Integral suspension of fresh plant

Integral suspension of fresh plant

What is it

The integral suspension of fresh plant corresponds to a preparation that has only been used in the phytotherapeutic field for a few years.

The fresh plant suspension is characterized by the fact that the fresh plant undergoes several processing steps: first of all, the fresh drug must undergo a thorough grinding, but in the same way it must be frozen very quickly inside a environment characterized by extremely rigid temperatures and then a processing process at similar temperatures with the addition of alcohol to extend the storage capacity of the preparation.

It is a preparation in liquid form that can boast a remarkable degree of conservation.

The SIPF makes it possible to obtain products that have a concentration of active ingredients within them that are the same as those contained within the fresh drug.

How to prepare

This particular phytotherapeutic preparation is carried out, first of all, starting from the harvest of the plant, which must subsequently undergo, in the shortest possible time, a cryofranting (an operation that must be carried out at a temperature equal to seventy degrees below the level of thermal zero. ).

Cryofranting can be obtained through a particular procedure, which involves the insertion of liquid nitrogen into a machine called crusher at a temperature equal to one hundred and ninety-six degrees centigrade below the level of thermal zero.

The next step will be to place the material poured into the machine at high pressure, in order to obtain the relative liquids and, consequently, also the phytocomplex.

The extraction operation through this procedure always occurs at extremely rigid temperatures, since the pressure cannot produce heat, which would, in some cases, cause changes and alterations in different areas of the phytocomplex.

At this point, the material that has been extracted is subjected to a dilution work within the alcohol at thirty-six degrees, in such a way as to make the enzymes more balanced and stable, which have already been stopped previously for by means of the very rigid temperatures used.

The blocking of enzymes is a fundamental procedure: if it were not able to do it in the best way, they would return to work, allowing the finished product to regain the temperature of the surrounding environment.

Since the entire material corresponding to the plant used is subjected to suspension, it can certainly be said that a completely complete extract has been obtained and that represents in the best way the phytocomplex of the plant itself.


The integral suspension of the fresh plant is characterized by being an extremely sensitive preparation to decay.

This explains the reason why this product is sold in the vacuum form: once it is opened, however, it must be consumed as quickly as possible, as well as being kept inside a refrigerator, so that it can always enjoy rather cold temperatures.

The integral suspensions of fresh plants are characterized by being able to carry out an interesting curative activity, but within the Italian peninsula you can find very few such products.

Furthermore, the fresh plant suspension is characterized by keeping all the types of enzymatic reactions that can be reconnected to the plant used for processing still and blocked.

Integral suspension of fresh plant: defects

Among the main defects that we can underline for this particular phytotherapeutic preparation, we must certainly include the fact that it has a particularly high cost: it is also for this reason that in Italy we find a rather limited number, since other phytotherapeutic preparations are preferred (such as dry extract, mother tincture and so on) which certainly save a good amount of money.

Furthermore, the integral suspension of the fresh plant is characterized by having an extremely syrupy consistency and, in most cases, also has a rather unpleasant taste.

Particularly the price of this type of phytotherapeutic preparation greatly affects its use to treat drugs that have extremely delicate active ingredients, but at the same time limited soluble and, from the point of view of stability, not very reliable.

The integral suspension of the fresh plant is obtained through a particular patented treatment, which is defined with the term molecular ultra-pressure: it is a procedure that allows it to become a sort of limitedly stable micro-suspension, which will form that particular shape. therapeutic which is called SIPF.

The same analytical checks reveal that the formation identity is the same with respect to the base plant.