Corrugated tomato varieties

Corrugated tomato varieties

How to choose a variety of corrugated tomatoes and grow them outdoors or in a greenhouse

Tomato beds in our gardens in the Kuban occupy about a tenth of the total area allotted for nightshade crops. And the tomato is the most typical southern fruit, since with an abundance of heat and sun it can have an excellent sweet taste and pleasant aroma.

But tomatoes of a standard color and shape have already bored many, but fruits of an unusual shape and color will undoubtedly be of interest to almost any gardener. Over the years, we have tried more than a thousand varieties and we believe that the most interesting are ribbed tomato varieties. I would like to tell you more about some of them.

Tomato chrysanthemum - this is a miracle of selection! An original, very beautiful variety for garden plots! The plant is indeterminate, 160-180 cm high, powerful, surprising with the extravagance of the fruit shape. Medium late variety, 100-125 days. The brush is simple, contains 3-5 fruits. They are bright red, large, fleshy, weighing 500-600 g. Fruits of an interesting shape - in the form of a chrysanthemum flower, they give the impression that chrysanthemum flowers have blossomed on tomato bushes - an amazing beauty! The pulp is very tender, of amazing taste, sweet. Tomatoes look original on bushes and, of course, will add variety when decorating your festive table. Group resistance to the most common diseases of tomatoes makes it possible to grow this variety in various regions of Russia. He has an extended fruiting period. Plant this variety! I am sure you will be satisfied! It is the most expensive in all collections.

Accordion Orange - forms large-fruited, ribbed orange tomatoes of excellent taste. A very productive variety. The plant is tall. Fruit weight 300-500 grams. Fruiting until autumn. Medium ripening, intended for open ground and greenhouses. An amazingly beautiful sweet salad variety.

American ribbed - an original large-fruited variety of American selection for open ground, surprising with its extravagant shape and color of fruits. The variety is medium late, a bush over 1.2 m high. The bush is simple, with 5-6 bright pink-yellow-red fruits, fleshy, large, weighing more than 1 kg, shaped like a cauliflower. The fruits are very interesting, flat, with pronounced ribbing. Their flesh is very tender, with a pleasant taste. Tomatoes look original on the bush, and, of course, will bring a lot of variety when decorating a festive table.

(Mist is ribbed) - This high-yielding variety comes from Mexico. Fruits are strongly ribbed, pear-shaped, pink, sweet, juicy, weighing up to 250 g, very beautiful in cut. The variety is mid-season, 80-90 days, indeterminate with a powerful spreading bush up to 1.5 m in height.

Pink Accordion - exotic mid-season (100-120 days) high-yielding variety with exotic fruits. The plant is medium-sized, spreading with a height of 120-130 cm. Fruits are flat-rounded, corrugated, pink, weighing up to 300 g. These tomatoes look original in salads, good for stuffing. Their pulp is juicy, sweet, tender, of very good taste. This is one of the most successful varieties in our collection, and you must give it a place of honor on your site.

Beauty Lottringa Orange - a very productive variety of ribbed tomatoes. An analogue of the variety Lorraine beauty, only its fruits are orange and it is more productive. Tomatoes are reminiscent of tropical fruits. They will decorate any table. Long-term fruiting variety, tall. Due to its proximity to wild tomatoes, it is highly resistant to unfavorable growing conditions.

Beauty Lottringa Red - a very productive variety of ribbed tomatoes. They also taste like tropical fruits. Such a tomato will decorate any table. Long-term fruiting variety. It is tall (up to 2 meters), is terminate, mid-season (up to 100 days). Fruit weight up to 1 kg. Fruits are red, rounded-flat in the form of a chrysanthemum flower. The pulp is fleshy, very sweet, low-seeded. Like the previous variety, due to its proximity to wild tomatoes, it is resistant to unfavorable growing conditions.

Cuban black-fruited - mid-season variety (100-115 days). The plant is indeterminate, up to 180 cm high. Fruits are flat-rounded, ribbed, burgundy-black or dark purple with high palatability, medicinal, weighing up to 700 g. High-yielding dietary variety with aromatic, tender, sweet pulp.

