Flowers mascots of the zodiac sign Aquarius

Flowers mascots of the zodiac sign Aquarius

Calendar of mascot plants of the zodiac sign Aquarius

January 21 to February 19 inclusive the sun passes through zodiac sign Aquarius... Most often, the first place in a person born under the sign of Aquarius is intellect, and feelings are under strict control. And it is difficult for him to understand that not everyone can control their emotions. Therefore, Aquarius can acutely perceive discontent, violent emotions and impulsive actions of others.

At the same time, in the character of Aquarius, the desire to help everyone is so great that he needs to learn not to forget about his family. According to astrologers, individuals born under this sign are most suitable as a talisman for indoor plants such as striped abutilon, arrowroot tricolor, reo variegated or the most beautiful poinsettia.

But they can also be useful as talismans for overcoming the streak of depression, for innovative activities, as well as for finding optimal solutions in unexpected situations. Plants - Aquarius mascots are good to have in the house for those who are associated with high-speed technology: pilots, mechanics, navigators, minders, navigators, electricians, electrical engineers, electronics specialists.

It should be borne in mind that plants get used to their owner gradually, they may not get used to if they are mistreated. In particular, Aquarius plants often get sick from cold drafts. Only with long-term interaction of a person with a plant, when it is clear that it feels comfortable in the house, can we say that the flower has acquired the properties of a talisman.

Arrowroot tricolor

This short bushy plant of the arrowroot family has oblong leaves with red veins and yellow spots along the middle of the leaf. Arrowroot loves partial shade, regular spraying of leaves. A sudden change in air temperature can be disastrous for her. It is propagated by division during transplantation every two years, in the spring.

Arrowroot tricolor is good to have in a house where family members lead an active life and strive to show their bright abilities. Maranta protects the members of the group from quarrels and clashes. In addition, she is able to absorb the energy of aggression. Psychologically, arrowroot is interesting for those who fuss a lot in search of the realization of their abilities. In the presence of arrowroot, such a search is more successful, and learning becomes more exciting. For commercial individuals, this plant helps them find ways to make quick profits.

The presence of arrowroot in the house is useful in that it calms family members in the evening and at night, protects against diseases associated with hypothermia.

Abutilon hybrid (indoor maple)

A branching shrub from the Malvaceae family, its homeland is Brazil. Abutilone leaves grow up to 12 cm, flowers on long stalks, drooping, red, orange or yellow. Blooms from early summer to autumn. Abutilon is propagated in the spring by apical cuttings at a temperature of 20 ... 25 ° C.

Hybrid abutilon is useful for those who find work a burden, who believe that people do not act on him well. It helps a person to reveal the qualities necessary for pleasant communication. In the presence of abutilon, offensive words and intonations disappear from the speech of the interlocutors. Abutilone flowers inspire a person to translate plans into reality.

For human health, abutilone is beneficial because in its presence the state of the vascular system improves, which, in turn, helps in the treatment of heart and blood diseases.

For the atmosphere of the house, striped abutilon is valuable in that it is able to absorb the heavy energy of the room and radiate the energy of joy and creativity. In those homes where painful experiences and bad moods soar, abutilone is able to create a mood of kindness and elation.

Rheo motley

A plant from the commeline family. Homeland - the rainforests of Mexico and Central America. It has a short stem with shiny lanceolate leaves that are green or yellow-green above and purple below. Small flowers sit in the axils of the lower leaves in purple boats. In winter, it needs warm air and protection from drafts. It multiplies by division.

The colorful reo is useful for those who would like to learn how to express their thoughts vividly, speak quickly and beautifully, and successfully translate their ideas into reality. Emotionally, reo cleanses us of painful feelings. There are observations that reo helps a person cope with love shocks when he is bewitched.

Reo variegated is useful in that its presence improves the state of the vascular system, promotes the dissolution of blood clots in the vessels. In any case, drug therapy is more successful in the presence of such a plant.

In the house, the colorful reo is capable of absorbing and transforming the energies of secret aggression, anger and passion, even if they are cleverly hidden. Thus, rheo protects the atmosphere of the house from critical stress.

Flowers mascots of the zodiac signs:
Aries, calf, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Larisa Pavlova, astropsychologist


The following stones are suitable for this zodiac sign:

  • Agate - will help Taurus in business
  • Chrysoprase - will make any changes less painful for a conservative Taurus
  • Turquoise - helps in difficult situations and softens the blows of fate
  • Malachite - relieves depression and gives vitality.


