stock up on artificial shading options using available materials.

A capital fence will be an excellent help: by placing the playground next to it, you can use it as a wall to which you can easily attach a drawing board, a rope ladder and even a small climbing wall.

Layout of the site for a playground

After the playground project is completed, it is time to start work on the site itself. It's worth starting with the markup to understand what you need to do.

Equip yourself with a tape measure, pegs, a coil of rope and your own plan and begin to draw the contours of the future site on the surface of the earth. First, mark the outer boundaries, then arrange the silhouettes of all the planned elements (slides, swing, trampoline, house, etc.). Ideally, the pegs should be high (over 1.5 m) - this will allow you to see the site in 3D and not clutter up the area.

If the result suits you, start calculating consumables or choosing a finished design.

At the first stage of planning, they choose a suitable place for the child's personal space. In addition, the choice should be based on the age of the baby and the functional purpose.

If the children are very small, then they have a playground in a well-visible place. Children should always be in sight. Therefore, you should choose a place in the immediate vicinity of the house.

For small children, the playground is placed near the house.

For older children, you should combine a playground and a sports field. In this case, a place is selected a little further from the buildings, so that during the game, for example, with the ball, windows and so on do not suffer. For such a purpose, you need a little more space.

Older children can additionally equip sports grounds

It is good if at least a few trees grow in the allotted area, in the shade of which children will be in the hot time of the day... If this is not possible, then you will have to build a small shed or a children's house. It is also necessary to consider protection from winds and drafts.

To do this, shrubs can be planted around the perimeter.

When erecting structures on the site, there is no need to adhere to a single style with the suburban structure. On the contrary, it should be bright, colorful, like a fairy tale. It is also worth consulting with future owners.

Find out what their preferences are and what they would like to have on their site. After the location is determined, you need to worry about the surface. All drops are removed, and the terrain is carefully leveled.

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