Tim's Black Ruffles - mid-season, 80-90 days, high-yielding indeterminate variety more than 2 m high, powerful bush. Dark cherry tomatoes, deeply grooved. The shape of the fruit is flat-rounded-corrugated, the flesh is dark cherry, of excellent taste. He is the record holder for yield among "black tomatoes". Differs in long-term fruiting and high resistance to unfavorable growing conditions. Fruit weight up to 150 g.

Marvel striped tomato - a variety of the Indians of Mexico. Beefsteak variety - has large fruits with a large amount of pulp and a minimum of seeds, fruits of a round-flat-ribbed shape are painted with orange, yellow and pink curls. Sweet and juicy. Weight up to 500 g. The plant is indeterminate (up to 1.8 m in height).

Purple Calabash (Purple pumpkin, USA) - large-fruited, tall - up to 2.5 m, powerful bush, ribbed fruits, purple-crimson, weighing 100-300 g. The pulp is red-violet, juicy-sweet. Fruits are flat-rounded, strongly ribbed, has up to 25 ribs, looks like a multi-petal chrysanthemum in the cut. The taste is very bright and rich. A very productive and rare variety.

Tlacolula White (Tlacolula white, Mexico) - one of the most beautiful collectible varieties in the world! It is medium early (90-100 days), a bush with abundant clusters and long fruiting. The plant is indeterminate, 180-200 cm high, spreading. Fruits are broadly pear-shaped with many ribs. In cut, it also looks like a chrysanthemum. The color of the fruit is white, the pulp is milky white, tender, sweet with the taste of exotic fruits. Fruits weighing 250-320 g.

Puzata khata - this variety was bred in Ukraine. It is early ripe (87-92 days from the emergence of mass shoots to ripening of fruits), high-yielding with a long fruiting period. Designed for open ground and film shelters. The height of the bush is 1.2-1.3 m. Fruits are broad-pear-shaped, ribbed, fleshy, very tasty, weighing up to 300 g. The color of ripe fruits is red. Interesting view - pleated. Inside the chambers, the voids, the skin and pulp are dense, not watery, however, the taste of the fruits is very mediocre, but the tomatoes are stored for a very long time. They are indispensable for fresh consumption and all types of processing. The fruits retain their commercial qualities well after picking and during transportation.

Charlie Chaplin - pear-shaped, corrugated tomatoes of scarlet color (bright red), weighing up to 110 g. Quite suitable for stuffing. Named after the great silent film actor Charlie Chaplin. The variety was bred by Livingston Seed in the 50s of the last century. Tall, indeterminate. The variety has a high yield, juicy fruits with excellent taste, 80 days before ripening.

Mushroom basket red - an original large-fruited variety for open ground and film shelters, surprising with an extravagant fruit shape. Medium late variety, determinant bush, up to 90 cm high, simple brush with 3-4 bright red large, fleshy fruits weighing 250-550 g. Fruits are very interesting - flat with pronounced ribbing, giving the impression that the tomato consists of separate slices. The pulp is very tender and has a pleasant taste. Tomatoes look original on the bush and, of course, will add variety when decorating your festive table. The yield of the variety is up to 3 kg per plant. Etoile is an original variety that surprises with its extravagant fruit shape. The variety is mid-ripening, up to 1.3 m in height, carpal, up to 6 pieces of beautiful egg-shaped, with a pronounced strong ribbing, multi-chambered fruits with a color from scarlet to pink, fleshy, with sweet tender pulp. Weight from 60 g to 250 g, variety yield up to 10 kg per bush.

Garlic (Reisetomate) - an amazing and unusual variety. The plant is up to 130 cm high, spreading with a large number of brushes, sparsely foliated. The variety is mid-season - up to 110 days. The fruits are very interesting, in the form of a flat garlic bulb, they consist of separate cloves that can be easily separated, just like a garlic clove, the cloves are arranged in a chaotic manner, the fruits look like an outlandish flower. Fruit weight 150-200 g, they can be collected with brushes. Amazing yield, overwhelms with fruits, you get tired of collecting, but they are all tied and tied! Fruiting until the very frost. Disease resistant all-weather variety.

Chesnov - an interesting variety originally from Guatemala, it is mid-season, forms a bush more than 1 m in height, spreading, slightly leafy with a light yellow-green leaf. The fruits are collected in a cherry-type cluster, in which there are 20-25 pieces. They are irregular in shape, super ribbed, multi-chambered, each chamber separates like a separate tomato. The fruits are collected in one large flower and give the impression that it is one large fruit. The weight of the fruit ranges from 100 to 400 g, the color is bright red. The pulp is juicy, tender, and has a pleasant taste. Tomatoes look original on bushes, they are also good when decorating a festive table. I recommend planting it on your site, it will delight you with excellent taste and its decorative effect.

