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Check the cost with the managers by phone: +7 (812) 244-10-18 For your convenience, payment for the goods can be made on the spot, upon delivery.

Garden ponds An ornamental garden pond is one of the most common landscape design elements. There are a lot of options for its execution, and a water mirror will make your possessions brighter and more romantic. In a small garden area, the easiest way to make a plastic pond. The finished form is quickly installed and unpretentious in maintenance. The store "6 acres" presents garden ponds of various shapes and sizes. Forms for tiles The best way to create a clean and aesthetic garden path is to pave it. To do this, it is not at all necessary to order ready-made tiles (especially since they can be chipped during transportation). Cheaper and more convenient - buy sand, cement, reusable forms for tiles and make material for the tracks yourself.Vases and decorative pots Decorating your suburban area with flowers is the dream of any summer resident. Vases-flower beds of various shapes will help to decorate a flower bed beautifully and stylishly. Original vases and decorative flower pots allow you to create interesting compositions and give the territory a well-groomed look. Transform your yard into a luxurious flower garden!Tanks for collecting water and shower cabins Water tanks are simply irreplaceable when arranging a suburban area. Large-volume tanks are used to build a summer shower, as well as to store water that can be used for household purposes. The rainwater collection tank is made of environmentally friendly material, has a convenient design and is light in weight.Pet loungers An animal living in a house, be it a cat or a dog, must have its own corner, where it will be warm and comfortable. We offer you a sun lounger for your pet, specially designed for resting your pet. Pet loungers are comfortable, easy to clean and don't take up much space.Sleigh and drag Volokushi are intended for everyone who is fond of winter fishing and hunting. Plastic sleds are made of frost-resistant material and can be used even in difficult weather conditions. The design of the fishing sled allows it to move easily on snow and ice with a load on board. Plastic traps accommodate all the necessary equipment of the fisherman.Polycarbonate cellularpolycarbonate Actual! transparent 4 mm. Sheets are translucent, impact-resistant and energy-saving products. Sheet size (LxW): 12000 x 2100 mm. Sheet thickness: 4 mm. Specific gravity: 0.72 kg / sq.m. It is used for: glazing of balconies, loggias, attics; greenhouses and winter gardens; awnings, canopies, etc.Greenhouses So that cucumbers and tomatoes “straight from the bush” do not require unnecessary torment, it is worth approaching the choice of “home” for them responsibly. If you don't feel you have any special engineering talents, the best option is to install a ready-made greenhouse with cellular polycarbonate glazing. Shop "6 acres" offers a line of summer cottagesGreenhouse frames The frame is the most important element of the greenhouse. It must be light, thin, but strong at the same time, in order to withstand all the vagaries of nature. It must be durable. The best option is steel pipe frames with a polymer coating. They are not afraid of water, or bark beetles, or microorganisms. Such frames for a greenhouse are offered by the store "6 acres"Alcove The summerhouse "Summer" is intended for use at a summer cottage. The gazebo is made of a steel profile pipe with a durable anti-corrosion coating. Designed for use in a summer cottage. Made of steel profile pipe 25x25x1.2 mm. with a durable polymer anti-corrosion coating.Pools The simplicity and price of our pools will pleasantly surprise you. Easily demountable design, quick installation that does not require special skills and tools, will allow you to become the "Hero of the Day" on the day of purchase, and your children will squeal with delight. The excellent design of the pool will fit into the landscape of any site and will delight you and your neighbors for many years.Log Furniture

DIY garden: 8 life hacks for summer residents

You can do a lot of useful things with your own hands from improvised items.

The season of berries will begin soon, cherries, cherries, currants and other vitamins that are loved not only by us, but also by birds will ripen. To scare off these feathered thieves from our harvest, you can make a stuffed animal. The easiest and cheapest option is to make it from plastic bottles. This stuff is everywhere. By the way, the plastic stuffed animal is better than the usual one, because it rustles and rustles more, thereby scaring away the birds.

- Two 2 liter hand bottles (one for each).

- Four two-liter containers for the legs (two for each) and one more for the feet, you can take half a liter.

