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Patio design landscape

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Find ideas to increase curb appeal and make your yard a place for growing, relaxing and entertaining. Anchor your garden with a pretty walkway and savor the rewards of all that digging, planting and weeding. How To Packages. Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email. Cottage-Style Landscapes and Gardens 21 Photos.

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40 Awesome and Cheap Landscaping Ideas: #27 is Too Easy!

Looking to update your outdoor space? Give the most-used area of the yard a purposeful makeover with problem-solving plantings, smart shade solutions and gorgeous inspiration from some of our favorite outdoor living spaces. These days, many of us are spending more time relaxing, entertaining or even working on our back decks or patios, so why not make the surrounding landscape as beautiful as possible?

A small investment upfront and a weekend spent planting will ensure your backyard stays beautiful for years to come. We've compiled a list of 55 gorgeous ways to landscape around a deck or patio, whether your goal is to plant some privacy, kick up the color with annuals or enjoy year-round color with evergreens. Here, the designers at Mom's Design Build installed a putting green next to this pretty patio geared toward entertaining. In desperate need of some privacy in your outdoor space?

You could build a fence to shield yourself from the prying eyes of nosy neighbors, or you could plant a living wall of beautiful evergreen trees instead. Here, Emerald Green arborvitae trees, which can reach up to 15 feet tall, provide beautiful privacy year-round and create a gorgeous green backdrop to this cozy outdoor living room. In warm seasons, the white brick fireplace is flanked by stunning limelight hydrangeas. Layering diverse, organic textures in the beds surrounding your deck or patio is an easy way to make your outdoor space feel like an oasis.

To achieve this look , pair contrasting elements like rough boulders and soft grasses in one part of the mulched bed, then build a rock garden in another. W eave a few favorite annuals and small shrubs throughout for a low-maintenance landscape that feels like it's been there all along.

An assortment of sedum, thyme and dwarf mondo grass populates the negative space between bluestones on this Charleston patio. Planting creeping groundcover in the gaps between pavers or steppingstones softens hard edges and offers up a more enlivened landscape.

With this technique, the entire outdoor area has a consistent, textured style that draws the eye naturally throughout the space. This cute cottage patio bustles with an abundance of greenery. If you're a maximalist on a minimalist budget, however, opt for hardy species that will spread or lush groundcover plants to help deter the cost.

This modern patio is softened and framed by lush beds filled with abundant groundcover plants nestled between larger grasses and succulents.

Groundcovers can be a huge boon to a landscape, acting as a living weed barrier and often a source of year-round color. While the initial installation takes some maintenance and time to grow, groundcover plants are a low-maintenance, sustainable addition once established.

Check out some of our favorite groundcover options below. Take a sloped yard from structural to stunning with plants and rocks made to withstand erosion. A common and simple way to landscape a slope is by filling it with a single plant type.

This method is effective, if uninspired. For a bit more interest, consider blending a mix of foliage colors and textures, growth habits and even adding in non-plant elements like boulders. Planting a diverse selection is not just nice to look at, but also hedges against disease or insect problems which could be a disaster in a monoculture.

Grab our top tips for landscaping on an angle, below. No need to overthink it. If your area boasts beautiful native plants and landscapes, simply copy your surroundings. The outdoor design of this gorgeous modern home complements the dynamic architecture while incorporating the surrounding California wilderness and vibrant plants in the landscaping. Add a burst of lush greenery and brilliant blooms to your patio-scape by installing a long hedgerow of hydrangeas.

Once established, these pretty perennials feature an array of magnificent blooms and maintain their visual appeal long after most flowering shrubs and perennials have peaked. Check out our comprehensive cheat sheet for growing and maintaining perfect hydrangeas, below. If your patio and accompanying yard lack square footage, take your garden vertical. Living walls are an engaging way to introduce greenery to your outdoor area without expanding into the available living space.

They also make great privacy screens! Stone steps are skirted by a series of tiered beds around this enchanting Colorado patio. Converting sloping areas of a yard into terraced beds can transform that unusable space from eyesore to outdoor delight. Adding structural support and increased opportunities for planting, stepped beds work to minimize erosion and poor water drainage. This eco-friendly patio is surrounded by artful xeriscaping.

Follow the link below for a list of perfect plants for xeriscaping. Neatly manicured boxwood hedges border this tasteful outdoor dining area, creating an intimate retreat just steps away from the back porch.

Hedges are an elegant alternative to privacy screens or fences and introduce an air of refinement to your outdoor space. With a wealth of options to choose from, you can be sure to find the perfect hedge for your haven. Trees are the perfect shade solution for an outdoor living space, but their size tends to present a landscaping roadblock. Fortunately there are a number of species that only grow to a medium height and have a non-aggressive root system, making them ideal for a deck.