Italian-American Goldman - tall medium late variety. Fruits are pear-shaped, slightly ribbed, crimson in color, their weight is 150-200 g, they are dense, fleshy. The pulp is grainy, very tasty. This variety has high yields and fruit quality.

Red Ruffled - this is a real find for vegetable growers. A bush up to 1 m high with red corrugated fruits weighing up to 200 g. Every year, even in hot weather, the bushes are literally bursting with fruits. Last season, the variety began to ripen one of the first and throughout the summer it supplied us with delicious sweet fruits.

Mau Fei - refers to very early varieties (up to 50 days). Determinant beautiful bush up to 50 cm high. It has very attractive fruits weighing 180-300 g, round-ribbed, beautiful shape, sweet, juicy pulp, honey taste. The yields are amazing even in bad weather conditions. It bears fruit well on poor soils. An excellent variety for salads and juice. The color of the fruit is bright red with a slight moire. The variety is originally from China.

Starfish - mid-season variety, bush height 1.8 m. Tomatoes are red, strongly ribbed, weighing up to 300 g, excellent taste, shape very similar to a star - very beautiful. They will decorate your festive table and surprise guests, and they are especially good in preservation. The variety gives a lot of fruits. Their pulp is juicy, sweet, without sourness.

Heart corrugated - mid-season variety (100-110 days), indeterminate, bush up to 1.5 m high, spreading with red corrugated heart-shaped fruits, weighing up to 250 g. ... The pulp is fleshy, sweet, very tasty.

Florentine beauty - deserves the highest praise. This variety begins to bear fruit somewhat later than the average varieties. But handsome! Forms a falling cascade of corrugated, super-large, ribbed, beautiful as a flower exotic fruits with lemon color and weighing up to 1 kg. And the taste is honey, sweet, with a fruity hint of peach, melon, apricot. The pulp is granular, low-seeded. Indeterminate variety, a large bush with powerful brushes, has a height of 150-180 cm, 3-4 fruits in a bunch, but how large! Brushes are tied across three sheets. It is necessary to form it into 2-3 stems, moderately stalking, it is prolific. Medium late variety, high yielding and disease resistant, 110-130 days from germination to fruiting. You will definitely keep this variety in your collection.

Japanese crab yellow - the fruits are light yellow, the fruit itself has the shape of a crab shell with translucent limbs, it weighs more than 500 g. Tomatoes grow in clusters, the taste is very pleasant. The plants are tall, the variety deserves the attention of gardeners.

All these varieties work well in seedling culture, under mulch and temporary shelters, in open ground and greenhouses. They give a good harvest of tasty, juicy and sweet fruits. It is better to form two stems, and it is imperative to normalize the ovary in the brush. When pinching, the plants are not only given by stepchildren, but also bifurcated shoots - you will not immediately understand what needs to be cleaned, this creates slight inconveniences. The fruits of these varieties are very beautiful and very tasty. Plucked ripe, they do not lie for a long time, although their skin is thick. We leave 4-5 brushes on each stem. We do not pluck out the lower ovaries, but give the opportunity to grow to all fruits, the weight of which ranges from 250 to 500 g. Of course, using various agricultural techniques, fewer ovaries could be left on these varieties, resulting in larger tomatoes weighing from 600 to 1000 g everyone.

Caring for them is usual - feeding, forming bushes, garters, watering, protection from pests and diseases. And all this must be done on time. You miss it, and all this will immediately affect the harvest. Of course, we have many favorite varieties of tomatoes, but I decided to talk about those that have been stored in our “varietal piggy bank” of tomatoes for many years and have confirmed their best qualities for a long time.

Anyone who wants to grow the above varieties of delicious ribbed tomatoes will send their seeds - write. Please enclose a self-addressed envelope to reply. We will send you a catalog for ordering. Our postal address: 353715, Krasnodar Territory, Kanevsky District, Art. Chelbasskaya, st. Kommunarov, 6, Brizhan Valery Ivanovich. Email address: [email protected]

Valery Brizhan, experienced gardener

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Advantages and disadvantages

If we consider the description and characteristics of the variety, then a number of positive qualities can be distinguished:

  • versatility in application
  • high yields for this species: about 2-2.5 kg of selected tomatoes are harvested from 1 bush
  • small dimensions, which ideally affects the versatility of use
  • resistance to most diseases.