Cancer is a family sign, its plants are needed to create comfort, improve relations with relatives. Ruled by the moon, he patronizes compact bushes with fleshy, juicy leaves:

  • Peperomia. It will help you get out of difficult situations, smooth out sharp corners.
  • Fuchsia. Makes conservative people more flexible, endows its owners with creative energy and cheerfulness.
  • Aloe. Gives determination, develops strength of mind, strengthens health.
  • Agave. Calms and instills tenderness, helps develop intuition.

Flowers and signs of the zodiac.

The most ancient science of astrology claims [cut] that each plant has a certain energy. energy This is manifested in the appearance of the plant - its length and width, color and shape, the structure of stems and leaves, the shape and color of flowers have their own meaning. At the same time, the increased importance as not, one might think, is attached to flowers, and not even to color, but to leaves. It is the leaves - the part that, the plants, cleanses the space of the house as well, biologically and energetically, and has the greatest set of characteristics and functions. When it comes to cleansing, protecting the house and shaping its energy, the flowers of the plant and its stems are also involved. All these parts, taken together, with their subtle influence have a definite effect on the energy state due to their characteristic properties at home, which influence a person's mood. His behavior, emotions and thoughts. And, as a consequence, on the events of his life. The greatest opportunity is to make our life the way we want to see it, not succumbing to the blind move or fate to the stream of our own pessimistic thoughts. This is truly a unique property that absolutely all plants are endowed with. The difference is only in the degree of energy of the severity of a particular plant and in its nature of influence.

Sagittarius is a sign of spiritual striving for others. Therefore. the worlds among its plants are many or tall, their Plants stretched upward in an aspiration upward. Scorpio peduncles are often tall, slender, abundant, strong flowering, original. Sagittarius controls the topic of foreign travel, distant travel, therefore, plants develop in a person the qualities necessary to enhance, travel attraction to the cultures of other countries. This Plants sign helps in any undertakings that are long-distance from the road. These properties can be used by everyone whose life is in one way or another connected with wanderings and travels. Bonsai plants: Sagittarius, cinnabar clivia, three-lane sansevieria, Vuanye tetrastigma, citrus fruits, shefflera. For representatives of this sign, it is undesirable to grow aloe, cacti, ferns, calceolaria, paprika, ivy at home.
the ruler, Saturn Capricorn, endowed this sign with a strict, stable character, therefore many Capricorn plants have a straight, strong stem, sometimes Capricorn. thorns are unhurried, so there are very slow-growing plants under this sign. Capricorn is the sign of the chief, the plants of this sign are the amulets of the Sign. Capricorn's career is in charge of the topic of work, the position of a social person, so all the plants Capricorn can have at home or in the office is a talisman as for successful work. Dracaena plants: Deremskaya and fragrant ibex, laurel, livistona, fat woman, silver lithops, Benjamin ficus, yucca ficus, rubbery. It is undesirable for representatives of Capricorn to grow large quantities of such plants as reeds, ginura, hoya.
Aquarius is a sign of ideas, discoveries, inventions, so its plants can serve as talismans for all of us for the innovative Any. The activities of the Aquarius plant stimulate people to search for new, unconventional solutions in all areas. Plants. the lives of this sign often have a unique, unusual appearance. Among the plants of Aquarius: dracaena, Godsef's abutilon, wild rose, red motley, euphorbia, the most beautiful arrowroot. It is undesirable for representatives of this sign to grow bulbous plants.
This is a divine mark of service. The water element has endowed the aquarium Pisces, terrarium and algae-like terrestrial Pisces. In plants, it most manifests its qualities, in Venus incarnation - Neptune, which endows some Pisces plants with a fragrant smell or beautiful flowers. Plants of the sign of Pisces are intended for the development of spirituality, detachment from worldly vanity. This Sign Plants is recommended to have in the house and other representatives of the signs. Plants of Pisces: aquarium platycerium, plants, tolmia, geranium, hyacinth, orchid, fat woman, syngonium lycopods, alocasia, helksina, cyperus to the Representatives. papyrus of this sign is undesirable to keep oneself near bulbous plants, as well as ehmeyu and paprika.