- Plastic canister for the torso.

- 5 liter plastic bottle for the head.

- You will also need multi-colored bottle caps, from which you can make eyes, nose, lips. The body of the stuffed animal can also be decorated with caps or buttons.

- Colored T-shirt bags. If you want the stuffed animal to have hair. The bags need to be cut into strips and fastened with tape in a bunch.

- Scissors, knife, awl, scotch tape, staple gun.

A scarecrow made of plastic bottles is better than usual, because it rustles and rustles more, thereby scaring away birds.

Parts of the body (legs and arms) are fastened between themselves with elastic bands or thin wire.

We make holes in the bottom of the bottle and on the lid twisted to it. We stretch the elastic from one hole to the other through the bottle and attach it to the second bottle.

We attach the legs and arms to the body in the same way. In the canister, you also need to make small holes in order to fix the legs and arms of the future scarecrow through them.

If you don't want to bother fastening plastic bottles together, you can make an ordinary rag stuffed animal. You will need two sticks or shovel handles, this will be the torso and arms, on which you can hang an old robe. We make the head from a bag or stocking, into which we stuff the grass.

An ordinary rag stuffed animal is also easy to make.

Are you dreaming of a fountain near your house or in the yard, but think that it is very expensive and difficult?

We offer the simplest option.

We dig a hole about 50-80 centimeters deep. The width should be such that you can put a plastic bathtub for children in it, which you probably have been with since the days when the children were small.

Now you need a low-power water pump, which is attached to the bottom of the bathroom with suction cups, from one side or the other. It will provide constant water circulation.

It sounds complicated, but you can make such a fountain yourself.

The bathroom on the side where the pump is installed is surrounded by a savage stone that can be collected in the forest. For fastening, we use liquid nails or cement. First, lay out large stones on all sides, then smaller ones on top. We fasten them one on top of the other to get a kind of frame. Thus, water will flow down these stones.

Connect the pump using an extension cord, it is better to stretch it underground so as not to look out. You can stretch it along the top, and plant flowers or ornamental plants around.

The pump is attached to the bottom of the bathtub with suction cups,

Flower lovers have probably come across the fact that as soon as you start digging tulips to plant or transplant them, the bulbs are injured with a shovel. Nobody will remember the exact place of their landing in a year or two. There are very few chances to dig up flowers without damaging them. This problem can be easily solved with the help of plastic boxes - nets, which in any grocery store will gladly give you for free.

These boxes come in handy if you decide to plant tulips.

Try planting tulips in boxes. If you want to make an alley of flowers in the country, then thanks to this method it will turn out to be very neat. Tulip boxes can be planted in geometric shapes. If you later want to transplant flowers, then digging out the box, you will not damage the bulbs, they will all remain intact.

The bulbs, when you decide to plant the flowers, will not be damaged by digging them up.

With the help of boxes, your flower beds will look neat and well-groomed.

4. Garbage cans, tables and pots of tires

You take three wheels, motorists throw them away very often, so there will be no problems finding them. Paint with bright paint and put on top of each other, fastening together with a screwdriver. Insert the garbage bag inside. Here's the original trash can. You can put these in the yard in several different colors.

Tires are a versatile thing. If instead of a garbage bag you tamp the earth inside, you get an original pot for a large flower or plant.

Everyone can make such a flower bed.

You can make a miniature table from tires. Also put one wheel on top of the other, fasten them together, and on top, you can use glass or a plank in the form of a tabletop, depending on what you have at hand.

If you don't need a table, you can make a nesting doll from the same wheels. Will decorate the yard. The principle is the same as with the trash can. We fasten three wheels together, paint them, this will be the body. On top we put a wheel of a smaller radius, this is already the head. Inside we insert a piece of plywood, cut out in a circle, and draw eyes, a nose, sponges and ruddy cheeks.

And you can also make figurines of swans or other animals from rubber and install them in the yard or in the garden as decorations. Children will be delighted.

Tires are a universal thing, the main thing is to include imagination.

Kids will love this nesting doll. It can be put even in the country, even in the front garden near the house.