The main disadvantage is the fact that Monisto is very difficult to survive sudden changes in climate.

Features of large-fruited tomatoes

All large-fruited varieties are conventionally combined into a group of beef-tomatoes, and have a salad purpose. The pulp of beef tomatoes has the highest content of sugars, solids, provitamin A and lycopene. The variety of large-fruited varieties is simply incredible: there are pear-shaped, pepper-shaped, cylindrical, plum-shaped, round, flattened, ribbed, heart-shaped tomatoes. The color of the fruits is no less varied: in addition to all shades of red and yellow, there are varieties with white, green, dark brown tomatoes.

Most beef tomatoes are tall and can only give a full harvest in greenhouse conditions. Some indeterminate varieties are suitable for open ground, but only in the south of the country, so you should pay more attention to semi-determinant and determinant tomatoes. Early low-growing varieties of Siberian selection, maximally adapted to unfavorable conditions, are excellent for cold regions. For warm areas, there is more choice, mid-season and mid-late varieties have time to ripen there.

Large-fruited tomatoes have their own characteristics that should be taken into account in the growing process.Firstly, the formation of large fruits requires a lot of nutrients, so you will have to feed the plants more often. Secondly, a large number of ovaries degrades the quality of the crop, and in order to obtain homogeneous tomatoes, it is necessary to remove excess inflorescences in time. In addition, the shoots need support, otherwise they can break from the weight of the ripening fruits.

The advantages of large-fruited varieties:

  • very tasty, aromatic, sugary pulp
  • large tomatoes are great for baking, processing into juice (which turns out to be very rich and thick), making ketchup
  • thanks to their strong skin, such tomatoes are stored for a long time
  • with proper care, they give high yields.

  • ripen later than small-fruited varieties
  • more demanding in care
  • need protection from the wind and support during the fruiting period
  • not suitable for whole-fruit canning.

New varieties of tomatoes

Tomato variety Red Fang

You can grow the Red Fang tomato in the open field or in film shelters. The variety has determinant bushes, reaching 80-90 cm. Fruits ripen quickly - 85-100 days after the first shoots.

Tomatoes grow in large clusters of 15-20 pieces. The shape of the fruit is oval, elongated, and may be slightly curved. The mass ranges from 40-60 to 80 g. The skin is dense and firm, not prone to cracking. The pulp is sweet with a slight sourness, inside the fruit there are 2 seed chambers, the walls are thick. Tomatoes are used to decorate dishes, preserve, salad consumption and add to the composition of dishes.

Gina tomato variety

The plant is undersized, the bush is spreading, medium-leafy, the height is 40 - 60 cm, it has three thick stems growing from the root. It is advisable to tie up the bush during the fruiting period. Does not need pinning. Tomatoes are slightly ribbed, rounded, slightly flattened near the stalk. They are quite large (180 - 250 g), the same size, bright red, with a dense skin, therefore they are perfectly stored and transported.

The pulp is pink, juicy, fleshy. Tomatoes are tasty, sweetish, universal use - suitable for consumption both fresh and for processing. Not quite suitable for conservation, because the fruits are large and do not always fit into the jar.

Tomato variety Lojane

The main characteristic that makes the tomato especially popular is its resistance to various temperatures. It is often difficult to find a suitable option for growing in cold winters. But even in areas with an arid climate, growing tomatoes is very difficult. The Logjane variety is an excellent option for those who live in areas prone to drought.

The Lojain fruit is medium in size, with a smooth and even skin with a deep red color. The pulp of tomatoes is dense, so they are easy to transport. Most often, several identical even fruits flaunt on a branch, each weighing at least 150 g. A feature of this variety is that they are stored for a long time after harvest.

Tomato variety Tornado

The variety is grown both in the open field and under film shelters. The mid-early hybrid Tornado is in great demand among gardeners and amateur farmers. From the moment you planted the seedlings, and until the first fruits are fully ripe, it takes 105-110 days. The standard, determinant plant has a high growth - 150-190 cm.

