Linden: language of flowers and plants

Linden: language of flowers and plants




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Due to the fact that the lime tree is a very long-lived plant that can reach up to a thousand years of age, it inspired the symbol of longevity.

The lime tree has always been considered by the ancient Greeks a sacred plant to Aphrodite and for this reason considered the ssymbol of femininityGreek mythology tells that Filira, a nymph daughter of Oceanus, had a son from Cronus, the centaur Chiron. Frightened by such a being asked her father to take his life but he transformed it into a lime tree that has since borne his name (in Greek the filira is the lime tree).

The lime tree has also always been considered the tree of conjugal love. This derives from an ancient Greek legend in which it is said that Baucie Philemon were two old spouses, still very much in love with each other. One day Zeus and Hermes knocked on their door in human form and they were the only ones who welcomed them kindly and did not chase them away. The two gods then allowed him to survive the punishment they would inflict on all other men and to grant their prayer to die together. One day, Philemon and Baucis, now old and tired, suddenly began to transform, Baucis into an oak and Philemon into a lime tree. They were finally united forever, side by side.

Meaning of flowers: the lime tree

More than one flowering, a tree. But that in the varied world of the meaning of flowers it fills a truly important space of language: that of love and life. We will find out together in the next few lines how the linden can be able to represent such a varied range of meanings even if it is a simple one tree typical of the Mediterranean area and the northern hemisphere.

It is a plant that has been known for centuries, with a very small size and a decidedly long life, thanks also to a powerful root system. A sturdy trunk from which large number of suckers develop completes the whole. The leaves they remember little wings and they do this tree of the mallow family a truly intriguing natural example for those who love to study and observe trees. Its flowers are yellowish in color, gathered in a tuft and distributed on long peduncles.

The lime tree has been used since ancient times both for its ornamental value and as a medicinal plant. There is certain evidence of plants that have reached 300 years of age, but botanical chronicles even speak of millennial specimens, to the point of making the plant and its flowers become symbol of longevity. In the language of flowers it also represents femininity. This is due to the fact that for the Greeks the lime tree has always been a tree dear to Aphrodite. The legends tell that Filira, one of the nymphs daughters of Oceanor, had a son from Chrono, the centaur of Chiron. Frightened by the being she gave to the world, she asks her father to be killed: the god decided to transform her into a lime tree.

This tree is also considered a symbol of conjugal love. And always thanks to the Greeks. In fact, they told of an old married couple, Bauci is Philemon, still strongly in love as if they were just united in marriage. One day Hermes and Zeus knocked on the door in human form. The two were the only ones not to treat the two gods badly. For this reason they decided to save the couple's life without inflicting on them the punishment provided for the others, giving them a further gift: the possibility of "dying together". When they began to feel bad, the couple began to transform into two trees, Bauci into one. Oak tree and Philemon in a lime tree managing to remain united forever.

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