Japanese maple, ornamental crabapple and pine are all possibilities that can be planted in small areas or grown in containers. Follow the link below to discover more shade trees for small landscapes.

A patio that's both pretty and practical? Yes, please. Just beyond the concrete pavers of this calming courtyard, hardy evergreens, including boxwoods, grasses and rosemary, create a backyard retreat that's a breeze to maintain year-round in the Alabama climate. Perennials and annuals each have an extensive list of virtues.

Annuals, on the other hand, only bloom for a season, but offer an instant color boost. Get the best of both worlds by planting your patio landscape with an assortment of each. So she u sed mature landscaping and greenery to enclose the yard and create the illusion that the property is surrounded by nature and farther away from the city.

To complete the look, she planted two flower beds off the back deck with low-maintenance grasses and small shrubs, then installed a gorgeous grass-block paver patio. Create a low-profile moment of intimacy in a larger outdoor area by planting ornamental grasses, as in the space surrounding this cozy fire pit.

This little idyll demonstrates that just a bit of gardening can go a long way. There are a shocking number of commonly used flowers and shrubs that can do serious damage when ingested by a pet. If your patio landscaping plays host to a furry friend, be sure to pay special attention to the garden's greenery. No need to break out the bulldozer for an already established design, just consider casing the yard before turning Fido loose.

Follow the link below for tips on protecting your pet and a list of harmful plants. This cozy porch is engulfed by a bewitching assortment of perennials and native plants.

Native vegetation benefits a backyard landscape as it is accustomed to the local climate, and requires less water and fewer pesticides. While finding a good selection may be difficult in big box stores, your local nurseries should be able to help you find and procure a good variety. Enjoy green grass in your backyard year-round with artificial turf. Just steps from this beautiful covered patio, low-maintenance faux grass was installed to withstand the brutal Tampa, Florida, heat.

Although turf can be an investment upfront, it can save you loads on water, mowing and maintenance long term. Check out more unique artificial turf designs at the link below. Starting from scratch with your landscape? Consider designing your patio around a large shade tree, then line the perimeter with hardy, low-maintenance shrubs, grasses and perennials. In a few years, you'll have a fully grown garden retreat right in your own backyard. Spice up your deck or patio landscape with art.

This gorgeous piece of living artwork introduces a vibrant focal point that helps invigorate the neutral scheme of the patio. Incorporating art into landscape design with curated sculptures or living pieces like this one enriches the space and creates a gorgeous gallery atmosphere for outdoor entertaining. Shades of Green Landscape Architecture used a high fence, a large cherry tree and a thick screen of bamboo to achieve the feeling of a private getaway in this suburban backyard.

The patio is surrounded by oversized beds of drought-tolerant perennials, grasses and succulents see more in the next slide and features large concrete pavers lined with elfin thyme. Cheery drought-resistant plants fill in the spaces left by asymmetrical hardscaping on this pretty, modern patio. By filling the beds with contrasting green and red native foliage, the landscape designers were able to pull in the colors and textures of the surrounding environment, adding natural appeal and establishing a dynamic aesthetic.

If you live in an arid region, or if your community is under a water restriction or you're simply looking to conserve, consider landscaping around your deck or patio with water-wise plants such as cacti.

Small backyard? No problem. Pack your tiny terrain with lush plantings for an opulent look. Rows of hydrangeas and Emerald Green arborvitae are nestled between a privacy fence and a cozy dining bench in this petite outdoor space, creating the illusion of a larger backyard. From waterfalls and water fountains to reflecting pools and koi ponds, outdoor water features can help turn your landscape into something special, providing a beautiful and unique focal point.

Make a splash in your outdoor design by installing a wow-worthy water feature like the charming, bubbling pond that borders this back deck. See more of our favorite water features and get inspiration for your space at the link below. One of the simplest, most versatile ways to incorporate greenery into your outdoor area is to build a container garden.

Portable and easy to change out, potted arrangements are great for introducing new color into existing landscapes, keeping a garden feeling fresh seasonally or sprucing up a lackluster area of the porch. Pro Tip : Group containers of varying sizes together to craft a visually arresting deck display. Follow the link below for more container garden inspiration. A majestic palm plant pulls double duty on this tropical patio.

Paired with the pretty pink hues of the Crown of Thorns plant, the soft green palm creates a warm, exotic atmosphere, while the sizable fronds make a natural screen. These brilliant beauties can be found in a vast variety of sizes, shapes and shades, and are surprisingly hardy in colder zones. Pro Tip : When selecting your palm, be sure to check that it is compatible with your growing zone and pay special attention to its sun and shade preferences.

Check out our list of cold-hardy palms below. One of the perks of this patio is the vertical space its beams offer climbing plants. The beautiful wisteria surrounding the columns adds gorgeous greenery and natural insulation.