Ripe fruits of a characteristic red color, neat, rounded appearance. The average weight of Tornado fruits is 60-80 g, in the southern regions - up to 120 g. The taste of tomato, according to gardeners' reviews, is sweetish, with a real tomato aroma. Versatile to use. The crop is intended for outdoor cultivation, but produces a richer crop in greenhouse conditions.

Tomato variety Empire

Tomato Imperia is an early ripe, tall, indeterminate variety. The height of an adult bush varies from 1.8 to 2.2 meters. Quite often, you can find plants with a height of almost 2.5 m. Due to the fact that tomatoes grow quite large, the seedlings must be pinned in time and tied to a trellis.

Imperia tomatoes are slightly flattened at the base. A small depression with well-defined "ribs" is located near the peduncle. During the growing season, tomatoes are colored milky green, and when fully ripe, the berries become a bright red hue. The average weight of a ripe tomato is from 150 to 170 g. The core of the fruit is soft, juicy, without any voids. The pulp is rich and has a pleasant, pronounced fruity aroma. Inside there are 2-3 seed chambers with a small amount of seeds. The skin is thin and firm. Ripe fruits are not prone to cracking. Tomatoes can be stored in special wooden containers for more than 30 days.

Tomato variety Samurai

The Samurai tomato variety belongs to an indeterminate species. In height, it can reach up to 170 cm, but this is exclusively in greenhouse conditions. On the open ground, a bush of tomatoes, as a rule, grows up to 100-120 cm. The plant has a strong trunk and neat branches. The bush cannot be called a spreading bush, since it directs its stems a little up. The plant needs support, therefore, during planting, it is worthwhile to put a mount in advance for further tying the stems. The leaf is ordinary in shape, has a dark green color and densely fills the bush.

The variety belongs to the mid-season, from the moment of sowing the seeds to the first harvest, 110-120 days pass. The shape of the fruit is round, even, without pronounced furrows. The color of tomatoes is pink, the peel is shiny and smooth. Ripe fruits are of medium size, the weight of 1 tomato can reach 130-160 g. In greenhouse conditions, you can achieve higher rates. On average, 1 fruit can weigh 150-170 g.

Tomato variety De Barao

Tomatoes of the De Barao variety belong to the category of indeterminate types of medium late ripening. The height of the lashes reaches about 3 m. The bushes grow powerful with a large number of lateral shoots. The plant forms about 10 clusters of 8-10 tomatoes each. With proper cultivation, you can get about 20 kg of crop per bush. The foliage of this variety is medium, and the inflorescences are compact, simple. The shape of the tomatoes is oblong, weight - 90-130 g, their color varies depending on the variety.

The pulp is juicy, tender, and the skin is of medium density. Tomatoes have excellent taste, can be easily transported and kept fresh for 2 months after harvest. The fruits can be eaten fresh and used for further processing.

Tomato variety Watercolor

"Aquarelle" belongs to the group of determinant tomatoes, that is, with limited growth. The plant stops growing when the height of the bush reaches 50 cm. There is no need to tie and pinch the tomato. Outwardly, the bush resembles a small tree with numerous fruits. The region and weather conditions practically do not affect the yield.

The stem is strong and firm, the leaves are dark green. Fruits begin to set after the appearance of 4 leaves. 6 identical tomatoes are formed on one brush. The tomato fruit is creamy with a slight roundness, juicy red color with a slight yellowness at the tail. They are excellent for preservation, as they are dense and sugary, which allows them to retain their appearance after heat treatment. The average yield per square meter is 6-8 kg. Begins to bear fruit in 100-120 days from the date of sowing. Unpretentious in maintenance, moderate watering and a small amount of fertilizer will bring a good harvest in any area. Fruit weight varies from 60 to 100 grams.

Tomato variety Alsou

Tomato Alsou belongs to the determinant non-standard varieties, grows up to 80-100 cm, requires the formation and tying of bushes, which is associated with the weight of the fruit that can break off the stems. Leaves are green, of normal size, relatively few in number.