This information will further help you determine how much your chosen plant corresponds to your zodiac sign.

Flowers mascots of the zodiac sign Aquarius - garden and vegetable garden


BIRTHDAY - From January 20 to February 19 (20).

SYMBOL - Two waves that represent "living" and "dead" water. Often depicted as a man pouring water from a jug, which should mean a servant of humanity, seeking to quench the thirst for knowledge.

RULING PLANETS - Uranus and Neptune

MOTTO OF LIFE - Striving for knowledge, perfection, progress.

ELEMENT - Thin air - ozone.

TEMPERAMENT - Lyrical sanguine.

SIGN COLORS - Gray, lilac, blue-green, violet (black is unsuccessful).

FLOWERS - Violet, myrtle, daffodil.


HAPPY DAY OF THE WEEK - Wednesday, Saturday.

BAD DAY - Sunday.

FAVORABLE NUMBERS - 2, 4 (all numbers divisible by 4), 8, 9, 11, 13.

SIGNIFICANT YEARS OF LIFE - Multiples of 9 and years: 29, 39, 49, as well as 21 and 42.

BEST YEARS OF BIRTH ON THE EASTERN CALENDAR - Aquarius-Ox, Aquarius-Snake, Aquarius-Rooster.

ANNUAL PEAK OF ENERGY RISE - Late May - early June, horses in September - early October, winter.

PERIOD OF ENERGY DECLINE - Late April - early May, late July - early August, one month before the birthday.

MAIN ADVANTAGES - Originality, altruism, idealism.

MAIN DISADVANTAGES - Anarchy, abstraction, conceit.

AQUARIUS SHOULD DEVELOP - Intuition, care for others.

AQUARIUS SHOULD AVOID - Excessive fatigue, bad habits, procrastination.

ACTION - Explore, work for the future.

IDEALS - Loyalty, support, camaraderie.


They say that if Aquarius "burst" into your life, then expect quick changes. And it is no coincidence. This is a character that wants to turn everything upside down. For them, even trouble is not a problem, and a quarrel is not a quarrel. They strive for renewal, even if the time has not yet come, change for the sake of change, reform for the sake of fashion, yearn for the new. Aquarians act half as healers, half as jesters. Their most important motto is: "Not like everyone else! Everything that he has should not be with me." If you see a person in felt boots in summer and in shorts in winter, do not be surprised - this is Aquarius.

The desire to turn everything around, to make a leap forward, is great. Aquarians are always on the "razor's edge", especially since they tend to "rub glasses" even to themselves. Gripped by rebellion against the foundations, ancestors, all kinds of enslavement, they may not stop at a cruel joke, which, unfortunately, is often taken seriously.

They are tightrope walkers, but on condition that a protective net is stretched below. No circus act will seem too difficult to Aquarius if the ambulance is at the ready. However, adventures often remain words, they do not come to the point. They are too changeable, which includes changing views.

Eleventh sign of the zodiac. People born under Aquarius have excellent intuition, love to read, and are kind-hearted. Their inner spiritual nature is amazing, but they mostly hesitate to reveal it. They often need incentives to take action. They are restless and weak until they discover the spiritual strength in themselves to fulfill their plans. Once discovered, they are capable of great things. They are very nervous and sensitive people. The material side of life can only bring them trouble. In ancient Babylon, Aquarius was called "Big Man".


CONFORMITY OF ZODIAC SIGN AND VEGETATION - Tall trees growing by the sea, Indian oak, aspen, ebony. Pepper, incense, myrrh, pear, lilac, tansy. Holly. Alpine rose.


CONFORMITY OF THE ZODIAC SIGN AND ANIMALS - Black vulture, falcon, beaver, bat, gray squirrel, sable, peacock, as well as representatives of the bipedal class.

CONFORMITY OF THE ZODIAC SIGN AND THE COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD - Denmark, Italy (south of the country), Russia, Canada, Poland, Sweden.

BODY PARTS CONTROLLED BY AQUARIUS SIGN - Lower jaw, gallbladder, lower legs, ankles, vasomotor system, blood circulation, autonomic nervous system, wrists, vision.

WEAKNESSES OF THE BODY - Characterized by varicose veins, vascular disease, thrombophlebitis, allergies, cholecystitis, spasms, convulsions, arthritis, diseases of the blood, vision, nervous disorders, swollen calves of the legs, anemia, heart weakness.