10 Important Things to Consider When Planning Your Landscape Design

This is considered one of the best landscape design apps. With iScape, you can create a digital model of your home's yard. Feature your favorite plants, so you can see the design before digging at all. Design - Seamlessly blend your physical and digital living spaces using augmented reality 3D or traditional 2D designs. Share - Collaborate with your spouse or a landscape pro on the project and use iScape to share your vision and make it a reality. Now, you can even design in the same Augmented Reality world.

Lifescape Colorado offers premier landscape design, architecture and property care to make your outdoor space dreams a reality. Call today.

25 Small Backyard Ideas That'll Transform Your Space Into a Dreamy Outdoor Oasis

Or maybe create a little privacy for when your out relaxing on your patio? Either way here are 15 landscaping ideas around patio and paved areas to help achieve what you want. Image courtesy of Pinterest. Start with a patio created using flagstones, add in a fire pit for cooler evenings and roasting marshmallows and then let your imagination run wild. This person chose to surround their patio with gardens filled with roses, flowers, and shrubs. What a great way to enjoy your morning cup of coffee watching the birds nesting in the trees. One of the best ways to put a patio to good use is to turn at least one part of it into an outdoor dining room. Here we see a nice outdoor dining table and an after-meal table for entertaining.

Patio Designs and Ideas

Looking to update your outdoor space? Give the most-used area of the yard a purposeful makeover with problem-solving plantings, smart shade solutions and gorgeous inspiration from some of our favorite outdoor living spaces. These days, many of us are spending more time relaxing, entertaining or even working on our back decks or patios, so why not make the surrounding landscape as beautiful as possible? A small investment upfront and a weekend spent planting will ensure your backyard stays beautiful for years to come. We've compiled a list of 55 gorgeous ways to landscape around a deck or patio, whether your goal is to plant some privacy, kick up the color with annuals or enjoy year-round color with evergreens.

If you want to bring the outdoors into your lifestyle nothing works better than custom patio design.

The #1 Landscape Design App

Whether your yard just needs new plantings or a complete refresh, it can be challenging to know where to start. Here's how to get your project off to a super start. If you've never tried your hand at designing a landscape before, you might find all the choices you can make a bit overwhelming. Which plants do you want to include, and where should they go? Should bed lines and paths curve or run in a straight line?

Landscape Design Ideas

For a Free Consultation CallImagine a small hidden room in the back of your garden or a grand terrace around your outdoor kitchen or pool to entertain large groups of family and friends. Anything is possible. Patios extend the living space of your home and allow you to enjoy the outdoors comfortably. You can extend the time you spend enjoying your patio into the cooler months with a fire pit or built-in electric or natural gas heaters. Audio and visual technology can be incorporated so you can watch the big game or your favorite movie on those perfect evenings. Our designers have done it all and would love to help turn your dream patio into a reality.

Cheap Backyard Landscaping Ideas · Crushed Stone · Hose Holder and Planter · Palette Furniture · String Lights · Stepping Stones · Tree Bench · Old.

How to design a patio

Expand your knowledge. Your time is valuable. Cut through the noise and dive deep on a specific topic with one of our curated content hubs.

11 Deck & Patio Landscaping Ideas

Visualize exactly how your backyard transformation will look and know exactly what it will cost. We help you save time, money and space by designing your backyard before we build it. We believe that you deserve to be proud of your property as a whole and are here to be your guide. We get how overwhelming it is to visualize your perfect backyard. You are not alone!

Evergreen Landscapes works with your vision to create a landscape design that will turn your backyard into a masterpiece. Stone patios offer class and style while also being durable and weather resistant.


This transitional residential renovation features a modern outdoor living area for both family and entertaining. The front yard features clean landscaping and paving creating great curb appeal and an inviting entry walk up to the house. The rear garden raises the bar with a large covered outdoor living area and summer kitchen that overlooks a modern pool and spa with a clean, manicured garden that provides room for the kids and dogs. Located in University Park, Texas, this residence provided a dramatic pool and garden renovation creating a transitional outdoor space with clean lines and sophisticated design details. The rear garden terminates with a decorative wall fountain feature with brick detailing to match the house. The project is enhanced at night with decorative lanterns, landscape lighting and string lights overhanging the entire garden.

10 Ideas for Backyard Landscaping on a Budget

Whether you want a spacious Unilock paver patio to accommodate large gatherings of friends and family, a cozy and intimate space for unplugging from your hectic pace, or gorgeous multi-use outdoor room that encourage your family to venture outside, the skilled and dedicated team at Designer Concepts deliver every time. We design your patio and surrounding area with your lifestyle in mind. The options are endless—from pools and spas, to pergolas, arbors, and fire pits, you can greatly enhance your outdoor entertaining and relaxing options with our unique and custom outdoor patio designs. About Us Our Team.