In terms of ripening, the variety is early ripening, the first tomatoes can be tasted about three and a half months after germination. Fruits are large, weighing more than 300 g, flat-round in shape, medium-dense, with barely noticeable ribs. The largest of the described fruits, grown on the lower tiers, weighed about 800 g. They contain more than six seed nests, the number of seeds is small. When ripe, tomatoes are colored red. The taste is sweetish, almost without acidity, is assessed as good, the main purpose is salad. It is also possible to process the excess yield into tomato juice, pasta, sauces, although relatively little juice is obtained: the pulp is very fleshy.

Tomato variety Sweet bunch

The bush of the plant is of an indeterminate type, reaching a height of 2.5 meters or more. Shows the best yield when forming a bush of 1-2 stems. In terms of ripening of fruits, it is early ripe, the first ripe tomatoes will be received in 103-108 days after planting seeds for seedlings.

The planted plant requires tying, preferably forming on a trellis. A bush with a medium number of large leaves, dark green in color, typical for a tomato shape. It is also necessary to remove the stepsons. In the presence of containers of a suitable size, it is possible to grow on glazed loggias and balconies. The first 2-3 clusters give the greatest number of berries, 45-55 fruits grow on them, the rest form 20-25 tomatoes of equal size and weight. The variety is characterized by long, abundant fruiting.

Tomato variety Pink honey

The variety is mid-season, tomatoes need 110-115 days for full ripening. The bushes are of a determinant type, they grow 60-100 cm high. There are not many leaves, they are medium in size, dark green in color. The inflorescences are of a simple type. The fruits ripen in clusters. If the fruits are large, then there will be no more than 3 of them in a bunch, if small - up to 10 pieces.

Fruits grow in weight of 700 g, but the very first specimens can reach 1.5 kg. They are heart-shaped in shape, the ribs are almost indistinguishable. The skin is thin, of moderate density. The color is pink when fully ripe. The flesh is also pink, but darker than the skin. It is fleshy with a high juice content. The taste is sweet, without sourness.

Tomato variety Bersola

A very early, highly productive tomato hybrid. Suitable for indoor cultivation, as well as in the open field as a stake crop. The plant is compact, powerful, up to 2 meters high, resistant to temperature stress and micro-cracking of the skin. Tomato fruits weighing 160-180g, dense, uniform in shape and color. Recommended for early production in all types of greenhouses. Complex resistance to many tomato diseases.

Tomato variety Grandee

Bushes of the "Grandee" variety are determinant. Their height does not exceed 70 cm. Low bushes independently regulate their growth, require minimal formation. Plants are resistant and require a garter only during the period of mass ripening of fruits.

The shape of the grandee tomatoes is heart-shaped, elongated, a bit like the famous headdress: budenovka. The color of tomato, depending on growing conditions, can vary from light pink to dark red. The skin of vegetables is thin and tender, almost invisible when biting a tomato. Large tomatoes weigh from 300 to 400 g. If, when growing tomatoes, the farmer uses pinching of inflorescences and leaves only 4-5 flowers, then one can expect especially large tomatoes weighing up to 1.5 kg. The taste of the Velmozha tomatoes is their main advantage. The fruits are high in sugar, dense and tender pulp. Ripe tomatoes exude a sweet, bright, inviting aroma.

Tomato variety Great Warrior

The plant is indeterminate, tall, easily reaches 2 meters in height in protected ground. The bush is powerful, well leafy. The internodes are short. The leaves are large, of the usual type, slightly wrinkled, dark green. The inflorescence is of an intermediate type. The first fruit cluster is laid after 8 leaves. Each brush forms 4 - 6 ovaries. In total, 5 - 7 inflorescences can form on the central stem during the growing season. The peduncle is articulated. The place of attachment of the stalk to the fruit is wide.

The fruits of the tomato are quite attractive. Their shape is flat-round, the surface is ribbed, the density is average. But the vegetable is not only attractive in forms, it is large in size, the State Register recorded a mass of 250 - 300 grams. And if you carry out rationing, then you can get half-kilogram copies. To do this, leave no more than 3 formed ovaries in the brush. The skin is glossy, firm enough, thick. Unripe tomato is green, with a dark green spot at the stalk.

Tomato variety Altai strongman

Mid-season large-fruited variety for greenhouses and film shelters. It is characterized by a very good yield and excellent commercial qualities of the fruit. The plant is 1.5-2 m high, forms clusters with rounded-oval red fruits weighing up to 500 g. Fruits are aligned within the cluster and within the plant, very dense, fleshy, aromatic and tasty. Ideal for preparing summer salads and all types of processing. Productivity up to 5 kg per plant.

