Pumpkin "Pastila Champagne"


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Pumpkin "Pastila Champagne"

Pumpkin "Pastila Champagne"

And now I want to tell you about the opening of this season - a climbing pumpkin Pastila Champagne. Low bow to everyone who helped me get the seeds of this amazing pumpkin: last season they were not in any St. Petersburg store.

With great difficulty they were found in Moscow, and I became the happy owner of two seeds. But of the two, only one emerged, so trembling over him was not the right word. But he got it too.

Mom took the brought to the dacha pumpkin seedlings for a cucumber and put her in a greenhouse with the rest of the cucumbers! I noticed only a week later that there was not enough Pastila in the general pile of pumpkins. It was almost hysterical. As a result, only in mid-June, I dropped her off at a permanent place. There was no place where I planned to plant, so I decided to experiment.

In a heap with last year's manure, covered with a film, I made a large hole - 20 liters, cutting through the film. Covered it with compost and transplanted the poor baby. She went into growth much later than everyone else, therefore, apparently, she did not have time to show herself in full glory. She would have another half a month or a month ... Then, probably, I would have endowed all the neighbors with fruits.

This is what grew out of one small seed. And in the thickets of leaves such beauties ripened. The pumpkins were harvested on a cart.

There were a lot of small pumpkins - they didn't have enough time. But I'm not complaining. And I ate it raw - it tasted amazing. And the smell when it was cut was generally breathtaking - the whole apartment was fragrant with the scent of melon honey. The child eats porridge with her at any time - just offer it. We caught up with a lot of juice - with apples and black chokeberry. It turned out such yummy that it didn't last long. In a word, Pastila Champagne is an amazing find for all connoisseurs of such a wonderful culture as pumpkin.

Fig. 10. Pumpkin "Pastila Champagne"

Several times in my story, I mentioned the tools and preparations that helped to get such a crop and which make up a single whole with the agricultural technology of natural farming. I'll start with the tools. Since childhood, I have a reverent attitude towards them. The first shovel, which was given to me at the age of five, I still work in the country. We have a site relatively recently - the fourth season, I do not have the man's strength to cultivate the land, so the question immediately arose about a suitable garden tool.

Having waved the first season with a shovel, I realized: this is not mine. From that moment on, the search began. Three years ago I was very lucky - from a brochure about EM technologies I learned about the existence of the Strizh pololniks and another instrument from the Kozma series. One glance at the stand with these tools in the AgroEm store was enough to understand: this is what I need.

This instrument was invented and patented about seven years ago by the physicist Boris Kozmenko. Unfortunately, it is still difficult to find it on the open market. The uniqueness of the entire series is that the entire tool is made of high carbon steel with self-sharpening blades.

Today this series has more than 15 positions, but having tried almost everything, I would like to tell you about my favorites.

Many amateur gardeners now refuse to dig the earth - some for health reasons, some consciously, realizing that deep digging violates the structure of the soil.

To date, I carry out almost all the main work on the ground with the "Kozma" flat cutter. This is the preparation of all beds, without exception, for sowing, post-harvest tillage (before sowing green manure). Cutting and embedding the siderates themselves, loosening the soil under the bushes and in other hard-to-reach places. Cutting weeds along the fence of the house, on the paths. I even cultivate a potato field with it !!! For example, this small flower bed (see photo 13) was also made by "Kozma" - here he is, in the background, resting.

Fig. 11. Pumpkin harvest

I have a lot of these "lazy" beds all over the site. It is done very simply - you cut the sod "Kozmoy", limit the area of ​​the future flower bed with a curb, fill in a layer of half-rotted compost, then a layer of fertile soil. All this is closed with a thick black spunbond and mulched with coconut substrate.

When planting flowers - here lilies are planted - an incision is made on the spunbond, then a hole is made, more earth is added, if necessary, and the plant itself is planted. Everything is very fast and simple. At first, the neighbors were very wary of "Kozma", then they began to ask to try ...

Now everyone works only for him. A little bit of tar: the tool is amazing, but do not flatter yourself that it will work for you. For cutting turf, cleaning paths, etc. you still need strength. The merit of the tool is that it is much easier to work on your own - your body's weight works, and it itself is quite sharp - with a laser sharpening.

For two years now I have been working with "Kozma", and for all the time of operation in the harsh conditions of my site, the tool is as sharp as on the first day.

And now a few words about the drugs that I use. For the prevention of diseases caused by pathogens, I use the drug Extrasol - development of VNIISKhM RAAS. This drug is a pure bacterial culture in the form of a liquid suspension, suppresses the development of a very wide range of diseases, incl. various kinds of rot, due to the colonization of the soil with useful microflora.

Also, this drug has the ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen, synthesize growth hormones and vitamins, convert phosphorus compounds and trace elements into accessible forms. Since it is intended mostly for prevention, it must be used regularly. I start spraying the strawberries two weeks after planting, and I spray until the end of the season at intervals of two weeks.