The stems of some varieties of zucchini are long, and so much so that they get tangled underfoot. So that they do not bother you, you can tie them up like cucumbers, or throw them on the nearest tree that grows in the neighborhood (if any). It is not only convenient, but also original. How often do you see the "squash tree"? You will definitely surprise your neighbors and passers-by.

In some vegetable gardens, zucchini "grow" on trees. Conveniently, they will not roll underfoot.

This tree looks unusual.

If you want your strawberry beds to look clean, without a single blade of grass, and do not spend several hours pulling out weeds, plant strawberries in a spunbond. Pull the fabric on the bed, after making holes in it, and plant the seedlings in it.

Spunbond is most commonly found in black, but yellow, pink, or blue can be found. Then your beds will look even more unusual.

Spunbond is most commonly found in black, but can be found in color.

7. Phone holder made of socks

Not sure where to put your phone when you work in the garden? If you have a pocket, you can put it there, and if it is not there, you can make a special cuff in two minutes. To do this, you need an old warm sock with a dense elastic band, you can also use a new one, if not a pity. Cut it in half. Keep the top with elastic. Fold it in half and put it on at least on your hand, at least on your leg, you can even over your clothes. Insert the phone inside the cuff, like in a pocket.

8. We drive away uninvited guests

If dogs, cats, hedgehogs, hamsters and various rodents who love to trample the beds come to your garden, you can scare them a little. Between the beds, stick plastic forks and knives into the ground, notches up. They are quite sharp and will not allow the animals to trample the seedlings.

The forks are pretty sharp. They will frighten off uninvited guests.

Common hawthorn "PAUL'S SCARLET" is very unusual!

Almost all people love spring more than another season, I think this is due to the flowering of many plants, there is no heat and cold, all living things wake up. Trees in white hats are very elegant and in sharp contrast to them everything that blooms red, a real find for gardeners hawthorn ordinary PAUL'S SCARLET. This tree, in fact a shrub, is very beautiful, decoratively blooms for a long time, its flowers are double, dark red, and the leaves are dark green. The flowering of PAUL'S SCARLET ordinary hawthorn lasts long enough to have time to enjoy it in full at least bloom begins in May and continues as early as June.

To make your lawn always look beautiful and well-groomed, you need a manual lawn mower Vityaz BG-4500 M, the price is reasonable, the quality is excellent. Buy in the online store, there is a discount on lawn mowers up to 40%.

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    What to do to avoid being bitten by a tick?

    What to do to avoid being bitten by a tick?

    What are the disadvantages of beautiful spring and summer days? Only one - obsessive, nasty insects, seeking to bite you more painfully.
    One of the most dangerous are ticks. If you cannot imagine yourself without outdoor activities or spending a weekend in nature with your family, then it is possible that these bastards may end up on your clothes or, even worse, on your body.

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      Shine 2 substrate (BakSib R), 100 g

      • a microbiological preparation, or rather even a polymicrobial one, it contains a whole complex of agronomically beneficial bacterial strains adapted to each other,
      • which help to increase the fertility of the soil and make it healthy, free from harmful pathogens.

      It is very convenient to use this EM preparation in dry form.

      • this is for those who find it hard to carry buckets of water
      • or do not have time to make an infusion of radiance-1,
      • and also if the summer turns out to be too rainy

      Application when planting seedlings in the ground

      • in contrast to the activated preparation "Shining-1" (working solution), which cannot be applied on the day of planting seedlings and seedlings,
      • dry substrate Shine 2 is even desirable,
      • while it starts to work in full force, the damaged areas of the root system will already heal
      • after planting and watering the seedlings, 3-4 g (1 tablespoon without top) fertilizer "Shining-2" are applied on the surface of the soil around the plant, sprinkle lightly with earth
      • you can add fertilizer to the planting hole
      • it is advisable to cover with compost after 1-2 weeks

      Top dressing (dry) of potted plants, flowers and seedlings

      • scatter Radiance-2 over the surface of the container with the plant (0.1 g per 0.5 l to 2-3 g per 15-20 l.), sprinkle vermicompost with a layer of 2-5 mm
      • such feeding is carried out 1 r in 2 weeks