When landing in the ground for 1 sq. m place 3 plants. It is formed into 1-2 stems with pinching and garter. It is advisable to pinch the inflorescences, leaving no more than 4-5 flowers.

Tomato variety Havana cigar

The tomato belongs to the mid-early group, which means that 110-115 days will pass from germination to the first harvest. Plants are characterized by an unrestricted type of growth and liana-shaped stems. Branchy bushes with a lot of simple foliage and light green color. The root system is very powerful and goes deep into the ground.

The fruits have an unusual elongated cigar shape, thanks to which the variety got its original name. The average weight of a tomato is about 150-200 grams, and the length can reach 18 cm. Cigar fruits are collected in simple two-row clusters of 6-8 pieces. The color of tomatoes in full maturity is traditional red. The flesh of the fruit is small-chambered and dense, the skin is strong and not prone to cracking. Tomatoes of this variety are ideal for pickling and winter harvesting. When processed, they do not lose their beautiful shape and good density.

Tomato variety Big rainbow

The Big Rainbow tomato belongs to the mid-season species, it ripens within 120 days from the moment the first shoots appear. The bushes are tall, reaching 1.5 meters in height, sometimes more, so their growth is limited. Their stem is thick and large, the leaves have a light green tint, not too large in size, closer to the average.

The harvest is collected in buckets, the minimum weight of ripe fruits is half a kilogram, and the maximum reaches 800 grams. The appearance is interesting: round, slightly flattened shape, and their red color is diluted with orange, yellow blotches.

  1. The peel of most cocktail tomatoes is dense, the overflow is not as terrible for them as cherry tomatoes.
  2. Ripening is more or less amicable, but the tomatoes at the ends of the brushes ripen longer.

Fig. 1 Ampelny tomatoes. Photo gulnara15

  1. Weight - from 30 to 60 g (and slightly more). The shape of the tomatoes is round, pear-shaped, plum-shaped or tear-shaped.
  2. Indets can be formed in 1-2 stems in the exhaust gas or in 2-3 stems in the greenhouse.
  3. In mid-August, pinch the top of the main stem, leaving only a couple of leaves at the top. We do not cut the determinants.
  4. Some cocktail tomatoes require frequent pinching, especially the indetes.
  5. Where to grow cocktail tomatoes is up to you. They grow equally well in greenhouses and outdoors.

Varieties of green-fruited tomatoes

She promised a post about Green Tomatoes, but somehow there was no code to write.

1. Rebel Starfighter VT16 - Rebel Starfighter VT16
The tomato grew in my greenhouse, led in 2 trunks, fruitful.
The taste is sweet and very juicy.
Through the season I will definitely repeat, I liked the tomato.
This year I will plant a fellow - a pinkish red with dark stripes Rebel Starfighter Prime.

2. Dr. Frosed Green. Green doctors frosted

Mid-season, tall, indeterminate, high-yielding variety.

One of the sweetest green cherries, weighing 20-25 grams.

The color of ripe tomatoes goes from pale green to pale olive.

I repeat this variety periodically.

3. Xanadu Green goddess. Xanadu green goddess

This is LOVE, this season's favorite!

Magnificent beautiful bushes, multi-fruited clusters along the entire height of the flowing striped fruits.

Delicious and sweet. The pulp of these tomatoes is bright green, juicy, very sweet and aromatic.

The yield is excellent, I tied all the brushes without gaps despite the summer.
This tomato combines everything: taste, yield and beauty.

I will definitely repeat this year. Recommend!

4. Grub's Mystery Green

Original translation of Mr. Grab's Green Riddle

One of the best green varieties.

The variety is early maturing. The plant is compact, with a potato leaf type

I will definitely repeat this year. Recommend!

This is the first green tomato that I tried 2 years ago.

Love for green tomatoes began with him.

Delicious, sweet. Recommend!

Baba tomatoes are a salad variety with excellent taste. Their pulp is tender, juicy, moderately sweet, with a melon aroma. Tomatoes do not crack, despite the fact that their skin is thin.

This year I also plant Green varieties of tomatoes.

There are many new products that you want to grow and try.

Repeat Xanadu Green Goddess and Green Maggot Secret

Write your green favorites, if any.

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