In addition, I play an important role in the care of the homeopathic remedy "Healthy Garden". Let's consider its action using the example of strawberries. I have been engaged in this culture for five years, and from the very beginning not a single year passes without a visit from a weevil. I am a supporter of organic farming, so traditional measures to combat this pest, to put it mildly, are not suitable for me. It is especially difficult to read when, in order to prevent the appearance of a weevil, it is recommended to spray the plants every week with Intavir during the first half of the growing season ...

Fig. 12. Pololnik Kozma

To learn how to suppress the numbers pest, you need, first of all, to understand why pests attack a particular culture. In the brochure of the authors of the preparation "Healthy Garden" V. S. Kovalenko and T. V. Kovalenko and gardener-practitioner G. A. Kizima, a very simple and understandable explanation is given: to build up your body, especially the leaf apparatus.

But in weakened plants, synthesis is slow for one reason or another. The plant mainly produces carbohydrates. ... Pests, both insects and mites, feed mainly on carbohydrates. By normalizing the balance between carbohydrates and proteins in the cell sap of plants, thereby protecting plants from attack by pests. "

Plants always come out somewhat weakened after winter. This is completely normal and natural. In addition, in spring there is sometimes a very strong discrepancy between the temperature of the soil and air, i.e. the photosynthetic apparatus is already working at full strength, and the roots are still dormant. This also leads to protein-carbohydrate imbalance, because the root system plays an important role in the work of the protein apparatus of the cell.

Fig. 13. Lazy flower bed

I learned all these seemingly common truths relatively recently. And a few years ago I bought this drug at an exhibition rather out of curiosity and respect for homeopathy in general. After treatment with "Healthy Garden", protein synthesis is activated in plants, its amount in the cell sap increases, and the content of carbohydrates decreases.

But this drug gives results only with systematic treatments. I use it on the plants once a month, starting with the snow melt. This year, I am going to reduce the intervals between treatments in the spring to one week, thereby refusing to use another drug that I also had to use - phytoverma. Two things are stopped - the third class of hazard of the drug (phytotoxicity for fish and bees), which means that treatments during flowering automatically disappear.

And also its safety for humans. The instructions say that it is absolutely safe for humans, why, then, vegetables and fruits after processing can be used only after two, and according to some reports, even after twenty days!

Irina Vezhenkova, gardener, winner of the "Summer Season - 2007" competition
Photo by the author


It is interesting that the history of culinary in Russia is closely related to the history of the state. Traditionally, the Russian diet was very modest - porridge and meat, cabbage soup. Moreover, they rarely ate meat, because they fasted most of the year. Of course, pancakes were prepared as a ritual treat for Shrovetide. In general, the dishes were quite simple-minded.

For example, okroshka was prepared from the remnants of everything that was eaten during the week - the remnants of pickles, meat, fish, vegetables. Jelly is a versatile winter treat. It could be stored for a long time, so they made a lot of aspic. I cook jellied meat at home. We all love him!

The cultural traditions of many peoples of the world were borrowed from Russia. The diet was actively replenished with food brought by the military campaigns. Dumplings came from Siberia, the eastern khanates gave rise to the culture of tea drinking. We owe borsch to the accession of Ukraine.

The pies were baked with vegetables, meat, fish. Baking became part of the rituals. March 21 - the day of the Forty Martyrs of Sebastia. On this day, a cookie was baked, which was called a lark. Lean, strong dough was kneaded, insisted, cut into bundles. It was rolled up in the shape of birds, raisins were inserted instead of eyes. This, of course, is not my favorite cookie from "Morozov's Confectionery" with cinnamon, but it would be interesting to try.
By the way, literary works are an excellent source of information about eating habits of different years.

So, in the texts of classical writers, you can often find the names of dishes that you have never heard of. In "Anna Karenina" Tolstoy Oblonsky orders, in addition to oysters, roast beef and some kind of capon soup. We google and find out that the name of the dish is taken from a specially fed rooster, which was called a capon. It was eaten until the 20th century and belonged to French cuisine. This is how the aristocracy ate. And I would not refuse to eat like that.

N.V. Gogol described the life of less wealthy people who ate pies, mushrooms, and cereals. In "Dead Souls" we find the name "nanny". It turns out to be a stuffed mutton stomach. As now, different segments of the population ate differently. For the villagers, food made from turnips and cabbage occupied the central place. On the tables of the 19th century aristocracy - masterpieces of European cuisine. But there were exceptions.

For example, black bread was equally loved in rich and poor families. It appeared around the 9th century and became a permanent inhabitant of a hut and a noble house.

