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The Landshaft-SPb company provides post-project maintenance of personal plots.

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The company is ready to provide its services and help you with the selection of plants.

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The company offers you: alpine slides, flower beds, alleys and green hedges.

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Landscape design, landscaping.

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Landscape design, landscaping, gardening.

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The company pleases customers with exclusive design solutions in the field of landscape design.

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VIP terra offers a wide range of garden and plot maintenance services.

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A team of professionals provides their services in landscape design.

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The main direction of the company is the design and improvement of private and public areas.

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Since 2002, Kontur has been engaged in landscape design in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.

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The company employs masters of their craft who offer their services in the landscape direction.

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The company provides services in the field of landscape design.

A vegetable garden, an amphitheater and a swing: how the Karpovka embankment will be transformed

The project for the improvement of the embankment of the Karpovka River in St. Petersburg is already called unique. After all, he became an example of how city residents can participate in creating a recreation area that is comfortable for themselves. Two years ago, the initiative group Friends of Karpovka took up the idea of ​​turning the dull and gray territory into a modern public space. Together with the administration of the Petrogradsky district, the activists conducted a survey of the embankment and assessed the potential of the territory. And then the development of the project concept began. This involved not only specialists - planners, architects, designers - but also the citizens of St. Petersburg themselves.

The Gray Embankment will become a beautiful recreation area by the water. Photo:

Before the project was approved in April 2019, many discussions took place in the Petrogradsky district. Experts, administration officials, local residents and activists tried to come to a common denominator. An opinion poll also helped to decide what kind of recreation area the townspeople need.

“This is how many interesting and caring people are involved in the process of transforming the embankment at the early stages,” said KP-Petersburg. coordinator of the Friends of Karpovka movement Ekaterina Korableva ... - Subsequently, they will take care of new public spaces that meet their needs, and to create which they have made efforts. Among Friends of Karpovka there are many sociologists, architects, artists, ecologists, and teachers. And they are ready to help each other implement the most unusual ideas. Like a backyard workshop, a river education course, or a floating garden!


Now it finally became clear what and when to expect the inhabitants of Petrogradka. The embankment along the buildings of the First Medical and Peter's Barracks of the Grenadier Regiment will begin to transform this summer. The design was carried out by the Neskuchny Sad architectural bureau.

- It is assumed that by September 1, 2019, the Administration of the Petrogradsky District will carry out the 1st stage of this project, which includes the improvement of the embankment from Chapaev Street to the Academician Pavlov Medical University, the Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture notes. - The total cost of its implementation, including the design of the 1st stage, according to preliminary calculations, is 65.3 million rubles.

A swing under a canopy will be located in the central part of the space. Photo:

Of course, it will not do without bike paths and a walking pedestrian zone. The promenade will stretch along Karpovka. And there will be beautiful slopes to the river, where you can sit. At the same time, everything is thought out: the canopy will protect from the St. Petersburg bad weather or the rare hot sun.

An equipped playground and a place for sports activities will also appear on the embankment. But the amphitheater should become the center of attraction. This recreation area with a view of the water will also be good for local events. Near the central platform there will be a swing under a canopy: this is a pleasure not only for children, but also for adults!

The project for the improvement of the Karpovka embankment provides for a children's and sports grounds. Photo:

The public space will also acquire art objects. So, for example, the townspeople walking by the river will be greeted by the composition "Karp". But the most unusual part on the embankment will be, perhaps, a public vegetable garden. Yes, Karpovka will have city beds.

“The public garden is an initiative of residents who want to do gardening in the city center,” says Ekaterina Korableva.

Of course, greenery by the river will appear and not only within the garden. New trees will be added to the existing ones.

The idea of ​​reconstruction of the embankment does not end there. Activists hope for the second stage - after all, many of the ideas and desires of local residents have not yet been implemented. So, for example, it is still difficult to make a pontoon embankment and equip a descent for paddlers. This requires complex approvals and permits. And in order to build a multifunctional pavilion with a cafe, it is necessary to lay engineering communications.

- We knew that not everything that we want to see on the embankment can be realized on this site, and we want to continue! Only if we show our interest and willingness to participate, the city will allocate funds for the further development of the embankment, - they say in the initiative group.

Lunar calendar "Garden-Ogorod 2021" in St. Petersburg

The lunar calendar "Garden-Garden 2021" and other products in this category are available in the catalog of the Leroy Merlin online store in St. Petersburg at low prices. Check out the detailed characteristics and descriptions, as well as reviews on this product in order to make the right choice and order the product online.

Buy goods such as the Garden-Vegetable Garden 2021 lunar calendar in the Leroy Merlin online store, after specifying their availability. You can receive the goods in St. Petersburg in a convenient way for you, for this, read the information on delivery and pickup.

You can always place an order and pay online on the official website of Leroy Merlin in Russia. For residents of the Leningrad region, we have not only low prices for goods such as "Lunar calendar" Garden-Garden 2021 "", but also fast delivery to cities such as St. Petersburg, Gatchina, Vyborg, Vsevolozhsk, Sosnovy Bor, Sertolovo, Kirishi, Kingisepp, Volkhov, Tosno, Kirovsk, Otradnoe, Kommunar, Nikolskoe, Shlisselburg, Volosovo, Novaya Ladoga, Primorsk, Lyuban and Kudrovo.

History [edit | edit code]

The summer garden was originally created as a summer royal residence, and a part of the Usaditsa island was allocated for its construction: for the construction of a summer residence, Peter I chose an inhabited and advantageously located manor in the place where the estate of the Swedish major Erich Berndt von Konow (Konau) was located - a small house with utility yard and garden. At that time, this part of the island performed a transport function (it was lost with the laying of the Great Perspective Road) [2].

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