FOOD AND NUTRITIONAL RECOMMENDATIONS FOR AQUARIUS - Requirements for food containing sodium chloride (common table salt). Vitamins - C and E. Recommended diet - honey, lemons, hard cheese, turnip greens.


MAIN STONES - Garnet, light sapphire, opal, amethyst, lapis lazuli.


January 27 - Rhinestone

February 10 - tiger eye


January 20 - Filonov Pavel Nikolaevich

January 21 - Placido Domingo

January 23 - Henri Marie Stendhal

January 25 - Vladimir Vysotsky

January 26 - Pyotr Berngardovich Struve

January 27 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

January 28 - Valentin Kataev

January 29 - Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

January 30 - Franklin Delano Roosevelt

February 1 - Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin

February 2 - Charles Maurice Talleyrand

February 3 - Jacob Ludwig Mendelssohn

February 6 - Ronald Reagan

February 8 - Vyacheslav Tikhonov

February 9 - Vsevolod Meyerhold

February 10 - Alexander Volodin

February 11 - Lyubov Orlova

February 12 - Abraham Lincoln

February 14 - Alexander Sergeevich Dargomyzhsky

How zodiac signs affect planting

Crops grown in accordance with the phases of the moon and constellations produce richer crops than those that grow chaotically. When completing tasks for the Lunar Calendar and Horoscope for 2021:

  • seeds sprout together, the root system is actively forming
  • plants tolerate diving, transplanting easier
  • plantings are less susceptible to natural stress, fungal diseases
  • the number of fruits corresponds to the varietal characteristics
  • the harvest is well kept.

The most beneficial signs of the zodiac are Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer, Taurus, Libra, Scorpio. At this time, almost any garden work is successful. The constellations Leo and Aquarius are considered barren - you should refrain from transplanting, diving, sowing seeds. The rest of the signs are moderately fertile, work is carried out according to the planting calendar.

Features of the zodiac sign

The zodiac sign of Capricorn comes into its own on December 21, and the reign ends on January 20. He can be considered the brightest representative of his element.

Capricorns are distinguished by their vitality and striving for excellent results in all matters. The average representative of the earth sign is distinguished by a lively mind and perseverance in the development of intellectual abilities. Although Capricorns have a calm disposition, they have a desire for leadership and power inside them. If the desire for domination cannot be realized, then this sign can harbor a grudge against the whole world because of the thought that it was underestimated.

The main representative of the elements of the Earth is distinguished by independence and a narrow circle of friends. It is quite difficult for those born under the sign of Capricorn to build relationships with the people around them, because they are often distrustful and suspicious. Most of all, Capricorns prefer loneliness, rather than being in a crowd. However, they are not averse to being in the company of their closest friends for a long time.

Capricorn men are distinguished by a strong character, as well as a thirst for admiration and praise from others, however, some timidity prevents them from admitting their desires. Sometimes the representatives of the earth sign have a tendency to feel sorry for themselves, but they try to drown out this lack and cultivate a warlike spirit and an iron will in themselves.

Women of the winter sign are self-reliant and independent. They persist in pursuing their goals and are constantly developing intellectually. Nature has endowed such women with incredible charm, which they often use to attract men. But Capricorns always keep within the bounds of decency and do not allow themselves to completely surrender to surging feelings. Representatives of this sign are also considered to be lovers of order and a comfortable atmosphere in the house.

Esotericists advise capricorns to acquire talismans and amulets that will help them cope with character problems and attract luck and monetary luck into their lives. Correctly selected magic items and symbols will help restore inner harmony, strengthen positive traits and get rid of negative ones.

Indoor flowers mascots of the zodiac signs

The appearance of a new indoor flower in our home brings with it new impressions and new obligations for care, attentive attitude and an individual approach to each plant.

It is very rare that an indoor flower is chosen that will be in harmony with your personal qualities of character and the sign of the zodiac. And an interesting feature in the life of plants is that not only indoor flowers acquire our habits, but with their help we can also acquire the qualities that each sign of the zodiac possesses.

Indoor flowers of the sign will help you become strong and achieve success. Aries, which they were awarded by the fiery Mars. Such plants have thorns and a high stem: royal begonia, sparkling echmea, Indian and Japanese azalea, striped haworthia, dwarf pomegranate.