As for long feasts, they were in vogue in the 18th century. The Europeanization of Russia, which Peter the Great began, touched on everyday life and kitchens. The nobles hired French chefs who brought with them a variety of kitchen tools - meat grinders, saucepans. And they introduced the Russians to cookbooks, which clearly explained how to cook hazel grouse, fish, the same rooster.
And now the Russian table is bursting with an abundance of cutlets, pasta, sausages. By the way, salads are also from France.

However, only wealthy people ate tasty and satisfying meals. On the tables of the peasants there was only that which they themselves had grown and baked. When in a restaurant you could eat a glass of good vodka with caviar for a small amount, the villages were happy with the harvest of potatoes, which, by the way, became widespread only in the middle of the 18th century.

Eat delicious

You see how rich the history of Russian cuisine is. Here you can find original dishes, both foreign ones, and those that have been perfectly modified on the rich Russian soil. Because it's okay to borrow the good. And borrowing something tasty is a must.

Probably, this is the secret, that there is no “yesterday” and there is no “tomorrow”. And there is "today" and "now", and this is all that we have.

Probably, this is the secret, that there is no “yesterday” and there is no “tomorrow”. And there is "today" and "now", and this is all that we have.

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    An actress of the Russian theater who does not give interviews and does not act in films.

    Yulia Borisova is perhaps one of the most unusual figures in Russian cinema. And she appeared on the screens only three times: the actress gave all of herself to work in the theater.

    Little is known about her, Julia did not communicate with journalists and did not answer questions. But every connoisseur of art knows that Borisova is a unique and brilliant artist of the Vakhtangov Theater. Playwrights created plays only for her, and the audience admired her incredible talent.

    Just think, for 94 years the actress managed not to change her life principles.
    Yulia Borisova has a well-deserved nickname - “a separate planet”. The actress was brought up in severity, never allowed herself to bring her own experiences to the public.

    It was on stage that she could share her emotions. Julia's life turned out to be difficult. She survived the war, but the post-war period could not take away her dreams. After graduating from drama school in 1947, she began to serve at the Vakhtangov Theater.

    Borisova's talent had no boundaries. She tried on diverse roles and seemed to live a segment of the life of each heroine. It was in 1995 that her undoubted talent became clear to the general public. Julia played in the play "On a Golden Day".
    And even a simple melodrama was revealed to the viewer in all its depth thanks to the actress. Her constant stage partner was Mikhail Ulyanov. He called this Borisova planet, because the definition of "star" is not enough for it.

    Yulia Konstantinovna accepted the offer to appear in the film only three times. She starred in the films "Three Meetings", "Ambassador of the Soviet Union", "Idiot".
    Although the actress did not suffer from a shortage of director's proposals, she did not appear in any other film.

    It was the theater that considered her main task and the fate of Borisova. And besides, more than one film did not interest her in scale.
    In any case, Yulia Borisova constantly appeared on the screens: the most famous plays were broadcast or filmed television plays ("The Millionaire", "Mocking My Happiness", etc.).

    The actress met the fate of her life within the walls of her native theater.Isay Spektor, deputy director, became it. Julia gave birth to a child, but she could not leave the stage for a long time. She took her little son with her on tour. At the age of 49, Borisova lost her beloved spouse, but she never got married a second time.

    According to the actress, the life of a public person can be paraded only in images, within the walls of the theater. She never talked about personal. Julia did not appear in any theatrical gossip. And she is happy only at home next to her family and at her favorite job.

    Borisova never appeared in public without a reason. Only once, in 2017, at one of the events, journalists managed to talk to the 92-year-old artist. When asked how at this age it is possible to maintain excellent shape and fortitude, she answered simply.

    It's all about endless optimism. And also in love for yourself. Of the cosmetics, Julia preferred only expensive proven brands. Even at such a venerable age, the actress took part in productions and admired the younger generation.

    The actress has received over twenty awards. Among them: "Figaro" and "The Legend of the Russian Theater". And this is true. Julia did not work for her own glory, she treated her beloved work with special trepidation and gave the theater her whole soul.

    Film images of San Francisco in the early 80s

    Film images of San Francisco in the early 80s

    Photos that show you San Francisco as it was long ago.

    Film images of San Francisco in the early 80s

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      Andre Rieu - My Way (Live at Radio City Music Hall, New York) You can watch the whole concert.

      Jewelry for Armenian women. 12. .

      Golovin A.Ya.-Sketches of costumes for the ballet "Firebird". Premiere of the ballet I. Stravinsky.

      Faberge stone flowers The most famous works of Carl Faberge are, of course, the banner.

      Affordable luxury from Lagerfeld or Paper flower decor Master Class I decided to write MK.



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        • knitted fish, turtles, snails, dolphins, lizards (103)
        • knitted elephants, giraffes, hippos, kangaroos (70)
        • knitted dogs, chanterelles, wolves, raccoons (108)
        • knitted fruits and vegetables and other food (51)
        • knitted transport, military and household appliances (54)
        • Books and magazines. "Knitted toy" (30)

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