      Preparing the soil for seedlings and planting holes:

      • add the preparation "Shining-2" to the prepared soil at the rate of 1% of the soil volume (1/2 glass per bucket),
      • to stir thoroughly,
      • moisten with water from a spray bottle
      • pack the soil in a plastic bag, seal, squeezing the air out of the bag, tie and put in a warm place
      • sowing seeds for seedlings or planting (transplanting) indoor plants no earlier than after 2.5-3 weeks

      Shine-2 can be used in liquid form

      Top dressing (liquid) for home potted plants, flowers and seedlings

      Radiance-2 drug solution:

      • 1 teaspoon dry Shine-2
      • 300 ml. warm water
      • 1 teaspoon sugar
      • insist 12 hours
      • you can spray and water the plants immediately after preparation, without further diluting in water
      • you can soak seeds for 1-2 hours
      • strain the solution before spraying the plants

      Processing potatoes before planting: preparing a chatterbox:

      • dissolve 100-125 g (1/2 cup) sugar (or old jam) in 4-6 liters of warm (25-30 C) settled water,
      • pour in a package of "Shining-2" fertilizer,
      • mix the solution thoroughly and
      • insist for 1-3 hours, stirring occasionally.
      • before planting, potatoes are moistened by immersing them in a solution.
      • it is advisable to add 1 / 2-2 cups of compost or vermicompost to each hole.
      • the solution remaining after treatment can be poured over the compost heap.
      • damaged potatoes (including those with a fresh cut) and those with large sprouts in the mash should not be moistened
      • a fresh cut must be dried before soaking until a crust forms

      • 1 pack for planting potatoes (plot 5 acres)
      • 1 pack for growing seedlings (preparing soil mixture and feeding seedlings)
      • 1 pack in order to scatter in spring and autumn under all trees and shrubs (when mulching)
      • 1 pack to add to the grooves when planting onions and garlic, sowing seeds
      • 2 packs to add to mulch beds

      Storage and transportation at positive temperatures.

      Convertible furniture: wardrobe or bed?

      We are familiar with transforming furniture to a greater extent from a book-table and an armchair-bed and, of course, a folding sofa much later began to appear furniture in a children's room with a bunk bed or a writing table under the bed at the top. Now, when in social networks someone posts a convertible wardrobe that turns into a bed, it is impossible to take your eyes off such a miracle!)

      Online store K-Mebli offers a large selection of furniture for home or office, including furniture made of wicker, frameless furniture, upholstered and natural wood.

      I am sure that such transforming furniture will quickly take root in our country and become popular, the areas of our apartments do not allow unnecessary furniture, the space cluttered with furniture is "eaten up" and the small room seems even smaller. A wardrobe that turns into a sleeping place will greatly help us create the illusion of a spacious apartment, create a feeling of freedom.

      A transforming wardrobe can hide in itself not only a sleeping place, but also additional shelves, hangers, it is much more capable of storing in itself than a sliding wardrobe.

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        Boron will help in enlarging the ovaries

        Boron will help in enlarging the ovaries

        The hottest season for gardeners will begin very soon. Therefore, we will focus on a garden and a summer residence.

        We would like to share with you one little secret of increasing yields.

        When the plants begin to gain color, it is necessary to have time to spray everything while the flowers are blooming: flowers, apple trees, cherries, tomatoes, cucumbers and other plants, with a weak boron solution (you can buy it at a pharmacy) 2-3 grams per 10 liters of water. This is enough to literally whip the entire garden.

        It works very effectively, something like "Ovyazi", but costs much less.

        The effect is really amazing, tested on our own experience, there are much more ovaries and there are almost no shedding of fruits in the early stages. Flowers in the flower beds are larger, and such as gladioli do not bend and stand upright and firmly, like true gladiators!

        Watch the video: Καθημερινά Online Κέρδη σε eBay, Amazon, Google και Social Media το Oκτώβρη Live Webinar