Zodiac sign calf differs in houseplants-talismans, attracting a wealthy and rich life and physical health. These are indoor flowers that the beautiful Venus gave him: Persian cyclamen, Uzumbar violet, primrose, Kalanchoe, begonias, peperomia, gloxinia.

Plants Gemini characterized by lush foliage and curly shapes. This is a gift to Gemini from everywhere successful Mercury. Such indoor plants help to strengthen friendships and achieve good academic success, help to consolidate and assimilate new information well. Indoor flowers of Gemini: ferns, ivy, chlorophytum, asparagus, feathery palms, tradescantia.

Constellation Cancer has always influenced the creation and strengthening of a warm and kind atmosphere in the house, so indoor plants of Cancer have become talismans of health and happiness in the family. Cancer plants include adorable dieffenbachia, modest aglaonema, aloe, agave, calamus, pachyphytum, Mason's begonia, gasteria, Kalanchoe, rejuvenated, bushy peperomias, sedum, hybrid fuchsia.

The sun ruling the regal Leo, gave this zodiac sign bright and beautiful indoor flowers. Such plants will bring success in creative endeavors and the happiness of mutual love. These include such plants as Chinese rose, akalifa, afelandra, amarantus, balsam, feces, gardenia, calceolaria, royal geranium, Japanese camellia, bashful mimosa.

Sign Virgin always distinguished by the development of intelligence and health promotion, therefore, indoor plants of this zodiac sign are also endowed with this property: philodendron, Japanese aucuba, Japanese fatsia, monstera, deliciosa, scindapsus, cissus, syngonium, roicissus or birch, dracaena.

Houseplants Libra will help strengthen partnerships and develop a delicate and refined taste. The influence of the beautiful Venus and strict Saturn creates a brilliant halo for them, and attracts them to their representatives. Libra plants are diverse: lily and achimenes hybrid, hibiscus or Chinese rose, fiery red kufeya, white Indian azalea, pineapple, Japanese fatsia, hybrid heliotrope, large-leaved hydrangea, zygocactus Decembrist, capsicum, chrysanthemum, celosia peristia, codium numbered , cineraria, crossandra.

Mystery Scorpion due to the influence of Mars and Pluto. Therefore, a houseplant of this zodiac sign will help the owner develop the gift of clairvoyance, other extraordinary abilities. Cacti, tiger faucaria, snow-white dope, oleander, motley staplia, aloe, prickly grate, dragon dracaena, wicker ginura are indoor plants of this zodiac sign.

Sagittarius always patronized travelers, he is attracted by the topic of foreign countries, because he is ruled by Jupiter. The sour taste of citrus fruits appeals to Sagittarius, as it is Jupiter's favorite flavor. Having decided to have a Sagittarius flower, you can develop a passion for travel, philosophy and culture of other countries. And this will be facilitated by the indoor Sagittarius flower: lemon, indoor bonsai, three-lane sansevieria, indoor grapes, cinnabar clivia.

Capricorn always presented as an ascetic sign of the sovereign, ruled by stormy Mars and strict Saturn. Therefore, Capricorn plants are placed in the offices of leaders and those who want to become them. These are plants: a fat woman of different types, dracaena of different types, fan palms, conifers, ficuses of different types, elephant yucca, laurel noble.

Representatives of the sign Aquarius it is peculiar to invent everything new, extraordinary, it is a sign of unique ideas and talent. Therefore, indoor flowers of Aquarius contribute to the development of unique qualities: indoor maple, jatropha, dracaena, coccoloba, calathea, coleus, cross, arrowroot, callistemon, beautiful poinsettia, fittonia, rheo motley, pleasant stromant.

Fish always strived for the development of spirituality, for divine service. Indoor flowers, donated by Venus, will help to acquire these sublime feelings: aquarium plants, curly cucumber, bryophyllum, budra, geranium, orchids, hypocyrtus, kostenets, pilea, fishtail palm, papyrus, plectranthus, platiserium, ripsalis, fat woman, siderasis, tolmia, sprawling cyperus, ampelous ficuses.

Each flower has an amazing and unique property, and with dignified and proper care, it has a beneficial effect on its owner, developing and strengthening the necessary qualities and abilities in it.

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